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A law infallible for success and that premium in the Kingdom of God, and from the spirit world, exerts a powerful influence on the material world a What is repentance? to Security and to address the issue, one of the first questions that assails him is, what is it and how we can understand what is repentance? There are several ways to define and indeed, everything depends on the perspective of someone who will respond. If you go to the Spanish Language Dictionary, you will find an appraisal and if addressed to specialists in law and Laws, will show a very particular vision. a For this reason I invite you to go to the very roots of the term. In Hebrew (Najam) we find the word, poured into our language, means: a sentir despite (disgust) with something hechoa , a estar tristea , consolarsea a . The word (shub) translates as a retornara . In Greek the meaning is very similar (metanoe). Translate it into Spanish as a cambiar opinion, management , a sentir remordimientoa and a convertirsea . It is also important to consider the concept that comes from the word (metanoia) that as regards opinion a cambiar and a convertirsea . a Let's be more practical, shall we? Repentance is to identify an error, and after assessing the immediate and future consequences and the harm it brings to our lives and those around us, we have to change.

The silk burnt between the fingers, smoke thus liberated the mystery that the mind hid, and, increasing my curiosity, therefore the room left disturbance, very liked this climate of mystery, seemed that I was in another world. – You do not know who I you are, – it answers? as well as I also do not know who you I am. I affirm you, with a great astonishment, that I am making the same thing that you. I am seated in varanda looking at the great silence that this is there, drinking, smoking, but in contrast to you, smoke of my cigarette is wasted in air, making me confundiz it with clouds of the sky. I have certainty almost that we bound at the same time, one for the other. – But what you wanted? I asked. – I wanted to talk, therefore I only have the night as witness of my devaneios. But already I find me tipsy, I observe the wakening of the dawn.

The mystery of the night already does not have, then I do not have more what to speak. – You read my thoughts. I do not know if I will obtain to arrive ties the bed, of so torpifyed that I am, but a thing is certain, will cerrarei all the doors and windows to try to draw out the enchantment of the night. I will lie down and travel for my world, unfastened of the reread one. – I will make the same, when the twilight to beat in my door, I will come back to bind to you. We will share the yearnings of the night, and I and the night will not be more alone.

I, you and the night will be three. See I cannot you, nor you see can me, but we will divide the same direction of looking at, we will be looking at for the moon, that obtains enxergar in them with clarity, obtaining to reach mago of our thoughts. This will be our redoubt. Good trip! – but which is its Puut! Puut! Puut! It before disconnect exactly of I to ask to which age if the number

The signing of Maya Hansen will be present at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Twenty Russian designers will present their proposals on the occasion of the dual year Spain-Russia. The Madrid event with fashion will advance their dates in future editions to avoid coincide with London fashion week. The Spaniard Javier Larrainzar, a classic of the madrilenian fashion, Alma Aguilar and Nicolas Vaudelet appointment will be notably absent from the next edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week which will be held from 16 to 20 September next, in the (Institucion Ferial de Madrid IFEMA). Against these absences, the 54 Edition will include the incorporation into the programme of the consecrated members of the young Maya Hansen, who in previous edition s has paraded in El Ego. In a short career that has enjoyed numerous successes, Maya Hansen firm was founded in 2004 and was conceived in its beginnings as a brand of Gothic clothing, which evolved to specialize as a corsetiere in 2006. From then, Maya Hansen focuses all of its collections on corset as the main piece of clothing.

His inspiration part of corsets in early 20th century, and its preparation only uses high quality fabrics. Another novelty of the next edition of Cibeles will be the presence of Russian designers, an initiative with which Ifema has joined the celebration of the dual year Spain-Russia. In total twenty Russian creators will be announced his proposals, offering a global vision of the creative moment that lives this country in regards to fashion. The parade, conducted with the support of the Embassy of Russia and the Russian Center of culture and science, will be held on September 19. In addition, during the five days of the contest, Cibelespacio will have a booth where participants in this parade will promote and sell your designs. New dates for Cibeles in response to a repeated desire of designers, future editions Madrid appointment with fashion will advance their dates for prevent match the London catwalk.

The word of Jesus is my food and my sword the words food and sword bring in its bulge strong and important meanings that it inside has a proper aiming of the ministry of each Christian in following propagating good the new. The message if becomes food when we understand really it; I say this a time that the majority of the people does not understand it in its essence. It is the food that fortifies in them so that let us can improve to each day, as following of the alive God and that in it will give to force at the moments of adversity and doubt to them that will be many. The world in the flame to choose the easy ways widest and. Many confuse the Christian being in the complete one with chaste belonging to a special one of people who must be treated as superior excessively a time that is of Church x or y and for having a position in these churches of command. This does not want to say that the Church does not need leaders; for an organization question it is even necessary to have a position that since the primrdios existed. Now the problem will be in finding a person who it is in the front and it more does not follow the message of Jesus being worried I obtain proper.

Jesus who was the Master of all, never adopted an absolute in power position of command and the example of the wash-feet (Joo 13,4-11) is the accurate test of this. It will be also my sword to understand that I am small necessary of it to my side a time that I will need to defend itself of the temptations that will be in all part and the same example of the wash-feet can also exemplificar this question inside of the theological optics Agostiniana. Augustin suggests that with the baptism we become total pure; but our feet will be touching continuously this world and the passions human beings are the ground dirty who we are constantly to step on and therefore, need to look at and to watch day and night so that in let us not move away from the way Mr. to them. We need to understand that the love is alone that God shares with us that he will make in them to lie down as says the salmista in verdejantes grass; it is our shepherd; it will lead in them for calm waters beyond the valley of the death. Favour and Peace

The Fed will not touch interest rates. They will remain exceptionally low for an extended period. Unemployment will remain high. The Federal Reserve (Fed) downgraded Wednesday the U.S. growth forecast for 2011 to between 2.7% and 2.9%, noting that the economy is growing at one slower than expected pace, said in a statement. Only two months ago, the forecast for this year was between 3.1% and 3.3%. The Fed also has revised downward the growth in 2012 to a strip of between 3.3% and 3.7%, when two months ago envisioned between 3.5% and 4.2%.

Low rates hours before its forecast of growth, the Fed had advanced some of its conclusions from the two days of the Fed’s open market Committee meeting. In them he expected that to boost economic recovery underway and ensure that inflation will be consistent with the mandate, the reserve will keep interest rates of rrencia, between 0% and 0.25%. Rates continue at these levels exceptionally low for an extended period of time, he returned to claim the lead agency of the United States monetary policy. Rise in inflation also noted that inflation has picked up something, although he reiterated that the long-term price expectations remain stable. Another of the concerns shown by the body chaired by Ben Bernanke is the weakness of the labor market since the unemployment rate, which closed may at 9.1%, remains high. Despite this revision downwards of the expectations, the Fed believes that this slowdown is due to temporary causes. Among these reasons, he cited the cto of high prices of food and energy in consumer purchasing power, as well as alterations in the supply chain associated with the tragic events in Japan, in rrencia to the earthquake and tsunami of last March. The end of the monetary stimulus that is why the Fed He stressed that he expects that the pace of recovery increase the next few months and the unemployment rate to resume its gradual decline, and confirmed at the end of the month will conclude the released monetary stimulus a year ago for an amount of $ 600 billion in addition, affirmed that it will monitor the Economic Outlook and financial developments and will act as it is due to foster maximum employment and price stability. Source of the news: the Federal Reserve lowers its forecasts of growth of EE UU

The additional cost of innovation and the media used in Field Marketing reverts by far in the retrieved impact by campaigns and therefore in their profitability and improvement of brand image. Gonzalo Garcia de Viedma Corral, Santander Global Markets & Banking Banco Santander Equity Derivatives Structured Solutions Vice President when the actions and advertising strategies of brands and companies become highly competitive, Field Marketing positions itself as the best alternative to attract and seduce new clients in a much more direct way. This great competitiveness implies that consumers themselves have many more options, services and products where choose so, rather than wait, go in search of the client through the actions of Field Marketing greatly increases our guarantees of commercial success. Andres Toledo, Director Editorial Puromarketing. com and Field Marketing information technology consultant is the most close to the Guerra de Guerrillas. Brands are beginning to realize that massive advertising and total exposure this losing value and that something more it is done to attract customers and more importantly, keep them! In turn, the consumer, before the great variety of options begins to feel a precious asset and value that must be won. Field Marketing is the point of union between these two parties.

Marc Diaz Williams, CEO Amazing Sports Lab AG needs of companies in terms of communication, public relations and image have evolved dramatically in recent years thanks to the Field Marketing. Diego Olmedilla, through Aplus Field Marketing, is applying this interesting discipline of marketing in a professional and effective way in the business area of our country. I am personally grateful for understanding the particular needs of our company in this field and for having carried out successfully tremendously profitable actions of communication and image for our company. Roberto Garcia, Head of Online Marketing 1 & 1 Spain believe that the Field Marketing actions we have done with Aplus Field Marketing, have a big impact, not only in the acquisition but also in the loyalty of our customers.