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LED lighting replacing outdated lighting future if you think on the subject of energy saving comfort waiver, a look at the latest developments in the field of LED lighting. The practical light-emitting diodes save not only up to 85% of energy and thus massively reduce the electricity bill, but open up interesting design possibilities, of which the user of conventional light sources can often only dream. To name a few, especially the possibility of using is cooler LED strips. Usually 5 m long straps are filled with numerous light-emitting diodes and very easy with double-sided tape to attach, on request also at a 90 angle. Variants with color changers offer the possibility of changing the atmosphere of the room at your fingertips. The newspapers mentioned Mining not as a source, but as a related topic. To install they are easy, so with some imagination, the very attractively illuminate rooms. With coloured light mood influence – LED BBs makes it possible! For a long time, emotive findings let advertisers in their work incorporated, is with LED technology optimally implement the let. Increasingly also private households discover these comfort enhancement and use LED bulbs with colour changer, to make the home livable.

This boundless imagination and personal taste. Also a nature Daylight White is perfect to imitate with LED lights. This is physiologically very useful, since light exerts a soothing effect on the sleep wake cycle and provides for the distribution of happiness hormones that greatly improve the life feeling. LED lights – different forms in addition to the already mentioned LED strips available LED lights as ultra flat LED panels, which can be mounted on walls and ceilings and modern elegance. But also traditional light bulbs can be easily replaced by LED lights, and usually not even buying new lamps is necessary: just replace the bulb to save power in a massively. There are more applications for workshops and warehouses, where Hall LED spotlight or LED floodlights come to use and contribute to a massive reduction in the operating costs.

This can be online with the free calculator led”be checked. Offices also benefit from the new LED lights, their pleasant white radiation nothing more with the outdated, buzzing neon lights have in common. Demonstrably, LED Licht is very eye-friendly, so that there are no signs of fatigue by the Exchange. All challenges of lighting can be energy efficient, elegant and comfortably solved so today either households or businesses should abstain from the use of this sophisticated technology with LED. LED lighting environmentally friendly and zukunftsweiesend through the saved energy is the CO2 significantly reduces emissions and contributes to global warming is progressing more slowly. The conversion to LED lighting is a simple way for each individual to bring the energy revolution. Upgrading is easy and within is replacement of toxic Energy saving lamps with mercury evaporation in the near future on. LED lights come out without environmental and hazardous substances. Manfred Wolters

One of the brightest and the most important events in the life of a Russian man and his family is marriage. The wedding is changing marital and social status, consumer lifestyle, which determines the fate of man. Today, with the awakening of interest in Orthodoxy, with the revival of Russian tradition, more and more young families is the wedding rites and revives the old rites. We will try and step by step to trace the Russian wedding ceremony. In the old days any marriage preceded by courtship. Matchmakers were either relatives of the groom, a professional matchmaker, who were doing it for a fee.

The dimensions of this award depended on the prosperity family, but the required attribute is the cashmere shawl. Professionalism and popularity determined matchmakers arrange a marriage of shawls. Courtship occurred with the blessing of the bridegroom’s father. For the success of the matchmaking observe certain precautions. So, for example, was started not suit the number thirteen, and on Wednesday and Friday. In order to avoid the evil eye matchmaker to send only after sunset, trying on the road with no one meet, let alone not to talk. If successful, courtship of the day agreed Smotrin, which were organized in the bride’s home, usually a week after the betrothal. Essence Smotrin was not only show the bride, but inspection of her dowry, all that will bring the bride into a new family. Part of the dowry, made the bride, the bride were hung on the walls.

On the other hand, extends up to on December 31, 2011 the period to transform temporary contracts entered into before the entry into force of the Royal Decree on others for encouraging indefinite hiring; with respect to those who subscribe afterwards, and always its duration not to exceed six months, the deadline is extended until December 31, 2012. The contract for the training and apprenticeship training contract has focused much of the explanations of Valeriano Gomez: has called it the most important measure taken this Friday within the decree-law. The Minister has assured that the part-time contract is working very well even during the crisis and that grows 8%. This new contract, for which the Government has fixed in initiatives carried out in Germany, as the model of dual training, will operate through the alternation between training and employment and will have a normal compensation: Minister trash has detached completely from the contracts. Filed under: Brian Armstrong. The contract is for young between 16 and 25 years old and, Transiently, also for young people between 25 and 30 years. The length will be between one and two years and may be extended by one year depending on the duration of the training process in which the person is inserted.

The workday will be 75% of the usual workday in the company. The rest of the time will be devoted to training activities in a training centre. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeffrey Hayzlett is the place to go. Social protection, according to the Minister, will be the same as for other contracts, including protection by unemployment, and the FOGASA; on the other hand, there will be incentives for companies that implement it: where it involves employment growth, the company will have a reduction of 100% of the contributions to Social security during the duration of the contract if it hires unemployed persons. The reduction shall be 75% for companies of more than 250 workers. Thus, to facilitate its conversion into permanent contracts, companies shall be entitled to a reduction of the social price of 1,500 euros per year for three years (1,800 euros per year in case of hiring women), when at its completion the contract for training and learning is transformed into a permanent contract and assume fixed in-house job creation. .

The growth continues: emarsys opened branch in Paris emarsys, leading provider of email marketing solutions, strengthening its sales presence in Europe and opened its first Office in France. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Beau Bikoff. After the successful market entry in Asia in the fall of last year, emarsys is now on the development of the French market. Focus is placed on the acquisition of new customers and the customer on the spot. Objective is to maintain the existing growth rate. Christophe Bouilhol is a Managing Director in Paris.

He has many years of professional and management experience in the areas of digital content and communications and is looking forward to his new role at emarsys. Email marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Deliverability, segmentation, the use of different communication channels (email, social media, mobile) are important elements in email marketing. emarsys offers its customers not only powerful delivery platforms, but also top consultants who contribute through regular analysis and individual support significantly increasing the ROI of the customers. With emarsys, the French market to many years of experience and industry expertise will be enriched.” After Vienna, Germany, United Kingdom, and the Switzerland, France is the sixth emarsys branch within Europe. About emarsys: Emarsys is a leading provider of email marketing solutions and services in Europe. More than 600 companies and Agenturdienstleister around the world, including eBay, Burton, Austria advertising, Zurich insurance, XXXLutz, big point, and ImmobilienScout24, among the satisfied customers and send out more than 2.5 billion emails per month with emarsys technology.

Thus prepared, the camera can even faster the ZipShot be connected and is ready to take pictures in a very short time. Features ZipShot mini tripod ultra-lightweight – weighs only 255 g. Ultra-Compact – is only 23 cm (folded). Ideal working height – 71 cm. Quick ready – jumps into position in seconds.

Easy to transport. Maximum carrying weight – 1.361. Stable robust aluminum and metal head. Prices, availability and other information ZipShot mini: EIA 49,99 EUR ZipShot: RRP 59.99 EUR the tripods are available in well-stocked photo stores. More information under: product video guide HapTeam the HapTeam GmbH is a major distributor in the field of analog and digital photography, based in the Bavarian Eching since its inception in 1991.

In the product range are exclusively products with outstanding quality, according to the modern State of technology and with an excellent price and performance ratio. These include premium brands like Tamrac, Hoya, Tokina, Lensbaby, and many more. The sales in Germany and much of Europe via the retailers, wholesalers, distributors and shippers. The products are available in almost all well-known photo shops. Information: information Tamrac for nearly 30 years is Tamrac manufacturer of camera bags and photo backpacks. Best protection for valuable equipment, first-class functionality and modern design have made Tamrac today one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The headquarters, as well as parts of the production is located in Chatsworth, California. Tamracs unique reputation for high quality in materials, workmanship and design is based on years of experience and constant exchange of ideas with professional photographers. Tamrac protects your high-quality photographic equipment and ensures quick and easy access to your equipment. Tamrac offers several product lines to meet all requirements for the photographer.

If Robomow tilts more than the predetermined angle, it will be switched off immediately and stop his blades in less than two seconds. This allows you to analyze the situation effectively and to eliminate the cause of the hazard before mowing continues. There is no denying that children are curious and to this new and exciting garden device can feel attracted. For this purpose, Robomow has a parental control, that prevents that smaller children accidentally set the blades in motion. To broaden your perception, visit Rio Tinto Group. That Robomow is operated without touching, thus preventing that children want to help adults at work is still important but: is mows the lawn by alone, so no one must touch the mower! It is this eliminating human interaction, the the Robomow to makes it impressive. Through the automation of the lawn mowing, the mower must never be in the vicinity of the user could even mow the lawn when nobody is at home to watch. Despite the many security measures, many lawn mower is always the possibility of human error or, occasionally, of abuse.

The Elimination of human interaction is a security feature in Robomow’s design the numerous additional safety measures are simply a second level of security for unforeseen circumstances. As part of Robomow’s manufacturing process, all these safety devices are checked carefully and according to stringent standards before the machines leave the factory. The characteristics are then internally tested by Robomow before each use and ensure that the cutter is always safe. Can be seen the security of Robomow to his injury record, which stands in stark contrast to the General, above mentioned statistics. Of the 80,000 lawn mower injuries reported in the United States have been, not a single one was caused by Robomow. In its ten-year history robot lawn mowers have become known for, cause very few injuries. Regardless of the lawn mower, there are hazards that are always present, because they are essential for cutting grass.

Sharp and fast-rotating blades will be always present, just a few inches away from hands and feet. Fortunately, the potential dangers of lawn mowing, thanks to the new home robots and their outstanding safety measures can be massively restricted. Robomow Robomow is a fully automatic lawnmower, which supports your lawn not only on optimum height using the latest technology, but also its built-in battery charges. The mower uses an advanced land cover algorithm with which he evenly can mow the entire lawn, by he mowing each area in different directions. In addition, Robomow is also a pioneer of grass recycling. He leaves a finely chopped layer of grass clippings, which actively provides nutrients the soil and thus provides an impressive, lush lawn with minimum human effort. Robomow is a private company that was founded in 1995 with the aim of automating time consuming household tasks.

1st Symposium “hybrid local buses’ in the Haus der Technik by the 27 and 28 September 2011 there are many advantages: reduction in CO2 emissions, reduction of particulate air pollution by diesel engines, operating in the large-scale environmental zones, population centres and particularly the inner cities, and last but not least low-cost operation due to significant fuel savings. Why should the hybrid not in the local public transport with buses to take advantage? The Conference hybrid transit buses”, which for the first time will take place in September 2011 in the Essen Haus der Technik, addresses this issue and presents proven as well as innovative and future-oriented solutions in practice. The range includes environmental and transport policy considerations, electric powertrains and components, energy storage, energy management with simulation models as well as the exchange of operating experience with hybrid transit buses. A technical exhibition with a demonstration of the H2 bus NRW promises interesting contacts. Click Chevron U.S.A. Inc to learn more. Mr. Robert Tencl, Managing Director of traction systems Austria GmbH, will open the evening.

The expert Conference on 27 and 28 September 2011 is organised by the Haus der Technik in cooperation with the traction systems Austria GmbH. It is aimed at engineers and developers from the automotive industry as well as to Board members and managers by transport companies as well as municipal and environmental politician.. To know more about this subject visit RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust.

What should you look for when buying an artificial Christmas tree? A festive decorated Christmas tree among Christmas for most people in Germany, necessarily. The sales of real Christmas trees is increasing even for years. A turnaround isn’t far in sight. How is it then that sales also sharply increasing artificial Christmas trees? To understand this phenomenon, it must divide the Christmas tree customers into 2 groups. Increasingly, the commercial Christmas tree customer decides usually for very pragmatic reasons for an artificial Christmas tree. Official site: Rio Tinto Group.

Artificial Christmas trees are fire-resistant, easy to care for and look after 5 weeks of life from GR on the first day. The private Christmas tree customer still tends to the real, so natural Christmas tree. The ritual of Christmas tree purchase is for him as the Festival, like the sometimes desperate attempts to set up the tree in a small stand. The scent of a real tree in the living room is also of course to still a very powerful argument. The trend in private households is even for some years to the “second tree”. Sales of artificial Christmas trees also benefits from this development. These look now so realistic they are indistinguishable only on closer look of a real tree. Sometimes you have to touch even the tree, to expose him as the art tree.

The injection moulding technology has made this possible. Incredibly lifelike casts of real pine branches are used together in a complex production process into a work of art. But even at Christmas trees cast, there are significant differences in quality. The best technique is useless because, when the plastics are inferior, the color scheme is unrealistic or poorly handled. When purchasing an injection Christmas tree should be sure the following eighth: in addition to material quality, finish and colour scheme, the number of tips (branches), the main criterion for the look and value is one artificial Christmas tree. A higher number of tips per size and diameter, makes an artificial Christmas tree in the same way significantly dense, voluminous and so natural. Also, you should pay particular attention to the dimensions of injection trees. To save dealers also with a diameter of art FIR. In this way, quality is also clearly lost. A comparison is worthwhile in any case – so not the Festival ruined a supposed bargain! Conclusion: You should himself when buying an artificial Christmas tree of injection not of the price guide can be. Unless you want lots of ornaments hang in to cover the bald patches Tip: purchase an artificial injection Christmas tree as possible at a company that personally works with commercial customers with this product, they used so even in the commercial decoration (see E.g.). Here one can assume, that already a selection for the benefit of the Product quality has taken place. T. rose Ward

Barceloneta beach is a favorite for foreign visitors. Its dimensions allow that this beach has many recreational benefits such as for example 3 areas of volleyball and a table opposite the Hospital del Mar. In Barceloneta you can play also tennis table in areas enabled for this sport, and another area where can be personal as gym activities. Also, note the Beach Center, located in a room beneath porches, walk to beach, in front of the Hospital del Mar. It is a space that offers information and offers a large number of activities almost throughout the year, especially between the months of June and September. The Zoo of Barcelona this attraction is located within the Park of Ciudatella. The zoo is a fabulous Park of more than 100 years and contains a collection of specimens consisting of about four hundred different species from around the globe, with some 7,500 copies. For decades, especially from 1966 until 2003 the most emblematic figure of the zoo was the famous snowflake, only albino monkey known until our days.

If you are travelling in Barcelona with their children, feel free to enjoy the animal species. In 2010 it has added a pair of Anteaters in the Condal city zoo to care for its reproduction, that the specimens of this species have been declining in recent times. The streets that give access to the zoo of Barcelona are the Picasso Street and Wellington Street. Zoo is open from 10 in the morning to 17: 00 h in winter and 19 hours in summer. The ticket prices are 15.40 adults and 9.30 for children from 3 to 12 years. For your convenience during your vacation in Barcelona, rent an apartment in Barcelona near attractions like the Zoo. Barcelona Checkin offers a long list of apartments in all parts of Barcelona.

Piaget (1948), The same detaches it serves as apprentice sensrio engine as important in the construction of the mental image. Check out Ella Bikoff for additional information. Motor Sensrio is marked by the development of the sensations and perceptions and by the development of basic concepts such as: I, object, space, time, causalidade (cause and effect), beyond the development of the motricidade. In the phase motor sensrio is the door of entrance for child ripens its cognitivas structures and is for the same serves as apprentice that the same one learns the world that is part. The motor development is the process of change in the motor behavior, which is related with the age, as much in the position how much in the movement of the child thus good motor development to reflect in the future life of the child thus also with in the alfabetizao process. (Goldberg, 2002. p 13-34) In the alfabetizao it I serve as apprentice sensrio engine has important function in this Piaget phase (1948), the child starts to interact with the way being thus developed rhythms and producing its traces graphical, making to appear the drawing.

The drawing passes for change, therefore at the beginning the scribbles say respect giving space for garatujas and leading for the construction each commanded time. Ferreiro and Teberosky (1986) Luira (1988) stand out that, many before the alfabetizao the child execute the writing cognitivamente. Much before being alfabetizada the child already it creates its hypotheses on the writing. According to Blacksmith (1999) the level Daily pay I, where the child believes that to write she is to reproduce or to imitate the traces of the writing of the adult. In this stage the scribble is the first step for the development, leading the child in such a way to the drawing how much the word of the writing. Its scribbles come from an intense activity of the imaginary one. The entire body is present in the action, concentrated in pontinha of the pencil. This functions as bridge of communication between the body and the paper.

(DERDYK, 1989, P. 63). Piaget (1948) classifies the phases of the drawing as: Garatujas Fazem has broken of the motor sensria phase (the 0 2 years) and part of the phase daily pay-operatria (the 2 7 years). In this period garatujas can be divided in two disordered and commanded parts. Oliveira (2007, p44) the drawing and infantile grafismo very plays important preparatory ability for writing and reading. They assist to develop the ability to catch the pencil of correct form, facilitating a bigger harmony of the movements. In this way, to scribble, to draw and to write not mechanical acts, to perhaps reflecting thus symbolic meanings capable to contribute in the alfabetizao of the child. In this phase of garatuja the child passes for some phases of the development exploring its body and space thus also develops the motor coordination and the fine musculatura of the hands and manual ocular coordination and others.