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Tarot de los angeles: particularities of the reading of letters los angeles were traditionally regarded as messengers of the creative energy of the universe. A connection between humans and the divine. That is why angelic tarot Chuck to be considered a true celebration of the spiritual content deeper. As messengers of divine grace, los angeles mission is to convey, through the reading of letters, comfort, guide and Council to those who need it most. That is is why indicated that, before Chuck, will determine which is the angel own the consultant’s guidance, according to your date of birth.

This prior knowledge will allow to obtain messages much more adjusted to the personality of who consultation, so as also to his current situation. All chucks of letters require a prior spiritual preparation, but for angelic tarot features, for a reading of this type should pay particular attention to this step. Nothing better to do this that ignite candles White and burn incense, two actions which purify the environment and collaborate to create a climate of good energy. This allows that spiritual experiences are lived with greater intensity and depth. Meditate or pray, depending on the preference of who consultation, puts the body, mind and spirit in perfect state of predisposition to the comprehensive understanding of messages that Tarot cards will transmit you.

It should not be forgotten that the angels are beings of peace and harmony, and move in planes and spheres of light and peace. From there which is essential, to communicate with them, play an atmosphere of the above-mentioned characteristics, which not conspires with bad influences from deep spiritual contact that you want to establish fervently. It should not be forgotten that this type of reading of letters requires an intense concentration on the part of the consultant long lasting experience. Not only to receive the message from los angeles: also to have clarity in understanding its meaning. Whoever has difficulties to maintain the concentration for extended periods should think in perform exercises in this respect to be able to so fully capitalize this experience of deep elevation of body mind and spirit. An experience that leaves an unprecedented feeling of fullness at the heart of those who dare to face it with seriousness, commitment and intensity. Source: Press release sent by juancarlosmontillo.

To that they have dared to enter this article thinking that we will give a magical formula to obtain income in line, know that they are in the correct thing! Only that there is to mention that he will not be far from easy. I have commented as always it, are two ways to obtain money by Internet: " Easy and costosa" and " Difficult and barata". Of first nor we spoke, only is to mention that if you contribute to an extraordinary capital to any project Web in less than a month or you will be making money, your permanence in the market because it is about to see, that if that depends on the quality than you offer. The difficult and cheap way is in which we want to concentrate itself. As it says the title to it of this post, the Internet is of works that it, and to see the fruits " mgicos" of the gains Online it is enough with a single thing, are not the 10 definitive steps nor the 10 techniques of usabilidad, than I want to speak to them today is of most valuable that we can have like entrepreneurs by Internet or any other means: THE CERTAINTY.

Perhaps at this precise moment they leave many to read this post and will say " bahhh that is not what buscaba" , but dame one more an opportunity and thinks for a moment about the so wise phrase that a great thinker said in an occasion " The certainty is the unique quality that causes that our other qualities give resultados". To put it another way, thus you are the best programmer of the world, most expert in marketing or best designer than it has been conceived, you will not obtain results far from it success if you are not constant. This it is not the unique message that I have today for you, since in the general I do not dedicate myself to the motivational therapies, nevertheless is important that you have the main ingredient to be able to aspire to to cook your success in Internet.

What are the chances of a romance this summer? You’ll never know. Love bites in the most unexpected way. During summer vacation, you should look in the best way only when your dream guy appears. Then what these packing for this summer? In addition to your favorite bikini and summer clothes. In terms of makeup, you should opt for the natural look and make it water resistant. The best aspects of make-up are those where makeup is not used, and still look beautiful. You must choose the blush to the cheeks in a nice color. David Long can provide more clarity in the matter. Besables soft and pink lips are the most suitable for the attention. (Similarly see: Rio Tinto Group).

This is what you need for a romantic look on the beach. Moisturizing tinted. A soft moisturizer dyeing to cover the lighter base as your real skin. Only prettier. Cream blush. Trafficking in obtaining one in coral that really it can easily be applied. Rubbed on the cheeks as more natural as possible, for a better color.

Brown eyeliner. This is more natural than the eyeliner in black and It makes the tabs look more full. Apply along the line of tabs and soil to make it seem natural. Water-resistant mascara. Get a mascara in black if you have black eyelashes, Brown If you have blonde lashes. A layer gives a really long look to the tabs. What more? A sunscreen is also a necessity. Buy a lotion with at least 15 SPF to protect your whole body. Don’t forget protection for lips and some sunglasses. Original author and source of the article.

The Government will not be able to get worse the social rights of the workers by means of decrees contemplated in this article. PARAGRAPH. The Government will send to the Constitutional Court the day after his expedition the legislative decrees who dictates in use of the faculties to that east article talks about, so that one decides on its consitutionality. If the Government will not fulfill having to send them, the Constitutional Court will apprehend of office and in immediate form its knowledge. CHAPTER VII – OF THE FORCE IT PUBLISHES ARTICLE 216.

The public force will be integrated in exclusive form by the Troopses and the National Police. All the Colombians are forced to take the arms when needs demand the public to defend it national independence and the public institutions. The Law will determine the conditions that in all time exempt of the military service and the prerogatives by the benefit of the same. ARTICLE 217. The Nation will have for its defense permanent Troopses constituted by the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. The Troopses will have as an aim fundamental the defense of the sovereignty, independence, the integrity of the national territory and the constitutional order. The Law will determine the make-up system in the Troopses, as well as the ascents, rights and obligations of its members and the special regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and, that is to them own. ARTICLE 218.

The law will organize the body of Police. The National Police is a military unit permanent of civil nature, in charge of the Nation, whose fundamental aim is the maintenance of the necessary conditions for the exercise of rights and public liberties, and to assure that the inhabitants of Colombia coexist peacefully. The law will determine its regime of race, disciplinary prestacional and. ARTICLE 219. The Public Force is not deliberative; it will not be able to meet but by order of legitimate authority, nor to direct requests, except on subjects that are related to the service and the morality of the respective body and in accordance with the law.

At present by the circumstances that we are living mainly in the economic world the fear and the doubt appear constantly, nevertheless exist ways to leave this and convertirte in a person with excellent results in this scope, knows more here. The fear: The fear is not injurious is an emotion of the natural calls, that is to say we were born with him we have and it to preserve our life so he is totally logical and natural, the problem is when it goes away to us of the hand, when no longer we can control it, there becomes fear and until it gets to paralyze to us. Here I share the steps to you so that the fear does not handle to you. 1. The Hayzlett Group gathered all the information. To know from where it comes, I repeat to you, everybody feels fear but there are people can control who it and act well in spite of him, the key is in first finding where and when I learned that the fear escapes to me. For it a work search in your memories is necessary to mainly do everything of childhood, it is necessary to look for that memory that was first in that you felt fear and you could not control it and yes you do not find the located memory then more early possible and which is very intense and that wakes up a strong emotion to you as if it was happening right now. 2. To contact the emotion more intense to near that situation and to respect it, this it is very important because what to you maintains tied to the conduct it is the emotion nonsolved.

3. To find that I understood with respect to that situation, is necessary here to find a phrase or decree that I formulated at the moment that happened the situation ex.: perhaps yes of very young you underwent a great fear then you thought ” I am small and indefenso” or ” I need that somebody me proteja” , etc. 4. Once found the phrase and having done the work of emotional liberation then it is necessary to find a phrase or opposite decree ex.: Yes the phrase was ” I am small and indefenso” the opposite could be: ” Self-sufficient and strong I _____________________soy here now and acepto” 5. To work this phrase with repetitions daily by a minimum of 90 days These are the steps in broad strokes to eradicate the fear, most recommendable is to go with a professional guides who you of one more a more personal way the treatment of fear. By Dra.