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Location, how to get there. Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the north of the city Alatyr, founded in the XVI century. To treat the monastery six temples in operation, the main temple at the center of the monastery, its height reaches 45 meters. The boundaries of the area surrounded by high walls. Currently, the monastery has two miracle-working icons – ‘Almighty Saviour’ and ‘Our Lady of Kazan’. Kazan Mother of God image miraculously appeared in the a spring on Klyuchevskoy field.

This image has saved the town from a cholera epidemic in 1748. The holy place is famous for its underground source and brings healing to pilgrims. map Alatyr Architecture: Belfry was built in the traditional temple style XI – XII centuries and the tower resembles the architecture of the Kremlin and marquee tipa.Novy officially recognized Russian record: the highest bell tower, made as a concrete monolith! Greatest asset the monastery is considered a high tower. October 6, 2009 PARIS Agency and Record Book of Russia formally recognized the new Russian record – the highest tower, made as a concrete monolith height 81.6 m. The measurement of height Bell Tower was conducted in the presence of a commission of 3 independent witnesses 30.09.2009 The building is probably the highest Orthodox bell tower in Europe. The building has a bell tower at its base 6 floors, including basement, rectangular shape.

Belfry, bell tower in the building, located at a height of 26 meters above the ground. There are 14 bells in three tiers on 2 floors. Weight biggest bells 8.6 and 18 tonnes. In total there are 14 levels of the belfry (Floors), joined the stairs. The building is decorated with mechanical chimes, located at a height of 41 m. with dials that go on 4 sides of the belfry, the diameter of each of which is just over 3 meters. The walls of the belfry decorated with pink bricks, combined with decorative elements made of white marble. Copper, gold edges, topped golden dome tent with a cross. The bell tower above even the famous Ivan the Great in Moscow now adorns Alatyr. It is the gate, so that soon take place in Holy Trinity Monastery will have a bell tower. Inside the bell tower is the church, to sanctify him in a monastery in the hope Bassion Alatyr memory, which is revered here as a locally venerated saints. Completion date. The highest tower without a doubt has a huge impact on the lives of Alatyrtsev. In the city trying to get a lot of pilgrims from all over Russia. Abbot – Archimandrite. Iernoim (Shurygin). Ofitsialno not announced when construction of the chapel will be completed, but judging by the appearance of the chapel – have to wait several more months. Now completed work on exterior, since the building is erected may be considered, see photo. In mid-2010 the bells were installed, now in the mornings you can hear their beautiful bells. A little about the city. Alatyr – a beautiful, lush greenery old city, standing proudly on a hill, surrounded by two rivers. Many call it the Orthodox center of Russia, 2 monasteries in the city of temples and 9 – pretty close to 40 thousand people. The bulk of the inhabitants of the city – the Orthodox Christians.

Nails 4 Us, leading international chain of application and maintenance of gel nails, just launched in all centres of your network – more than 30 only in Spain-the Ultimate permanent enamel line. This new product is aimed at all those clients who want to get the effect of the traditional manicure in a short time and with the possibility of withdrawing the product comfortably wherever and whenever they want. It’s a liquid glaze of easy application and drying fast, so it only requires a session of 30 minutes in a Center Nails 4 Us. With this treatment bright nails are achieved during two weeks thanks to a thin layer more resistant than other glazes, what not grating or it peels, explains Monica Guzman, Marketing Director for the chain. During the implementation of the treatment are not used limes or lathe to sculpt your nails, and enamel can be removed at any time at home with the help of a green lime, rosewood naranjo and Ultimate Remover, a product both Nails 4 Us centres It incorporates fewer acetone that similar cosmetics. The brand recommends removing the enamel at least one day before making a new application, since it is the way of achieving the maximum effect of moisturizing oils for cuticles and nails containing the Ultimate Remover. So all those women who want to look an unbeatable appearance of your nails in the hands and feet have a new option in Nails 4 Us, continues Monica Guzman.

On the one hand the innovative enamel permanent Ultimate, as a convenient option to get the same effect as a traditional manicure and treatment that has carried this flag to become a leader in its sector, gel nails, on the other. It is that against traditional manicure, nail gel offer numerous advantages, for example, only an hour and half is enough to ensure that nails remain impeccable for nearly a month, and can incorporate multiple decorative options, from jewelry, to French manicure, passing through a base of plain color with another hue shines and even combination of drawings and textures. Gels represent the latest innovation in the world of manicure and pedicure professional. The product of Nails 4?Us is originally from Belgium, specially made and packaged for the brand, does not give off odor (unlike acrylic), and the result are nails strong and sturdy, but at the same time of a comfort and extreme softness. For those women who wish to more long fingernails or those who have brittle or bite them is, applies a thin layer of gel that sculpts above your own fingernail, getting the length and desired shape and protecting the nail that will not break, while maintaining a natural look. Nails 4?Us is the first franchise chain specializing in the implementation and maintenance of gel nails.

Thanks to this unique and original product, with only go once every 3 or 4 weeks, is guaranteed to improve the image getting make nails look natural, perfect and lasting, with a comfort and extreme softness.

To get what you want, call prosperity, success, happiness, better relationships, the best way is to set a goal. People who have achieved success in their lives, have always set goals for what they want. Now, many people have set goals and still have not obtained what they wanted. For example, at the beginning of the year many people define several goals that want to achieve throughout the year. At the beginning of the following year are establishing the same goals.

Why have not worked them their goals? Why despite having set a goal to lose weight, they follow without being thin? Why don’t have they achieved financial independence? One of the major drawbacks in setting goals, is that people don’t fix them according to correct methods. They simply write on paper what they believe they want and then believe that they will get it, simply because they wrote it. In the majority of cases people forget those resolutions from beginning of year somewhere dark and not return to read it but until the next year start. And as the common goals should be kept in mind all the time to manifest itself, these people never achieve what they want because not kept his mind thinking about that who wished to. As the majority of people find that tedious is to keep his thinking on their goals all the time, the best thing is to resort to a technology that does not require that persons are always remembering kept thinking about their goals. But there is this technology? Does this system of setting goals that will allow persons not having to remember their goals at all times and still achieve materialize them? This technology exists.

It is the establishment of goals irresistible technology, presented by Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of the goals. This system of setting goals, is so powerful that it eliminates the need that the person is constantly thinking about your goals. This technology allows you to set goals (irresistible targets) and then let a part of the mind focused on those goals, while the person is dedicated to enjoy of their daily lives. One of the great advantages of the irresistible goals is that it doesn’t require a conscious attention sustained, because the creation of the thing you want, made in what Corentt called the initial push. At this stage becomes a conscious initial creative effort, by following the simple and detailed formats provided by the author, and then the responsibility is left to the subconscious mind, that he will seek in his repertoire, you need to express your wishes. Due to this delegation, the irresistible goals materialize automatically in your life, because the person makes an initial creative effort and then your subconscious mind creates all conditions, situations, relationships and other necessary to provide that the person wants to. Another advantage of irresistible goals is they materialize quickly in his life. Irresistible targets can be used to get large amounts of money, to obtain employment, to develop products, to improve relations and for everything that you want to get in a short period of time (less than 90 days). THE secret of the power of the goals presents also many other powerful methods for you to get anything they want in life. If you want to transform your life in ways truly spectacular, if you want to achieve all its objectives, read this book and follow the instructions in Corentt. Your life will become an oasis of happiness, fortune and beauty. Original author and source of the article.

In that day, it was in the cafeteria, the same table of the way, as in all the afternoons, taking its hot chocolate and eating its cheese cake. It was always the same ritual since that it starts to work in the office of its father who was in that block. After lowering the mug of its lips it looked at distraidamente for a table of it I sing right and saw that a youngster who also took a mug of hot chocolate with chocolate pie smiled for it. It left it to this half perplexed, it still looked at for the sides imagining if it had smiled for another person, but if he gave account that the smile is exactly directed it. Half without favour with the attitude of the stranger, it smiled shyly in return and it still looked at for its cheese cake for the half, but fortuitous, after two seconds it looked at again for the youngster and it still smiling it made a gesture for the superior part of its lips. It was confused. What it wanted to say to it? It then held a cloth napkin of the table and led to the proper lips signaling for it.

It enrubeceu, caught its quickly estojinho of make-up in the stock market she opened, it and to to confer itself in espelhinho saw bigodinho of the hot chocolate in same itself. It took its napkin to the lips and after that it waved with the head being thankful the stranger for having informed to it. It smiled again and assented with the head. After asking for the account and leaving it paid, he arose themselves, he passed for its table and if he directed for the exit. It folloied its passage until seeing it to disappear. In the following day, it one sat down in its habitual table, with its mug of chocolate and its cheese cake and was the same youngster in the table of it there sings right.

German Chancellor says that new short-term initiatives would make the countries in crisis to stop doing homework. For Merkel, a union of debt would affect the credit credibility of the euro area countries and a worse assessment of the qualification. Merkel and Papandreou held a key meeting for European rescue umbrella. Obama: The situation in Europe is scaring the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, rejected Tuesday the development of new short-term programmes in the European Union (EU) as an instrument to deal with the debt crisis and the stability of the euro. We are not prepared for new initiatives in that regard, said Merkel in a speech to business dome in the presence of Greek Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreu and German on the day of the German industry. The German Chancellor reiterated his rejection of a collectivisation of debt, since that would make that they stop doing the duties those who are mired in the crisis budget and would not lead to a union of stability, which described as a priority objective. A union of the debt would affect the credit credibility of the euro area countries and a worse assessment of the qualification, with the risk of start in AAA and finish at CCC, said the Chancellor, has also time and again repeated its rejection to the issuance of Eurobonds.

German Chancellor lamented that not enough regulation of the banking sector and the markets is reached and expressly cited to Spain when it comes to celebrate the success of the germano-gala initiative to include the new borrowing limit in the Constitution of the EU countries. After expressing the full support of Germany to efforts by Athens to deal with the crisis, Merkel stressed that the most important thing now is Greece to win confidence. That the markets see that Greece is on the right track. Enlargement of the euro bailout Fund and overlooking the vote this Thursday in the Bundestag of the enlargement of the umbrella for the rescue of the euro, Chancellor returned to make a single currency dnsa to emphasize the benefits that brings to Germany, which exports 60% of its products to the countries of the zone euro precisely.