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Register through photographs will be effected and/or films of the diverse visited places. Third stage: of the look to the story, simplicity in the comment to the multiplicity of information. It is not the last stage, therefore the professor must consider the field of the knowledge a perpetual research. i) Considering that each individual possesss its subjectivity, the groups will have systemize the project in the report form to be presented for the group in the form of slides, photographs, bristol boards, films, mockups, croquises etc. (it suggests that after the presentation for the proper group, if carries through an event for the college or if it displays the result in a mural to value the work of the student-researcher); II) The report in the form printed also will have to be valued therefore allows that the professor analyzes what he was understood by the student.

The adoption of norms for the report is important printed matter. The professor will be able to use in more didactic and less rigorous way the NBR14724 for elaboration of works. It is suggested following structure: layer, introduction, final development of the content, consideraes, references, appendices (photographs and target log book carried through for the students) and annexes (removed photographs of other sources). Picture 1 Suggestion of metodolgico procedure Considering the importance integrator of the practical activity of field in the education of Geography it is of if reflecting on the necessity of this type of work, in the measure where if it presents as one of the most important instruments in the apprehension of the diverse concepts that are part of geographic science. Of this form the awareness is important on the action of the professor, attempting against itself for the use of moral principles and ethical condizentes of its profession. Therefore, as Pablo Freire said (1996, P. 108), ‘ ‘ from there, then, that one of concerns central offices must be to look to the approach each bigger time between what I say and what I make, between what seems to be or what I am really sendo’ ‘. Thus, during all the development of the proposal the taking of decisions is important that take to a bigger understanding of the process of education and learning, always respecting the pedagogical objectives of the professor.

REFERENCES BERTRAND, G. Landscape and global physical geography: metodolgico sketch.Notebooks of Sciences of the Land, So Paulo, N. 13, 1971. FREIRE, P. Pedagogia of the autonomy:to know necessary to practical the educative one. 22. ed. So Paulo: Peace and Land, 2002. Freire, Pablo.The Importance of the act to read: in three articles that if they complete.