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Using the 2007-2011 CAGR of 15 percent, it can be assumed that the differential 10 percent represents transient demand because this trend is unlikely to continue in the long term as the pace of new cone crusher in Saudi projects is likely to slow in the medium-term. Iron Sand Magnetic Separator Features 1 sand Magnetic Separator developed equipment, the use of powerful NdFeB magnetic combined precision manufacturing, the Magnetic Separator magnetic system through our many improvements in the user practice setting, with a large capacity, high recovery characteristics. First magnetic iron recovery of crude, the grade of 30 40 between the cone energy ball mill grinding through the selection of magnetic Magnetic Separator after the sorting, receive more than 63% grade iron concentrates. Consequently, while in absolute terms transient demand appears to have increased since 2007, the overall growth trajectory is decelerating, with transient demand decreasing by 30.9 percent in 2011. 2. equipment for the energy saving design, with a small investment, quick advantage. Dry sand and wet sand sub-machine two series, with dry sand series vibrating screen and conveyors, forklift loading and easy to move, mainly used in arid areas and deserts, the Gobi Desert and other regions; wet sand using the sand pumping series expected, the radiation radius of 50-100 m sand can also be freely installed in sand mining, river, beach, beach, sand next to the other without lifting a fixed drag at any time, can handle 90-150 cubic meters per hour, more than raw materials.

By the end of 2011, local total sales amounted to 47 million tons, to 12.3 percent y increase. Of this total, an estimated 16 million tons represented transient demand. According to the Central Department of Statistics and Information, a 50 kg bag of cement in 2011 SR13.96 costs on average, which translates into SR279 per ton. Thus, total revenues are estimated to have reached SR13 billion. After screening the material, the smaller sand evenly to the roller surface with a high magnetic sorting area, where the more taste of iron sand by high magnetic force on the cylinder surface, and was transported to the lower part of the cylinder The rotating belt conveyor, conveyor belt to concentrate through the area, and one non-magnetic materials, you are not subject to magnetic force directly to the end of mine, to achieve the purpose of extracting iron. NCB estimates that total expenditure in the Saudi construction sector, as measured by its components in the country s gross fixed capital formation (GFCF), reached SR169 billion by the end of 2011. This represented a 200 percent increase from 2000, and a 16 percent rise from 2010. The GFCF is composed of two components; Residential Building Construction (RBC), and Non-Residential Building Construction (NRBC).