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This unconsciousness goes to the one against hand of the elementary function of the art that is the construction of the man through its conscience of itself exactly. The teorizaes of our time are capable to dignify any thing and any attitude, and this attempt to explain the desconstruo of the art are more work of art that the proper art which the theory if relates. The desconstruo of the man if of the one through the theories of descaracterizao of the man. She is necessary to remember that in identified as man or as woman for our proper biological, psychological characteristics etc. any desestruturada and deprived of characteristics thing cannot be identified, then we can build it penalty as object not identified. It is what this occurring with the man contemporary, is starting to be difficult to know rare physically and in case psychologically mias what is a man and what she is a woman. Most serious of the descaracterizao it is the unconsciousness of we ourselves and the lack of parameters of what is certain made a mistake, parameters wisely foreseen by the nature.

Who determined right or wrong? You ask the proper nature that she obeys the biological laws and all to me the laws that structuralize all the things. In case it were born a child with the arms in the head and the legs in the place of the arm we would say that the child is a monster. Then because we are wanting to desestruturar everything to dignify our more disgusting behaviors and our insuportveis incapacities. The chamber pot it possesss a function, therefore, the art has that to exert a function and the function of the art is to awake the man for itself exactly, for its proper physical reality and spiritual, the function of the art is to disclose to the man itself exactly. The desconstruo of the art and the desconstruo of the man are product of the proper unconsciousness of the man, who is being gotten worse with the concepts that desconstroem the man. The art of Duchamp if affirmed because it does not criticize it did not have courage to say that a chamber pot is not art, this is similar to that history of the invisible clothes of the king who was naked, and nobody had courage to seem ignorant. Worse it is to see that still we are trying to understand or to justify our dullness calling laypeople in art any one that considers ridicule this auto-deceit. J.Nunez the IMPARCIALISMO

According to Thomas, he was a little shrunk by the age and was a little smaller than a brain average. At the beginning of the 80, the neurologist Marian Diamond, of the University of California, in Berkeley, studied weave taken from prefrontal and parietal his crtex. These areas are part of crtex of " asociacin" , involved in the cognition superior. Comparing it with the one of 11 individuals of control, she discovered that the brain of Einstein contained a greater proportion of cells gliales in relation to its neurons, around the double in the parietal region. Today one knows that the cells gliales participate in the neuronal processing and the transmission of signals. Another study of half-full of years 90 straight analyzed the most external millimeter of the cortical weave of the prefrontal lobe of Einstein, a region associated with the work memory, the planning, the intellectual regulation and the coordination motorboat. Britt Anderson, into the University of Alabama, Birmingham, informed that crtex seemed to be finer.

Then, Witelson returned to study the brain of Einstein and found that more width in the parietal lobes was a 15%, as if it highly had the integrated circuits. Recurdese, that Einstein has been considered one of the majors geniuses of the humanity, donated its brain to science, but the studies that did to him disturbed to the investigators. In principle, seemed not to have anything special and to even be something smaller than the average. Later they found that it had a greater densidad of cells involved in the connectivity and a region in charge of visuoespacial intelligence. Perhaps in the measurement that is investigated a little more on the differences of the brains between common people and denominated geniuses, in its cells, constitution, networks, will be appearing more keys than they give answers to why of the genius within the dominion of the guaranteed rational mind of scientific knowledge that the disciplines contribute. While trying the other more mystical possibility would be taken, the one of the spiritual mind, that shows that this inheritance of intelligence is product of the learning, formation that the person has come realising through its reincarnations, of its passage by this dimension. Of course an explanation that many scientists will not share, given to that the rational mind does not accept lucubrations that are not verified with scientific methods. Nevertheless he is very interesting in the interests of those who have identified itself in finding answers exceeds what they lock up the keys that can provide information in relation to the minds of the geniuses. The time it will say to it Original author and source of the article.

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Blizzard won’t actually be there, as far as we know t (it s more of a convention for board games and roleplaying than video games), but lots of their partners will. Upper Deck will probably have the biggest presence both the WoW TCG and the WoW Minis games will have setups where you can sit down and play either one, and they’ll be running the Continental Championships as well, where they ll crown some of the best players in the country. And there’ll be other tournaments and gameplay for both games going on as well the guys from are organizing a tournament of their own, and Upper Deck will have other ways for you to compete at all levels all weekend long. Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of both World of Warcraft: The Board Game and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game, will also be in attendance. They haven t announced anything special for the Warcraft games, but they’ll likely have them out and playing in at least one demo space.

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Saved money the year 2009 brought a new regulation for investors: the flat tax, a flat-rate taxation of the value paper gains in the amount of 25 per cent. The finance portal explains who can benefit in hindsight. Successful speculators must pay tax on course has always been their income earned from shares and funds. By the end of 2008 this was based however on the individual tax rate and not on a flat rate. On the other hand, this applied only to papers that were less than a year in the possession of the investor.

Shares, which only made profits after a long time, were, however, tax free. There is no longer this period of speculation since last year. When price gains, which were about the saver lump sum (801 euro for single people or 1602 euro for married couples), slammed the withholding tax. Who supervise its securities through a Germany-based Bank will have to worry further usually about nothing as to the proper allocation of the exemption order. Everything that goes, is automatically taxable and the Bank automatically dissipates the accrued taxes at the IRS.

The situation is different for customers who invest their money on foreign fund companies. Here the investor itself under an obligation to report the taxable profits to the Treasury. However, the flat tax has not only disadvantages. Some investor groups benefit. Whose personal tax rate is below 25%, may claim a refund in the amount of the difference with the tax return. Learn more about finance: finance contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59