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My first constatao was of that it is usually not said in one? method of the author? but yes, in the majority of the cases, one? politics of the authors. I set to search it on the politics of the authors and the result of my research is concentrated in this work. The trunk of my research the author in the cinema of Jean-Claude Bernardet, published for the Brasiliense Publishing company was extracted of the book. Politics of the authors. The politics of the authors is a critical theoretical movement of the cinematographic one launched in the French magazine Cahiers du Cinema in 1955 for then the young critic Franois Truffaut.

It consists, very resumidamente, in attributing to the cinema director the status of author of the film. A fast sailed in the Internet in them brings the following definitions for the word ‘ ‘ autor’ ‘: ‘ ‘ That one that invents or is first cause of one coisa’ ‘ (Priberam), ‘ ‘ That one of that somebody or some thing is born or procede’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Writer of a literary composition, scientific or artstica’ ‘ (Michaelis), ‘ ‘ he is that one to who if obra’ must one; ‘ (Wikipdia Brazil)? For the common spectator of nowadays, the association of these definitions with the figure of the cinema director seems natural thing very. However nor always it was thus. Let us see why. To mine to see, two things went against the authorial attribution to the director. In first place the direct inheritance that if had of the theater, where the dramaturgia had one weight almost totalizante in relation to the value of the workmanship. It is said much less of the directors who had staged parts as Hamlet and Fausto of what of the authors of the texts.