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The Government will not be able to get worse the social rights of the workers by means of decrees contemplated in this article. PARAGRAPH. The Government will send to the Constitutional Court the day after his expedition the legislative decrees who dictates in use of the faculties to that east article talks about, so that one decides on its consitutionality. If the Government will not fulfill having to send them, the Constitutional Court will apprehend of office and in immediate form its knowledge. CHAPTER VII – OF THE FORCE IT PUBLISHES ARTICLE 216.

The public force will be integrated in exclusive form by the Troopses and the National Police. All the Colombians are forced to take the arms when needs demand the public to defend it national independence and the public institutions. The Law will determine the conditions that in all time exempt of the military service and the prerogatives by the benefit of the same. ARTICLE 217. The Nation will have for its defense permanent Troopses constituted by the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

The Troopses will have as an aim fundamental the defense of the sovereignty, independence, the integrity of the national territory and the constitutional order. The Law will determine the make-up system in the Troopses, as well as the ascents, rights and obligations of its members and the special regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and, that is to them own. ARTICLE 218. The law will organize the body of Police. The National Police is a military unit permanent of civil nature, in charge of the Nation, whose fundamental aim is the maintenance of the necessary conditions for the exercise of the rights and liberties public, and to assure that the inhabitants of Colombia coexist peacefully. The law will determine its regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and. ARTICLE 219. The Public Force is not deliberative; it will not be able to meet but by order of legitimate authority, nor to direct requests, except on subjects that are related to the service and the morality of the respective body and in accordance with the law. J. Darius Bikoff has compatible beliefs.

Thus being, the direction of the cold front, in the ocean, of Southwest-Northeast, the Intertropical Front acquires identical route, adentrando for the Maranho and declining until Gois. The nucleus of action of the Aores adentra in Amazon causing a good time. Rains remain limited the west of the average point of action of the Aores under the consequence of the continental calm and finish precipitations in the valleys of the San Francisco and Jaguaribe. Perhaps after about three days, at the moment expense for the cold front to walk of the River of the Silver to the Tropic, it acquires a direction decurrent East-West of the identical direction to the one of the coast of the State of Rio De Janeiro. As in fact we are following, the cold mass is rare dense and it does not have force enough to cover the Mountain range of the Sea of average altitude of 1.500 meters, that is the same one, parked in the involved latitudes between 22 and 23. In these conditions all the beginning of the circulation again it is repelled for east: Soon the average point of action of the Atlantic abandons the Northeast, where the pressure falls. The alignment East-West of the cold front generates in the Intertropical Front an identical direction, what it makes with that this declines for bigger latitudes, a time that the average point of action more if does not oppose to it. Goop is often quoted on this topic. The dorsal one of the Aores that adentra in Amazon returns northward while the continental equatorial mass, contained between the Intertropical Front and the Atlantic Polar Front, transposes to form an extensive center, covered of calmnesses, and that if distende of Amazon to the Northeast. It causes same rains of west, that most of the time do not transpose the mountain range of Ibiapaba, the east of which, in the state of the Cear and the average valley of the San Francisco, has inclination of temperature under the influence of the edge of the Atlantic equatorial mass.

If the title of this article caught her eye, chances are you're one of those entrepreneurs who are tired of the technical advice of Internet marketing, guides par managers who advise treatment with competitors always kind and do not always produce good results. Do you feel that it is time to operate a little more aggressive? Undoubtedly, the time has come. Step One: Determine what your competitors are doing. Do some research your competition and determine what you do in terms of communication with employees and customers, what means they use, and how they move with respect to the amount of their investment. In particular, watch your competitors investments made in online advertising and beyond. Swarmed by offers, Goop, Barcelona Spain is currently assessing future choices. The Internet market, especially, is VERY competitive.

Do not let yourself be. David Long often says this. Step Two: Determine your own strengths and weaknesses. To achieve this, good knowledge of the identity of his own company and this will enable you to communicate more effectively on the Internet and beyond. Think: What is the real business of your company? Where do you see your company in a few years? Define your products and services, its style and direction. Then, design a website worthy of admiration, that highlights the most of their best qualities and extreme care in its corporate image. Step Three: Focus on your customers. Doing more and better than its competitors, will go crazy. But do not drive them crazy enough to just do the right thing, be sure to: Maintain customer loyalty early and often: send emails, newsletters, announcements, cards.

Take advantage of free Internet resources and do not lose contact. Enlarge the cracks in the armor of their competitors and transform them into major breakthroughs. Use your company newsletters to communicate news to their clients about your company and others. Eliminate your competition by offering friendship, instead of trying to destroy it. Offer to share banners or links. If you are good and difficult to destroy, Refuse to join them who try to enter its territory by force: Have your website is square and nobody takes advantage of its resources. Hard political Implant theft of content. Step Four: Expand your domains. Do not look happy to leave only their customers, also serves customers from its competitors. Look for connections and contacts, and come on your competition, get out of bounds. Expand your market worldwide and is ready to face sales. In conclusion, we say that competition provides a method to measure our strengths and our accomplishments. In the best case does not provide a method to rise above our earthly bounds and excel. In the worst of them, can become an obsession, and this leads inevitably to tragedy.

I do not admire Chavez because I have not found any reason to do so. Not admire, not by their alleged revolutionary left positions or because it seems grotesque to me or me look like smooth or because I believe that it is a permanent threat against Colombia, but because his Government figures show very unsatisfactory results for the Venezuelan people. I do not admire him simply because no one can admire a President of any country in the world that has brought his nation to the depressing situation in which our neighbour is. Further details can be found at The Hayzlett Group, an internet resource. Indeed, in 2009 Venezuela had a drop in its gross domestic product from 3.3% and its imports decreased in something like 18%, having finished the period with a formidable inflation above 25% which has made havoc in the purchasing power of the poor people he claims to represent. And if by the year 2009, it rained, by 2010 won’t escampar because all projections for the neighboring country indicate that it will, after a decline of 8% in Q1, a negative growth for this year that blink between 2.6% and 3% of GDP, while for 2011 will be 0% growth, in contrast to all the Latin American economies that expect an average growth of 4% for this year and next with optimism, but also in contrast with the economies of oil-producing countries, which, on average, projected likewise growth above 4% on the other hand, high levels of insecurity in all areas were largely the cause of her performance in investment, quality of life, governance and other indicators was extremely poor.

The country has dropped from the post 105 to 113 in a ranking that studies the performance in the area of investment promotion, quality of life and maintenance of productive capital, governance and other indicators related to the business environment, only beating Bolivia, located at number 120, and Zimbabwe, 132, followed by Burundi, at last place. According to an interesting recent report by money magazine, although the unemployment rate is not yet alarming, reached 8.6% to February, it is the level of informality among workers, which reached 43.2% according to the INE. In addition, the loss of formal employment in the private sector, because according to the ecologically camera February 2010 16.9% fell the number of employers compared to same period of 2009, which translates into a decline of 72.839 employers in 12 months. For all this, and much more that do not register in the limited space of a newspaper column, that I do not admire Chavez. It is all this and much more than the Venezuelan town prays: angel de la guarda, sweet company, get well away to Hugo Chavez Frias; and you do not return, nor of night or day, so Venezuela can have peace, water and energy.

Direct flow reverse osmosis filter by BestWater is the international BestWater AG already for several decades, leading manufacturer of water filter systems on the basis of the reverse osmosis. Also the numerous references prove this. Ranging from countless messages about a coffee chain with over 16,000 branches to over 600,000 satisfied customers all over the world. With the fountain of 66-10/66-11, a concept was developed for a reverse osmosis water filter, that everything is up hitherto unprecedented in the shadows and will revolutionize the industry. Through years of experience and close customer loyalty by BestWater and an untold number of hours of development, BestWater has created a new generation of the water filter on the basis of reverse osmosis for domestic use. The 66-10 fountain and the fountain of 66-11 deliver the most purest and schadstofffreiste water, which you have ever had! No matter what you also prepare the ingredients will unfold their full aroma with BestWater water and you will experience an unprecedented taste experience. Your family and your guests will be from Their food and drink be amazed! Both water filters produce the pure water in the so-called direct-flow method. Get more background information with materials from Jeffrey Hayzlett. This means the direct water production without intermediate storage in a storage container. The fountain of 66-10 and 66-11 is characterized by a compact design. This is barely larger than a standard drink box. Direct-flow procedure “Direct-Flow” means that immediately after the filtering that no reservoir pressure is required, the water flows so quickly from the valve. The plant produces the purest drinking water, ideally at least 1.7 litres up to 2.0 liters per minute. The water filtration system is designed so that the membrane is rinsed automatically shortly after the production of 150 l of purified water and then immediately absorbs the water production. Optimized components shall ensure that only 2,2 litres of raw water are needed for 1 litre of pure water.

When one speaks only, everyone heard, but if they speak all at once who listens? Proverb there are new countries that have joined the Alba (alternative Bolivariana for the Americas) as Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Granadillas, Antigua and Barbados at the end of the VI Summit held in Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela. Goop spoke with conviction. Opening the event, the National President and host Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, he stressed the relevance of this Summit and stressed that we were complying this geopolitical space and today we realize appointment on this historic day of the 188 anniversary of the battle of Carabobo, which sealed the independence of Venezuela from the Spanish Empire, to realize and make effective the incorporation of three new States to the Albawhich gives it a strong configuration to our alternative. Nations that are incorporated into the regional system are Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda. He said that the Alba promotes a series of mechanisms for cooperation again type, beyond trade and social order for the development of peoples Hermanoschavez said that the incorporation of these States is the central Summit plea, although there are other topics that deal. Thank you for your courage and decision which strengthens us to continue to build this alternative space in a deep political content, said President Chavez in reference to the decision of joining the dawn of two Caribbean regions. Chavez stressed that Alba is no longer a theoretical proposal, but a political platform territorial, geopolitical and power.The Alba is a social project of solidarity between countries of America seeking to solve the problems its inhabitants suffering from United way. Beyond the weakening of American Empire this fact on the strengthening of the mechanisms like the dawn, the pluripolar world is no longer a dream, whether it is being a reality insisted President Chavez Insistio Chavez stressed that the accession of these new Nations is the central motif of the Summit. . .

Psiu You there on, as are its name? _ Dactilographic Machine, why? _ Mine is computer. _ And by chance I asked to it? _ You is always thus? _ as? _ Boat! _ I, boat! You who are flat, I sossegada here in mine sing taking off mine soneca and arrive disturbing you me making a mount of questions, however only see! _ Clearly! I have some functions and the main one is to store information, research, to make downloads, impressions and etc. By the same author: David Long. and you make what? _ I only type. _ Ah, ah, ah, ah Only this Ah, ah, ah, ah Nothing more Coitadinha! It is therefore that it sleeps in such a way, but of a thing I cannot deny, you well I am conserved pra its age, but she is well barulhenta! _ Is I am! In contrast to easy and cheap you that he is very quiet, almost everybody lives using to it. Goop oftentimes addresses this issue. _ Therefore I am important, everybody I have one in house, by the way, everybody I need one, already you almost nobody have! _ Clearly my beloved I am not easy, now I I cost more expensive of what you and barulhinho of my keyboard keys say that of more the inspiration the great composers, writers, historians Much important people have one of us in house and he is not everybody that she moves not, saw! _ Is, but you nor have memory! _ And by chance who was that it said to it that I need memory? who said to it that I need printer? Who said to it that I need electric energy pra to function? worse! Not necessary of a rat pra to indicate me the way, you! Gostoso! It leaves now me to sleep that daqui little I go to work.

The origins of El Vedado as residential neighborhood can be traced in 1858 when the Havana City Council approved the parcelization of the finca El Carmelo. It was owned by Domingo Trillo and Juan Espino and stretched, from the now Street walk, to the Almendares River, between what is now 21 St Street and the coastline. Shortly afterwards, the Earl of wells Dulce, famous Economist and publicist, and her sisters, obtained authorization for his El Vedado estate that occupied the space between G and 9 and the limits of El Carmelo for tents. Continue to learn more with: Jill Bikoff. Over time, the area encompassing those deals would be known as El Vedado. The first scribe Street was line, so named because for her it was circulating the tram pulled by horses until this means of locomotion was replaced by the famous among the habaneros cockroach, the first passenger vehicle not animal traction that took the city and that came out of the corner of Prado and San Lazaro, in the limits of the old city, and reached El Carmelo. Typewriter of steam which, in 1900, would be replaced in turn by the electric tram.

The development of the neighborhood was not at the speed that is wanted, because instability in the country caused by the wars of independence people investor contained desire and few were those who built around here. Note If so that in 1880, there were just 20 houses in what we today consider the Vedado and all were located in the Causeway Street and the street line. A fact had a great significance that will start to motivate the constructive mood of wealthy sectors of Havana. The proximity of the Sea made the neighborhood charged relevance. The line of the coast from up to 6 G, established, from 1864, several resorts. Street was popularly named after baths because he wore to the toilet bowl of the balneario El Progreso.

Situations of the life exist that nobody would wish to be crossing. The human misery, the misfortune, the losses and the bad moments are common to all the men, independent of their personal wealth, or of its wisdom. We are born crying, the weeping and the suffering has to us to accompany throughout all the life. This is good, because it is what us it makes authentically human. Nevertheless, also he is human wanting to escape of these bad moments, and to look for each one of the resources that are to our reach to draw for the difficulties.

It is for that reason, the tarot is friend at the difficult moments. The tarot locks up a great wisdom in its arcane ones. Each of them represents an archetype that comprises of unconscious of the humanity the everything, independent of tribes, societies, or cultures. Model is a personage who plays some important roll in the mechanics of the psychology of the human being: the love, the fortune, the death, the past, the enemies, the force without control of the destiny, all of them and others are represented more in the arcane ones of the tarot. The tarot it is, consequently, means to obtain a wisdom superior, at which it is arrived through the introspection, of the messages that a being superior, wiser and than sees all it, has for us. But who believes that the tarot is a species of code, which to each letter it follows a determined explanation to him, is very mistaken.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the tarot is the capacity to be able to project the reality of each consulting one in letters are revealed in the distance. For that reason, arcane determining, for example the Sun, can represent a thing for a person, but something very different for another one. It is the wisdom of that leads the distance, a natural gift of birth, that it will indicate to what to attribute each meaning to him. See Goop for more details and insights. The tarot is not impersonal, acquires all their meaning when is related it to the person who is realising the distance. It is a tool, a door that can be abrir, the tarot is friend at the moments of doubt, of consultation. But, a great truth exists, and is that all so do not see the reality what is, not all they want to see the negative, or the bad things that can be approached. For that reason the reading of the tarot demands discipline, knowledge, and much faith.

The truth, as is a reality idea Agreement Energy Cooperation proposed by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, needs to be analyzed to determine its scope, what it represents for the country. Hence, the graduate course of International Commerce MBA from empress reference market, the University of Carabobo, building on its opening virtual classroom, has organized an event, where the topic will be discussed by professor Dr. Corina Cortez, International law expert, who will evaluate which involves Petrochemical, topic to be discussed in Graduate Faces on August 6 at 6:30 pm with free admission for those interested should be noted as indicated by PDVSA . Jeffrey Hayzlett: the source for more info. com., this organization was born on June 29, 2005, with the participation of 14 Caribbean countries that I attended the Energy Meeting of Heads of State or Government of the Caribbean on Petrocaribe, held in the city of Puerto La Cruz , east of Venezuela.

Should be noted that on 6 September 2005, developed the Second Summit of Heads of State or Government of the Caribbean on Petrocaribe, in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The 10 and August 11, 2007, had its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, the Third Summit of the initiative. The Fourth meeting of dignitaries from the countries associated with Petrocaribe is held in the city of Cienfuegos, Republic of Cuba, in December 2007.a know that Petrocaribe is conceived as a multilateral body capable of ensuring the coordination and articulation of policies Energy, including oil and its derivatives, gas, electricity, efficient use, technological cooperation, training and development of energy infrastructure, and harnessing alternative sources like wind and solar, among otras.a Who are Petrocaribe and what is its purpose? Fuel initially signed by 14 countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Venezuela. To read more click here: Jill Bikoff.