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Hitachi became little by little a company of full-line for machinery after to have finished the cooperation with Fiat (Fiat-Hitachi). Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. Co.Ltd is member of the South Korean group Hyundai (ESP. modernity) and makes machinery of construction and boats. The machines are distributed by the liaison net of Hyundai Construction Equipment to world-wide level. The machinery program includes miniexcavators, excavators of wheels and excavators of chains, shovels shippers, minishippers and by all means also fork-lift trucks of all type. JCB (according to its founder Joseph Cyril Bamford) is the fourth manufacturer of greater machinery of the world.

JCB produces retrocargadoras mixed calls among others (3 CX are the product with but success), telescopic manipulators, excavating of chains and wheels, shippers of wheels and under the name of JCB Fibromas also rollers for the compaction. In agriculture, JCB has separate their tractors with Fastrac. She is one of the few companies in this industry of machinery manufacturers that still are in familiar possession. JCB commercializes their machines of earthwork, industrial and agricultural machines Komatsu Ltd. is after Caterpillar the second manufacturer of greater machinery of the world. The Japanese multinational company with soothes in Tokyo, makes aside from work machinery you publish: equipment of electronics, fork-lift trucks, generadores> , compressors and robots industrialists.

Like Full-liner, Komatsu commercializes more than 100 models of different machines, from mini-excavators, telescopic manipulators to movable crushers. In 1995 Hanomag, the German manufacturer of machines was part of the multinational. Nowadays they make its machines under the name KomatsuHanomag Ag Shovels shippers in Hannover. Interesting: Komatsu produces the greatest bulldozer of the world with 132 tons (Komatsu D 575). La Liebherr SA (with it soothes in Kirchdorf/Iller-Germany) is a multinational company, that makes from construction machines to equipment for the aeronautics and electric home appliances.

The construction of the autonomy is an educative principle that, many times, lacks of a good interpretation, mainly in the school. It can be confused with freedom excess and absence of disciplines. The main challenge of educators are to make possible, to the child or young, to transform the information into knowledge and the knowledge in action. Autonomy alone can be understood in a conception that the individual in its relation with the social context and in permanent interaction with the way inserts. Without this cloth of deep she would be partially dismissed of meaning, that is, a conception of education not guided for the integral development of the individual. we would run the risk to interpret autonomy in mannering terms simply, as capacity of resolution of problems of independent form.

Educating that its freedom exercises, that breaches with silence, participating critically and actively of the lesson, will have more responsibility in its actions. is this construction of responsibility that the necessary educator to search in its relation with educating. For Pablo Freire (1996), the essential in the relations between educator and educating, between authority and freedom, between parents, mothers, children and children is the reinveno of the human being in the learning of its autonomy. The not accepted author a school that removes of each one the possibility of being subject and that he takes the internalization and the reproduction of the domination relations gifts in the society. The school must promote for educating and the educator an ethical, solidary formation, with a social insertion and guarantees of right. When considering this form to think and to act as possibility, I can consider that the educative vision on autonomy in which I came across myself in my professional experience presented a deturpada perception of the concept, it made however me to understand that my position must be TO DENY the actions that hinder this form not to allow that the human being is he himself, so that alive freely in order to learn to be.

The pitchforks, the caibros, the liana-of-stairs for the amarradios. All gratuitous one, offered for the bush, only costing the physical effort, which was divided enters the other inhabitants who of very good grado if they had made use in helping raises in it of the habitation of the new inhabitant, which was received with joy and curiosity. The town was constituted of few sets of ten of barracos, being less of dozen the constructed houses of bricks and roofing tiles. They were the most supplied houses of; The owner of the only there existing sales, the owners of lands next to the town, already with formed grass, about barbed wire, cattle heads, and the church that if pointed out well in the end of the last Street of Is sundays. Made the barraco, it passed to inside of it with the woman, the children and the cacos; Five enamel plates, five spoons, two pans of iron, a wood spoon, one pilozinho to step on I temper, a knife, a machete, one boroca that the family, a motion fit the clothes of all radio, the five nets and five pairs of rope.

In the first days the barraco exhaled one smells good of green weeds, that were the still cool straws of babau, entering in drying process. It was for the July month, almost in the time to start broque of roas. Now it was alone to arrange a piece of land, its future farm. It was this same. It did not have fear of service heavy. It did not make ugly face for difficulties.

It was not to give up easily. Its woman, good dressmaker who was, already had arranged some orders, and sewed in the machine of owner Roslia, the woman of the Loureno of the sales. As payment for the use of the machine, she was enough to cook some parts for the son of Roslia owner, and finished colloquy.

Add a description pWhat is the construction waste? The insiders explain it as follows. The construction wastes mean the spoil, waste materials and other salvaged materials produced in the process of new construction, renovation, expansion, maintenance, renovation and demolitions, including muck, waste bricks, waste watts construction, waste concrete, mortar and concrete scattered, as well as a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic, various packaging materials. As we all know, the construction industry is the pillar industry of China s national economy. About 5.6 trillion yuan fixed investments of GDP in China are achieved depending on the construction industry. However, in recent years, with the vigorously development of construction industry in our country, there is no doubt that non-quantitative construction waste has been produced. For example, the construction of the high speed rail, the rural urbanization construction, urban renovation of old urban districts and the improvement of ecological environment, all of those activities will produce large numbers of construction waste. The development of our country makes us excited, but behind the development, how to dispose the construction waste has become a noteworthy issue.The mobile crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

has a strong power in disposing the construction. It can be run freely in a difficult operating environment with high working efficiency and low running cost. It not only has excellent performance on disposing the construction waste, but also has great performance on disposing the waste in dam mine.In recent years, the transportation networks of urban construction waste in China are maturing day by day, the disposal capacity of waste continues to increase, and the urban environment in general has been greatly improved. However, it should be noted that due to the rapid development of urbanization, the urban construction waste is surging, the disposal capacity for construction waste is relatively insufficient. Some cities are facing the plight of being surrounded by waste, which serious affects the urban environment and social stability. We should fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening municipal solid waste disposal, further unify our thinking, raise the consciousness, and put all kinds of policies and measures into practice to promote the work of municipal solid waste disposal, to create a good living environment and promote the sustainable urban development.