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Somehow, the success of electronic mail and marketing of finders have become a curse. Heads of the Services of marketing (CMO) and other high managers can consider the email marketing as merchandise of low cost and give by seated that will continue generating its traditional stop ROI (return of inverson). The return of the investment has been strong, according to a series of studies of the industry. the commercial and motor electronic mail search of strategic initiatives of marketing is going to generate a ROI of 42.08 dollars by each $ 1 spent in 2010-casi the double of the yield of the investment of the payment searches (21.90 dollars). Mercadotcnicos de Internet does not have to assume that they are going to continue reaching a high return of the investment of electronic mail. As the tolerance of the consumers to the irrelevance of contents falls, the ROI of the oriented electronic mails is also not falling. Meanwhile, it increases the use of nondirect electronic mail, the probability that subscriber decides on a list of electronic mail. nonpertinent shipments continue being the main reason why the consumers of deciding on electronic mail.

Unless their electronic mail and the key word is of rich content of high value in their Web site, customized, excellent content, the unique bond that can click is " Baja" or to travel to another Web site. If that is not the type of click-through that wishes, her organization can need to reflect on its efforts of marketing of electronic mail and to contribute the resources necessary to realise the personalisation and relevance in a reality. The leverage of data identifies the personalisation Electronic mail and marketing of motors search has crossed a long way. Although the personalisation outpost of electronic mail remains in the horizon for the majority of the companies, even the basic segmentation and the content of the adaptation by the demographic characteristics, like the sort, has demonstrated to be valuable.