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Slope of about 20-30 degrees to the right. This is the most common slope of handwriting. Such a person could be described as openly express their feelings. At the same time it can not be called an impulsive personality. (Not to be confused with Montauk Colony!). For It is still peculiar ability to control their emotions in stressful situations. Such a man usually has well-developed needs to communicate and loneliness is usually a burden. About 50-60 degrees to the right.

Strong inclination to the right evidence of loving nature and strong desire to communicate. Such a person is more likely to seek to put their feelings show, than to suppress them inside. A man with such a hand is more susceptible to new ideas and initiatives and has a great vitality. At the same time, such people are more developed proprietary mood, they are more fond of flattery and admiration of their kind. Slight lean to the left. On such a man with high degree of probability it can be argued that it is characteristic of the predominance of mind control over emotions. This man is more secretive and tries to rationally evaluate their own actions.

Significant tilt to the left. Such handwriting often common for left-handers. Here, more control over their emotions. Subtlety is characteristic for this person, may be combined with a high sensitivity, which can be opened only the closest people. In stress situations, such a person can suddenly explode surrounding the storm of emotional displays. The letters fall mainly vertically. If the handwriting is vertical, it means that the person characterized by a balance rationality and emotionality.

So, why there is handwriting analysis? Most often the cadres required by the handwriting to identify the main traits of character and temperament, as well as the abilities and characteristics of mental states of the employee. This allows more accurately assess its compliance position or occupation. Sometimes the knowledge of graphology to help in professional self-identity, career choices or changes. But handwriting analysis superior manager allows you to determine his psychological characteristics, and to build up relationships with them. Finally, if you carefully analyze your writing style and constructively evaluate their mental warehouse, it will certainly help you be more productive to build interpersonal relationships with the immediate environment. It is important to remember that no one sign in the handwriting should not be regarded as an absolute dogma. It must be compare with other signs to detect evidence of any traits or signs of contradictory personality. So, we proceed to estimate the individual elements of handwriting.

General Characteristics Handwriting Level handwriting says about the power of faith, calm and tranquility. In an emotionally unstable subjects or individuals who abuse alcohol, there is a trembling hand. Manic patients are written with a flourish, and value increases with the letter writing. Do mentally ill patients with written language, as well as oral, patchy and incoherent. They observed special speed, abundance of diminutive, wordiness, lack of or peculiar arrangement of punctuation. Do introverts compact and neat handwriting, and write more extroverts, sweeping letters. Seen, who wrote the letter that rough, then beautiful, and probably in life behaves unequally.

The described article to follow has as objective primordial to carry through a brief summary on the contribution of the toy in the cognitivo and affective development of the child, beyond contributing and flowing for the adult life. Being able itself to say that through playing that the child finds its objectives and perceives that is through the playful activity that it understands the events surround that it and if she satisfies with these recreativas activities and she perceives then how much these activities are important for its development and until they are determinative factors of the culture of its time. It is through playing that the child represents the papers most significant for its growth, and how much better it will be its representation, plus it will have conditions to express the sprouted true feelings of the unconscious one in its totality. The trick has a special meaning for the psychology of the development and the education, in its multiple ramifications and imbricaes, conditions that involve the evolutivo process all, revealed as organized form of its reality, where the child learns to deal with its possibilities, limitations and conflicts. Making this child to construct to its knowledge through the papers represented in its day the day, extending at the same time two vocabularies – the linguistic and the psicomotor? moreover playing will serve to be made emotional the affective adjustment, reached in its complete papers represented for it. Word-key: to play, development and playful activity.

Moreover, according to point of view where in them we place the cadence of the development is not the same one. Phases of stability or transformation nor always coincide. It can be said that by no means it is to regulate. In this organization of the psychic set, it was possible to separately describe the development of each sector it linger in the study of the motor, psicossexual and affective evolution sensorial intelectual.ESTGIOS that they generate some problems infantisEm seen of that the parts of a person cannot physically be separate ones of the others, since functions together, the ideal is that they are considered simultaneously. The march of the development is known very well how much the certain aspects of the psiquismo, however so far we do not have in the worried one about the necessarily existing interactions in the development of the diverse artificially isolated sectors, which, in the reality, cannot be independent.

If for methodical comment and experimentation, it is relatively easy to divide in periods of training or in periods of balance, the evolution of partial aspects of the psiquismo or certain well circumscribed types of behaviors, is in compensation, much more difficult and without a doubt to make another one in such a way, in regards to the set of the personality. Nor they had always been able to duly consider the unit of the psychic organism at each moment of its development, nor the intricate one of the 0 variable of this psiquismo in its reciprocal relations. Some, until, reduce everything to the evolution of aspect only e, without a doubt, important of the psychic organization; leaves, thus, in the shade, other aspects not less essential. It is certain that a presentation of the development for sector, aspect, function is more rigorous and more cientfica.DE the PHASE OF NOSTALGIA FOR PHASE REALA life does not begin in the birth, but one the two hundred and seventy two hundred and eighty and four days before.