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The project of the first Russian space station foresaw the existence of cannons in the same one. Some of its space stations the Salyut had dedicated private military missions to it (Almaz Project), in the decade of 1970 (WALNUT, 2005) and in 1986 they had tested the rank in orbit of a space station really endowed with weapons. The North Americans, in turn, had considered the idea to blow up one atomic bomb in the Moon to show power (WHITE, 2003) and later had developed its Project War in the Stars, whose main purpose age to attack, of the space, enemy missiles that if directed to the United States (SPACEFACTS, 2010a). as many United States how much Soviet Union had considered the idea to develop rockets, at a first moment, does not stop leading load and human beings to the space, but to launch weapons in enemy nations (WHITE, 2003). In this particular one a similarity with the Chinese space program exists, therefore the first plan of Qian Xuesen, the father of the space program of China, was the construction of a ballistic missile (ASTRONAUTIX, 2010a). The number of Chinese chosen men to form the first team of taikonautas also is similar to the first team of Soviet cosmonauts: 14 men. as well as in the case of the Soviets, this first team does not count on the presence of no woman until the moment (SPACEFACTS, 2010b).

But the similarities go beyond. As Soviets, the Chinese keep its encircled space program of secrets, badly emitting information on its activities and the life of its taikonautas for the press. Until the age of some of taikonautas he is unknown same for the Chinese public (SPACEFACTS, 2010b and 2010d). Since the first flight of a Shenzhou ship to the space it was also evident that this vehicle is an almost identical copy of the Russian ship the Soyuz.

The planet being observed lately this reacting of violent form for the attitudes and irresponsibility of the men with the environment. The valuation of the industrialized products is increasing each time more and finishing with the had value that all we have that to give to our natural goods, that for moment still we have and of favour. Between progress and preservation of the environment the human being hangs for the economic growth. With these events we are feeling &#039 certain; ' vingana' ' of the nature and that climatic changes have happened unexpected as, hurricanes, gales, floods, forest fires, volcanos among others natural disasters. These subjects are gaining prominence in the media, having the substitution of the reporter on effect of the world-wide crisis. For worse that a crisis can seem, it tends to be decided and the situation, at any time, will be normalized, but this does not happen with the environment, later that a resource is extinct. Ahead of a disaster, we do not have more as to come back behind. Our planet is inheritance for our children future and guarantee of our proper health, needs to have priority. We must all make our part: private initiative, civil society and to be able public.

What the organization values in the people to integrate its pictures? That abilities, aptitudes, knowledge, attitudes must be general to all? Good Mood; Enthusiasm; Spirit To serve and to learn; Humildade; Participation/Envolvement; Personal Presentation, capacity and ability. The collaborator must be qualified in the task to be carried through. The people need to know which the intention of what they make, beyond recognizing this intention as excellent. In this condition the people if only make use to make something more and to dedicate efforts you add and many not requested times. The collaborator who understands its mission and of the company, it surpasses, goes beyond and finds ways to deliver what the necessary organization. This satisfies at the same time it carries through and it professionally. Certainly money is and it will always be an important motivador of people. But, although basic, it is not enough.

She is necessary to tread the way of the enrollment, in case that contrary the people give up and if they forget to inform, remaining in the company with only focus in the wage received for the vendidas hours to the company. Clearly that a wage increase can promote motivation temporary, but is the question: how much a company will have to spend to make with that its collaborators want to make the correct thing, of skill certain in the alias process, during every day of the month, every month of the year? Many times, a professional can dominate abilities mannering techniques and to take care of to the expectations of the organization. However, it is not only the good will and the persistence of the employee that exerts influence on its performance, after all the company also contracted that it has that to give support so that its teams feel themselves stimulated to be successful and to surpass challenges every day.

UNION HOMOAFETIVA the STF recognized the union enters two people of sex the same as capable to generate a family, demonstrating that Brazil, despite lost in it I am careless of its classroom politics, desires the happiness of all. Although this last assertive one seems conceptual, it is better to believe what it is good and just. E, passed this moments of satisfaction with citizenship full, offered compliments to those and to that, during years, they had fought so that this if became Real, only remains in them to desire that the community, however benefited, does not come to forget the times lead until then lived, and the demonstration of this constant memory will be the good use of this right. Thus, that the possibility to have a family, is not faced only as victory, but the real chance to join people for love. The laws do not demand love for the formation of the family, speaking only in steady, decurrent union of the legal marriage of man and woman, the drawn out convivncia, etc. At the moment where if it recognized the union homoafetiva, for its proper name, the love started to have the importance that always must have had, therefore a family without love is only one group of people who have affinities of name and interests. That the families generated for these unions come to demonstrate how much the decision of the Supreme one was joust. That they are glad (gays), solidary and decent, and not they leave to contaminate for the mistakes gifts in the families until today existing and considered legal, only for representing the union of people of different sexos. That its houses are homes, where a escancarada so inhabits happiness, that it can transform history, curing the resultant wounds of the anonymity times and solitude.

Moreover, according to point of view where in them we place the cadence of the development is not the same one. Phases of stability or transformation nor always coincide. It can be said that by no means it is to regulate. In this organization of the psychic set, it was possible to separately describe the development of each sector it linger in the study of the motor, psicossexual and affective evolution sensorial intelectual.ESTGIOS that they generate some problems infantisEm seen of that the parts of a person cannot physically be separate ones of the others, since functions together, the ideal is that they are considered simultaneously. The march of the development is known very well how much the certain aspects of the psiquismo, however so far we do not have in the worried one about the necessarily existing interactions in the development of the diverse artificially isolated sectors, which, in the reality, cannot be independent.

If for methodical comment and experimentation, it is relatively easy to divide in periods of training or in periods of balance, the evolution of partial aspects of the psiquismo or certain well circumscribed types of behaviors, is in compensation, much more difficult and without a doubt to make another one in such a way, in regards to the set of the personality. Nor they had always been able to duly consider the unit of the psychic organism at each moment of its development, nor the intricate one of the 0 variable of this psiquismo in its reciprocal relations. Some, until, reduce everything to the evolution of aspect only e, without a doubt, important of the psychic organization; leaves, thus, in the shade, other aspects not less essential. It is certain that a presentation of the development for sector, aspect, function is more rigorous and more cientfica.DE the PHASE OF NOSTALGIA FOR PHASE REALA life does not begin in the birth, but one the two hundred and seventy two hundred and eighty and four days before.

Perhaps a good birthday present, smiles the Swiss Roger Federer after winning 7-6, 6-3, 3-6 and 7-6 to Serbian Novak Djokovic, the invincible tennis, owner of 43 consecutive victories, 41 in 2011, on the day that Rafael Nadal celebrates his 25 years. In Federer began and ended everything. He was the last in lying to Serbian in 2010. The first to achieve that you lean in 2011. His victory, brilliant by stage, the opponent and the ways, classifies him for his first big final since the open of Australia 2010; It is left to Serbian no match the best start of course of history (42 victories followed by John McEnroe in 1984); closes a streak of three consecutive defeats against Nole; and it vindicates the validity of his tennis, activated by the challenge, a spur in his pride of champion of legend. Source of the news:: Federer changes history.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, pervaded with his camera, hugs her whole body, muscles tense and concentrated, seems to want to sneak by the objective; or lying forward while wheel a scene in an inner courtyard from the top: down the naked body of a young woman’s olive complexion (Franco Merli, the protagonist) and two women covered in black; or perched on a wobbly ladder, with filming machine resting on his shoulder, while employees endure it is. They are some of the images captured by photographer Roberto Villa during the filming of the thousand and one nights, final chapter of the trilogy of life, Pasolini conducted in 1974, after the Decameron (1971) and the tales of Canterbury (1972). A film where you are going and I am the actor. The poet, writer, Italian film director (1922-1975) thus defined the work of Villa, which is exposed through October 7 at the Cinematheque of Bologna, city of the North of Italy where the intellectual was born and studied. Source of the news:: charmed and East to Pasolini

This was particularly difficult to do because of my own in this situation depended absolutely nothing. In order to somehow help the girl, I decided to write her another one letter, where as I could logically tried to outline the situation and help her prepare for a second interview. After talking to her on the phone, I was able to present a picture of all the details going on in the interview. Ira told me that the visa officer asked why she, with economic education, going to look after children, and accordingly, arising out of the question, more "a question for the" on that she, in her own words, replied "not very" confident. After analyzing the situation and making conclusions, I wrote in a letter: "The Embassy can not refuse a visa for a reason. Rather, they have not heard in your responses motivation to participate in this program. Therefore, we advise you to think logical answers to possible questions.

" But as a person who does not know the program inside it is very difficult to get confused and anticipate these issues, but still logically to answer them, I considered it my duty to help her in this. So, that my labors were not only my property, allow me to publish them as confident that they can help more than one happy future party program Au-Pair. Everyone, everyone, everyone who goes to the American Embassy for an interview! The main question that you should, above all, to answer to myself, why do you need? Even despite the fact that you may not have teacher education (as happened with Ira): Do you need English – all the basic knowledge can be learned, mostly from English-only articles.