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Throughout the time, majors, or big oil, had converted its uncommon wealth into mega influence politics. They had used its vultosos financial resources to infiltrate themselves and to create intricate and obscure labyrinths for to be able established them to all of a country. They were joined, they fundiam and they formatted partnerships to completely dominate the chain productive of the oil, true systems of monopoly and cartel. They searched to get tax benefits, subsidies, reduction of royalties and breaches in the law favored that them. It is the tyrannous petroimperialismo, that also emporcalhou the nature and the places where the interests of the industry control countries and society.

They had prospered in the secret, the mythomania, the lack of transparency and the control on the information. They were ordinary shares of majors: occultation of payments the governments, dissimulation of countable operations, influence in the media to plant its interests, purchase hostile expulsion of competitors. At last, the international cartel of the oil well-was succeeded in behavior terms anticompetition of history, when realigning the world-wide power, desestabilizar economies, to knock down governments and to attack the environment. On the other hand, the strategical importance of the oil in world-wide the energy panorama must also be attributed, to a large extent, to great the company petroliferous private. Its vultosos capitals (bigger that the GIP of many countries), its enterprise capacity and influence politics had formed true to be able parallel in the world-wide economy, that the rhythm and the form of economic growth of many nations had determined. The creation of the Organization of the Exporting Countries of Oil Opep in 1960 propitiated the partial breaking of this cartelizao, and the great hegemony of company passed to be exerted by the producing countries of oil.

It was the first time that a cartel of countries faced a cartel of companies. The oil dependence and volatileness of its prices dominates the scene geopolitical and generates one permanent state of conflicts. World-wide powers are prepared for future wars, not more for ideological questions or politics, but for intense fights for scarcer resources each time. Air-tight black box of the oil is each more pressing time to confide it.

ANA CRISTINA AMARAL, CAMILA MAGALHES CARDOSO SUMMARY present article has as objective to analyze satire, that in turn served as subject of great productions that had added to the corpus of Latin literature, as well as showing to the characteristics and purposes of same through its techniques, inside of a historical and contextualizada perspective with the characteristic aspects of the time, giving emphasis to direction colorful that the satires exerted on the perception and popular appreciation, a form to provoke and to promote a vision critical, for of this that it comes to recognize as excellent etimolgica source the authors that they used this source as subject considers a sequence of appreciative and excellently logical characters, inwhich if in such a way searchs the causes and the effect of the insertion of the satire in enredos that exalta the criticidade. Word-key: Latin literature. Satire. Characteristics. There RESUMEN En this I articulate if to want to analizar satire, that su time sirvi as el great wool subject producciones that if sumaban al woollen corpus Latin literature, as as to show efectos to characteristic wools y of that the traverse of sus techniques, since joins historical perspective y el context con los characteristic rips woollen time, haciendo hincapi en el felt of that ejercida pintoresca satire on reconocimiento percepcin popular y, joins form there there to provoke y to promote joins visin in this way critical lo reconocen as excellent authors fuerte etimolgico that utilizaron this subject as part propone joins cadena pertinent to evaluar logical y, en el that to search wools in such a way woollen efectos los causes y insercin woollen satire en wools parcels that exalta there criticidad.

Words claves: There Latin literature. There satire. Characteristics. INTRODUCTION In the present article will be boarded aspects that if referenciam the insertion of the satire in literary productions since times related to the literary antiquity, thus being, the satire will be faced as resource of development in the scope of Latin literature.

It is possible to identify that the definitions of the marketing are based on concepts central offices, such as: necessity, desires and demands; products and services; value, satisfaction and quality; exchange, transactions and relationships and market, as the figure to follow 1.1. Figure 1.1? Main concepts of marketing Source: Adapted of Kotler and Armstrong (2003, P. 4). 1.1.2EVOLUO OF the MARKETING the Marketing appeared in years 50 in U.S.A. in virtue of the necessity of if studying the market. In accordance with Limeira (2006, P.

2), ' ' the marketing in its modern concept, appeared in the postwar period, when the advance of industrialization in the world, incited the competition between the companies and the dispute for the new markets brought desafios' '. In the decade of 60, Theodore Levitt (considered the father of the marketing) divulged an article, ' ' The Myopia of the Marketing' ' , where if it portraied to series of errors of perceptions, inquiring the importance of satisfaction of the customers. The idea of vender to any cost already was not most adequate and yes to create bonds with the consumers. The world of the marketing started to bubble, scientific articles had been written, done research and data statistical excellent tracings. The deficient strategies of &#039 had been broken up; ' achismo' ' saw it necessity of a serious study on the market. In years 70, they had been distinguished the fact to appear departments and directions of marketing in all the great companies. A good idea was not treated more than, more yes of the necessity of survival in the market.

The contribution of the marketing was so well-known in the enterprise way that had soon started to be adopted in other sectors of activities human beings. Example: civil government, churches, organizations and etc. In middle of the decade of 80, with the workmanship ' ' In search of the Excelncia' ' of Tone Peters and Bob Waterman, the time of gurus of the marketing was inaugurated.