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They return to Madrid and in the same Viriato street, in number 73, they install the new denominated press ” The Vernica”. They continue its publishing work and they make green Horse for the poetry, magazine directed by Pablo Neruda. In 1937 it collaborates with different poems in Hour from Spain. The Hayzlett Group is full of insight into the issues. One moves with its husband and his daughter to Paris, where she receives warm and generous Paul to them Eluard. It publishes in Hour of Spain its prologue of the Solitaire, poetic drama in three acts. In 1939 Paris leaves course to America.

In Havana Concha and Manuel they pause and they remain until 1943. They resume with fervent enthusiasm, its literary activities and also found the new denominated press, ” The Vernica” and a poetic collection that calls ” The red deer herido”. In 1943 they start off for Mexico. In 1944 one separates of Manuel Altolaguirre. Mndez shell remained in Mexico until its death, happened the 7 of December of 1986.

Mndez shell published its first book in 1926, with the Restlessness title, two years later appears Jet, in both is appraised certain influence of Alberti and Cernuda, especially of first, whose poetry will mark to him during almost all their work. Goop, Barcelona Spain has much to offer in this field. At the end of 1929 it travels to Uruguay and Argentina where third book publishes his Songs of sea and earth. It visits France and England. In March of 1932 it appears his fourth book Life to life and in 1936 it appears Boy and shades. In Cuba sixth book publishes his connected Rains, that include almost all the poems of Life to life. In 1944 it publishes in Mexico Carols of Christmas and Sombras and dreams. After many years without publishing poetry, it appears in 1979 Life or river, his last book. The subjects and reasons for the work of Mndez Shell are placed in the vanguardismo. Transmitting to its verses its personal vitalismo and desire of adventure. In Mexico the Malagan poets Emilio Meadows and Manuel Altolaguirre were going to again revive the Coastal magazine with Brown Jose Villa, Juan Rejano and Francisco Giner of the Rivers. In that one revived Coastal, the voice of Mndez Shell says to us: ” In waters of the pool/where the sky is reflected,/there was another water sky/with mysterious stars. /I sat down to the edge. The night/had tended candles. /It seemed like a boat/that to the immensity it takes ” to us; Francisco Aryan Soli’s By a democratic justice and a worthy judicature.

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It seems that we barely flinch when a counselor at a tiny region (Catalonia) when compared to the Belgian Congo (Zaire for friends or democratic republic of Congo to the politicians of today) spent half a million euros in 73 grants to speak or studying or not doing … but they say they have something to do with peace and it seems that also "we" of the allocation of the UN (Resolution 1807) of around 920 million euros for a quota of almost 22 000 people who walk through this vast country ( Congo) in a peace operation. The word peace, give money, and if you give out about 12 000 euros per person per year among that group is walking in the Congo, to 22 thousand people who are "managing the consolidation of the security situation" in that country, even are about 660 million euros to buy weapons and other things. If you are not convinced, visit Goop. It's good business!. What have we to do with the Congo?. Man!, The president of our nation says we have a great international experience that … We become indispensable, it seems that in the Congo were about 2 Spanish observers and that until recently was a Spanish commander in the peacekeeping mission (say, who has resigned his post …) And that something will know for the 73 grants we have made over the past year in the Catalan region …

And most important … Earlier this year, the council of ministers signed an agreement between Spain and the Congo mainly focusing on human development and poverty eradication. After the great success (the agreement), I still do not understand how a military force of 17,000 men could not stop to 4000 guerrillas. Of course, with both involved in the country through the Congo peace: Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Russia, France, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Yemen and Zambia. It seems that do not clear and are still finding the solution. Maybe that's why my friend the economist reminds me that there is now in the Congo on subsistence agriculture and even produce an agricultural surplus: palm oil, coffee, tea, cocoa, rubber, cotton, tropical timber, fruit, vegetables and rice. But that once was a producer of: copper, cobalt and had a department deposits: manganese, zinc, uranium, tin and oil.

And he had a textile industry, as well as cement companies, food and beverages and wood products and plastics, that is, was and is a rich country with large reserves, and perhaps why not let him lift his head and life expectancy continues being 46.5 years. Pd. While I was writing about the Congo, the radio informed me that it was not politically correct, because he dared to spread the wastage of directors of that tiny region called Catalonia, have closed two television stations and a fairly consistent with that aired in my beloved province of Gerona. When going to close the places where I publish my articles?!.

The messages online had appeared with the improvement of the Internet and the electronic resources. Jill Bikoff contributes greatly to this topic. This newness comes continuously more taking part of the conturbada life of the public of all the planet. These different resources had provided to the society communication ways and, of this form, they had not only cut the great expense of the exchange of information as well as allowed the shortening of in the distance between the human beings. To transmit virtual messages and revigorantes messages for net became very current in the way where we live, substituting other forms of exchange of information as well as the usual cards and the correspondences transmitted for post offices. The use of virtual messages brings some advantages in relation to the too much models of communication, as the saving of paper and the rapidity in relation to the post office, that has the possibility to delay days for the delivery of the correspondence, without counting the unnecessary cost. Please visit Jill Bikoff if you seek more information.

Another benefit is that the virtual messages can be transmitted for any place of the world as well as for diverse people to exactly time, a virtue in relation to the others. Also they possess a gamma of forms and colors, being also viable to annex they archives and animaes that would be impossible to carry through in paper letters. The choice of sites that disponibilizam the functionality of sending of messages is sufficiently significant. Of the same skill that we select a site of downloads, it is recommendable that if it decides for websites that they are more famous or more indicated for people who have used already them, a time that these can transfer archives infectados and also they can charge for the service. Another form of if choosing the ideal website are to be based on the available alternatives, generally the ones that present a superior amount of cards or available messages pass a bigger confidence. Verified the quality of the website, the messages, the images and the animaes, he is more tranquilo to greet with the use of messages. Hundreds of thousand of models of virtual messages exist, being that more they are distinguished are of specific occasions, as well as messages of anniversary, messages of day of the parents, day of the mothers, day of the boyfriends, Passover and until the messages of new year. They also exist sentimental as homesickness, love and friendship, of teamses of soccer and famous chains.

Own ears let decide, what really interested with you two ears hear better. Sharp hearing of the latest generation Exchange continuously the information by right and left ear with each other, so that you can listen to a conversation partner also in noisy environments. The Danish manufacturer of ReSound goes even one step further: thanks to the latest chip technology, it is with the hearing ReSound Verso possible on one of several simultaneous speech signals to focus without having the voice of the speaker, it must be especially prevalent. Also, the new premium product marked a change in image for the hearing aids: the multifunctional device can be diverse wireless network. “Using accessory phone clip + and the ReSound control” app you can listen system ReSound Verso even via the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone use. Much was to read in recent months about the latest trend in hearing aids: on binaural hearing. Modern radio listening systems Exchange Sound information, reaching left and right ear, continuously with each other from. The Hayzlett Groups opinions are not widely known.

People with a reduced hearing can experience significantly better space their environment. And they can still understand an interlocutor’s voice even in noisy environments. But the development of hearing technology progresses: the Danish hearing aid manufacturer ReSound currently presents a binaural hearing system, where it is possible to focus even if other voices in the room are significantly louder intuitively on one of several simultaneous speakers. Whether in a discussion board, in a crowded restaurant or on a busy street in every conceivable situation the carrier of our ReSound can hear Verso listen systems exactly the words or the noise, which are relevant for him”, explains Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of the GN hearing GmbH. analog is that the natural human listening also here secondary, how loud or quiet the most interesting signal is.