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So. Radius furniture made to order – is often a group of cabinets or cupboards, made in a very unusual manner … They are semi-circular, concave, curved, diagonal, curved and simply round. It is hard to imagine concave cabinet, right? A round? But, nevertheless, this furniture may very well be the ideal solution for decorating both large and small spaces. Radius furniture removes traditional limitations of rectangular forms and pushing the limits of perception of reality. This round furniture, along with radius (concave or arched doors) doors can be installed in the entrance hall, living room or bedroom. The effect will be the same. This unusual cabinet transforms the space, making even the most classic interior unexpected and interesting perspective.

Well, so you no longer weary, let’s see what a Radius wardrobe, well, or just a cupboard. Now on principle differences. Like any fundamental innovations in the market, but can not innovate, but, you see, furniture Radius is not so common and we do not quite familiar, the radius of furniture has a number of fundamental differences. 1.Vo First, Radius-made furniture has virtually no restrictions on the form. Most of these cabinets made to order, which means that custom-made furniture you can get absolutely any. May repeat rounded lines of sex (if you do not have a standard floor), or overlap with the lines Suspended Ceilings – anything you want. As they say, every whim for your money. 2.Schitaetsya that the angular radial closets more functional.

How can they differ better with your service from the competition? The team Vinco Kassel marketing experts give some exclusive assistance for the marketing of services. The fundamental problem of all services is that you they don’t touch can. “, explains Jens Janetzki, Managing Director of the marketing agency team Vinco. Products can look, feel, spin or tend for services that have always something abstract, is always difficult. This visual perception, however, is the ultimate drive for sale.

A purchase means whatever a certain separation pain of money (savings) for a customer. Here, customers only for that are willing to pay, what verifiable experience or perceive. This phenomenon is known in the jargon as Intangibilitat. Make sure visible and comprehensible service ‘ “, calls marketing expert Jaaan. Here you can actively use different symbols.

Show, for example, that on your site Environment (photos), in which the service is performed. Thus, the environment becomes the visible media. Mark belonging to a company through consistent style of clothing or accessories. Strictly respect a uniform design of your company’s documents (letter paper, invoice, etc.). These signals help your customers better assess the quality of your service immediately before and after the purchase and increase the willingness of price. Services, for which this is impossible, is to check whether they are really necessary, because they reduce the value creation as so-called reactive power”. 3D images are another great way to make visible services. The team Vinco has created specific offer bundle of its services in this context and visualizes them as 3D graphics (see w This measure alone reaches a significantly higher acceptance to our services at our customers.”maintan Jaaan. Only since the called 1970s in Germany first place a service economy, because at that time the number of jobs in the service sector for the first time exceeded the industrial workplace. Germany’s known future researchers Prof. Dr. Opaschowski said in a lecture in 2007 by a profound dominance of local service. Today there is a colorful services in Germany. Google delivers to this term, for example, around 16.5 million search results – tendency rising sharply. Marketing, advertising and design more interesting articles on the subject there are on the information portal team Vinco Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 14 34131 Kassel Tel.: 0561 20177-44 fax: 0561 20177-46 E-Mail: Web: the team Vinco is in tackling such marketing challenges small and medium-sized companies with a deep marketing advice, sound advice and coaching to the page. “A free manual 13 practical tips & TRICKS for more customers and more sales!” in the 39 euros there is value in the Internet free under insider/online-artikel.html to download.

Relaunch: Saunas limits no Lindlar fantasies, February 2009 in the last fifty years the company judge wood has become one of the leading German wood trade centers. In addition to its headquarters, the Holz Richter GmbH has a known all over Germany, exclusive exhibition for saunas, barbecues, exclusive garden furniture, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, beach chairs, umbrellas, awnings and more. Saunas – an inspiration of the senses in addition to the commercial sales of system saunas, saunas offers customization for a private wellness oasis. The ideas of qualified personnel sauna can be adapted in every shape, size and design of the sauna room specifically on the spatial conditions. \”\” In addition to the two most popular certificates for online shops, the trusted shops \”certificate, online shop known for money-back guarantee, and EHI certified\” official certification partner of the Federal Association of German shipping trade, e. V.

\”, offers the Saunas a 128 bit SSL data encryption, which ensures a secure shopping customer. About the navigation pane and the search, each article is fast and easy to reach. The products are displayed with important details with the matching accessories. The customer decides on an order, he may settle a personal customer account. Thus, a password-protected area is it can track their order status and access the data already specified when ordering again. The customer not wishing that his data following the order remain stored, he can order the article without registration. 7 in one fell swoop the Shopsystem provides seven different payment types, from the usual in advance about the surname and the payment of a trustee, the fast credit card and PayPal secure payment up to the zero percent financing. Recently, even the payment by direct debit is possible. The delivery, a sauna is free shipping and against a package assembled by a team of craft. Sauna accessories and ovens are available for a small fee per parcel.