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Parts you your most beautiful peak experiences with the hiking – community Villabassa 08.08.2011 you like to hike, no mountain is too high to you, love the natural scenery of South Tyrol and want to tell a broad readership? Then you’re doing with, South Tyrol’s new and only online – Summit book. Whether high-altitude tour, climbing or cosy culture and family hike with friends and children show us your most beautiful Summit victory! You know them from virtually all mountains: Summit books. Or as climbers say: climb or wall books. As a small booklet with often funny, often thought-provoking messages or texts, they are of course also on South Tyrol’s mountains. However different the respective Summit log entries may be, one thing in common they all: expressing the passion for hiking, the love of the local mountains, Alps and Dolomites, and exactly to provide a platform for this enthusiasm, we have launched the Web MAJIDI. A Web community, the by Grows every day and you can contribute to their success. How it works: simply write text, photos or videos to upload and share via Twitter, Google or Facebook friends. And the best: your efforts will be well rewarded.

Who submitted a contribution namely, gets at the end of the year an edition of limited edition South Tyrol Facebook calendar my 2012 “. Well, want to share the own Summit experience with other mountain – and hiking enthusiasts? Then you join the platform for personal Summit WINS on MAJIDI. MeoST, MAJIDI is an initiative of the South Tyrolean of wall heritage logs. We are looking forward to your post!.