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They must come from them deduces Aristotle later since if only came from God the probos men would dream and is known that the worse gangsters also dream. The stoics they divided the dreams according to this peculiar agreed scale to its origin: a) Dreams that come from God b) Dreams originated by demons c) Originating dreams of the human soul I ignore the bases in which they seated his theories about the onricas sources but within his twin correspondences between the macrocosmos of the World and the microcosm of the soul they did not see objection some for a continuous communication between the Cosmos and each person of whom the dreams were a renewed expression night to night. According to finado Posidonio de Rhodes the divine component of the soul can know by itself the future by virtue of its nature; in addition, it added as if he was something so obvious that it was not necessary to remember it all the air is loaded of spirits who talk with the soul and what he is already known, if they want, the same Gods can speak to us while we slept in an act of surprising onrica villany. Reason why people count who have slept side, perhaps the Gods stay dumb but I put myself very conversador when closing the eyes. Memory not to have spoken with Jahveh, Jupiter nor Wing. Or it is known that Gods to subalter or their cadets to us usurp the throne of the sky and surely they platican in the nights with my timid spirit, I have if it. This theory of the correspondences between the macro and the microcosm can seem capricious and pilgrim and nevertheless is not more than the confirmation of the causalista chain that the Physics accepts without reserves and that Hume nondoubt in cataloguing between our bad habits. .

In this way, to the measure that the child grows, its art goes reflecting its increasing awareness of the people and of it influences of these in its life, the child starts to adopt them in a great percentage of its thematic content. Thus to the author it detaches in the book the importance of the artistic process, in itself exactly, providing a way of social development, that is, the art provides the chance of social interaction with the children of the same age, through the works in groups can cooperate having the biggest conscience of the contribution of each individual. As Lowenfeld cites: This capacity alone can be developed, if the child to learn to assume the responsibility for the things that is making, will be capable to face its proper action and, thus making, to identify itself with they outrem. The creative activities supply an excellent one half to give important step (Pg.44). Under most conditions Brian Armstrong would agree. Under such aspect the author considers the art as a primordial way of communication and, as such, is become into more social expression of what personal. The drawing can thus, becomes a magnifying of I in the world of the reality. This feeling of social conscience is the beginning of the understanding of ampler world, by that the child started to take part. 1,6 Developments Aesthetic the aesthetic development, is related the sensitive capacity to integrate experiences in one all coeso, in accordance with Lowefeld each artistic material possesss different requirements, in function of its aesthetic use, that is the aesthetic one closely is tied with the personality, the organization lack or the dissociao of parts, inside of a drawing, can, to be a signal of the lack of psychic integration of the individual. Therefore the education can be faced as the evolution of the aesthetic behavior. 1.7 Creative development the creative development is related the emotional freedom: freedom to explore and to try, freedom to become involved itself, emotionally, in the creation.

Finally the news arrived that although it did not clear the dream, made sleep to the investors with both open eyes. Especially to the European. Greece obtained yesterday an agreement on a package of austerity of 5 years with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. This agreement could be the previous one to a new package of aid if the Greek Parliament gives to the approval on the measures of the package of austerity next Tuesday. A civil service present in the negotiations said to Dow Jones Newswires: we have a pact as soon as the Greek government decided to realise more cuts of expenses and some rises of taxes. The Greek minister of Finances Evangelos Venizelos, decided to reduce the taxable minimum enter the contributors of 12,000 Euros to 8,000 Euros. And one remembered increase to a maximum 5% (before 4%) the tax applicable to all the contributors according to his income.

According to the Greek source, there is some very small details that must be solved, but the basic frame already has been decided. Greek prime minister, George Papandreou asked today to his pairs of the EU in the summit of the European Union of two days, that support a new rescue Greece to be able to cover the needs with financing until 2014 ends. This rescue that is considered in about 100,000 million Euros, would be accepted only if the government implements the package of US$ austerity 40,000 million. But the Greek Parliament does not approve the austerity program, this rescue falls and Greece will not be able to do against its payments of debt. The approval will allow in addition to unblock in July the aid of emergencia of 12,000 million Euros (the fifth section of aid of the rescue decided in 2010) that Greece needs not to suspend payments in next the two months.

Papandreu tries to take to a message at the same time threatening conciliator but for the competing EU, IMF and politicians to the plan of reforms when it says that Greece is it jeopardize in continuing the very difficult but very important way of radical changes and majors to obtain that the Greek economy is viable. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has many thoughts on the issue. This is a fight for Greece, a fight stops the European currency and all Europe. According to Wall Street Journal, there are no guarantees of which the main opposition party wants to maintain the package of austerity. The competing leader Antonis Samaras said that he is against to the majors imposed within the measures of the Budget, and today indicated: the present policy implemented by the socialist government requests majors rates to an economy that is under a pressure without precedents. We need corrective measures to assure the recovery the Greek economy and the payment its debt. Angela Merkel remembered local and international responsibility to him: we appealed to its historical responsibility, enrostrando the aid to him to Portugal and Ireland: In difficult situations like which it confronts the Euro is necessary to be together. It has worked without problems in Portugal and Ireland and we must try that also works in Greece.

Trick 4. – It finds out what not husband can To resist Surely at this point you must to know your, knowledge which it likes what it displeases to him, the food that it prefers and those intimate details that they describe to your husband more. You can remove much benefit to this, since you know by where attacking first. If these having problems of privacy with your husband, you can even remove but benefit to him, since you know that it is what but it likes that they do to him in private. He remembers that if your husband this moving away of you, can feel attemped to serte unfaithful, nevertheless if he feels as in that area, you have many points to favor to win the battle To reclaim your Husband. Trick 5.

– To demonstrate to Admiration and Respect According to many scientific studies, one of the majors needs that the man has is the one to feel Respected and Admired by its wife. In the marriage a cycle exists in which they are involved " Amor and Respeto". The husband needs respect and the wife needs Love. If one of the two faults in that zone, are probable that the other reacts and does not fulfill its part. This Cycle works of the following form: If the Husband clears the love, then the woman clears the respect, when the husband passes this clears the love even more, then the woman reacts and does the same, and so on until they arrive at the point in which the relation this totally worn away and no longer gives for but. If you want to know like reclaiming husband, he breaks with this cycle, and although in a beginning your husband does not demonstrate love by you, demustrale much you admire that it. 1.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal says on the issue. In other publications already we have spoken about the importance of which your husband feels admired in his home, if your husband the unique thing who receives when arriving at his home are bad treatments, would look for to be but time in the work and would avoid to you at all costs.

In this sphere of living human is the one of whom he suffers more damage against I mistreat and violence. When this one scope is affected the decision making generally is invaded by the conflict, the reality does not respond in to an accurate opinion, for this reason, and is here, where the most severe judgments are applied: " I already would be dejado" , " I do not know how situacin&quot can tolerate that; , " anyone can realize circumstance, anyone except vctima". This type of violence harms the being, integrity, the self-esteem, autoconcepto, in addition, to live in a permanent traumatic stress. Luckyly, she is the victim of this I mistreat, who says generally, not more, finished, when it has arrived at the limit of the tolerance. But so that this happens, they must pass several aggressions, sufferings and wearing downs.

Concerning the social space we found that they are sinfn of factors that encourage the violence, and another exposes what it as a mistaken form to be related. Nevertheless, some men, feel with right to burst in into the social space of their pairs: " you do not go to house of your paps" , " as soon as you leave the work, you return yourself to casa". They spy, they distrust, they prohibit, and in addition, owners of the life of the pair feel, determine with whom yes, and whom not to interact. At first it would seem that they allow it to the women, but is important to include/understand that it is a set of cultural factors that they allow that this happens towards both members of the pair. A great anger is needed to recognize that one or one is surrounded in a relation of this nature. As much men as women we required to give a name him, and this violence is called. .

When it buys furniture for the living room, it is very probable that only this watching color of the cushions and the level of comfort. But what is equally important it is the wood that was used to make the furniture of wood in which it feels. It is very important that the sofa and love seat, as well as the chairs, are done with noble wood and with artisan quality or the furniture will not last. Here it will find some advice who can use to put the wood furniture on approval if he is considering to buy its room: It clears the cushions and it sintese in the Certain furniture, the cushions of a furniture are charming, but it is necessary to see that also is constructed to the sofa or love seat? , a way to find out is clearing it the cushions and to see that so firm and solid it is the piece. Sintese in the furniture without pillows, therefore you will be able to see that she stays so well. He does not allow that an abundance of cushions influences in its decision when seat is a sofa or love. Brian Armstrong often says this. He takes the cushions and he tries how the upholstered piece feels.

He watches below the Sofa Throws a Glance below the sofa to see the type of Wood that maintains to the sofa. It is not surprised when seeing as the majority of the furniture is done of conglomerate, which nowadays consist of some type of conglomerate. The conglomerate is formed by wood thin layers that have been compacted. Often seat is used for the elaboration of furniture like the sofa or love. A look throws in how is placed the conglomerate at the moment this is more important that the same wood. If the conglomerate this assembled using staples or nails, is a bad signal and must be conscious that the furniture did not last long time to him. Normally, you will be able to see how the pieces are placed when I watched below the sofa. Watching below the sofa If it cannot find out how the sofa is done rising the cushions, throws a look underneath the same sofa and sees since it is done.

Again, if it sees staples and nails are an indicator of a work of bad quality and must be avoided. Surely you want to find a wood furniture for the room to be that it lasts more of a year. Once it includes/understands how a sofa is made, it will be able to also understand the difference between artisan quality and a bad work done, this is important to consider when you are buying movable for the room. Instead of to watch the color of the cushions and only to sit down in the furniture, it asegrese before making a decision that is correct throwing a good look to the materials that compose to the product and the form in which it is assembled. This will allow him to know how much the furniture will last to him. If you do not want to buy a new wood furniture for the living room every year or thus, looks for a product made with excellent quality and constructed to last long time. For more information it visits: Original author and source of the article

The sunglasses fashion 2010 promises many new and relies on tried and tested even when currently ice and snow quite jitter can be the next summer comes us certainly! And what helps against the cold better, ever dream of Sun, light and heat? Sunglasses fashion stops for the summer 2010 ready before it anyway, already promising allowed! From 20 to 22 January sunglasses label presents his new collection on the JAM in Berlin strike. Best strike-style, the label has a wide range and guaranteed has the right model for every taste and every face shape. A mixture between new and time-tested technology is the trend. Here are some hot trends at a glance: Iridescent and colorful: bright colors, colorful glasses mirrored part and flashy styles promise all fashion fans a happy, wild party summer noble: simple, mostly black frame, equipped with small, elegant accents, provide city-chic retro: what Fashionista would like to don’t like to feel like a real Film diva in the 50’s and 60’s? The right sunglasses make possible this feeling! And what man likes to turn into a modern John Lennon, also the matching model finds in any case! Because retro is in terms of sunglasses this season up in the course. Unisex: When fashion-conscious girls already last season have supplied with jeans and shirts from the wardrobe of the loved ones, they can hold themselves in now also his shades. Sporty and stylish providing trendy boyfriend-chic. The new strike collection there’s soon to shop at. And to watching them Rathenau halls, stand A58 already exist on the JAM in Berlin!.

New development of Planegg wheel roughness measurement of railway wheels among the seven nominees. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. The wheel roughness mwheel by Muller-BBM is used for highly sensitive measurement detecting wheel roughness and polygons on railway wheels, which are essential for the rolling noise mission and increased wear and tear on vehicles. The meter is a high-precision displacement sensor equipped with with a resolution a ten-thousandth of a millimetre. It is small and light, can adjust quickly and comfortably connect to measuring computer via USB. Via the USB interface mwheel is supplied with power. Measurement is automatically started and stopped automatically after a wheel revolution. During the measurement, the roughness are displayed in real time on the screen of the measuring computer. mwheel can be applied for all types of rolling stock, and thanks to its robust construction it can be used in maintenance hangars as well as outdoors.

It is magnetically attached to the rail. The measuring gauge is infinitely adjustable. The adjustment and control of measurements is a user friendly software with graphic user interface available. After completion of the measurement, the measurement results as well as the related third – and order spectra are represented on the screen. The roughness spectra can be compared to the limit curves of authoritative standards. Supporters and readers of the magazine MessTecAutomation from the GITVerlag for one of the seven nominees can vote until March 5. The finals and award ceremony will take place on March 10 in Stuttgart. Muller-BBM is represented as internationally active engineering company with almost 300 employees at eleven locations in Germany. The consulting and planning is a priority in the acoustics of concert halls and opera houses. With our interdisciplinary engineers, independent designers and technical specialists, we advise our clients since 1962 and occupy a leading position in the fields of competence of construction, today’s environment and technology.

Emergency on safe. With Northtronics, reliably and instantaneously alert protect system. Runs every day Mrs Hansen (name changed) the floor up and down. Getting a hand on the handle that goes on the wall of the long corridor along. It runs day after day, hour after hour.

The 81-year-old in the nursing home Dahrenhof in Drage lives for 2 years. It passes between roommates and room doors. She no longer finds her own room. Quite desperately that she is constantly in fear of not knowing where she will spend the night. Nationals does not recognize them. She hardly talks. She forgot her name.

Asked her age, she miscalculated by more than 60 years. But how many demented people shows a pronounced urge to move Mrs Hansen. The supposed”after changing the environment is usually very large. Dementia are people looking for familiar surroundings. You want to return to the parental home, the spouse, to work or to their own children. Again and again it happens unnoticed leaving the establishment here, in the they live. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this. So there happen, that employees get regularly looking after a resident. Often, nursing facilities must ask the police to support or are dependent on the help of neighbours in the search. The danger is great that residents are not sufficiently warm and cold are found especially in the winter. Some residents moved in a closed institution with a court decision was therefore inevitable. Latest GPS technology from us now allows that residents can live safely and with a maximum freedom of movement in the environment familiar to them and remain.

From this year the LTE standard should be available in Germany. The technology is getting better, also in the mobile sector. The ultimate connectivity, was to “yesterday” UMTS it is now 3 GPP LTE (Long Tem evolution). At least, if you can believe the large-scale field trials, LTE seems to close, to become in the future, the market leader in mobile communications. LTE uses the techniques of “OFDM” (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and “MIMO” (Multiplie-input-multiple-output antenna technology). From a wide LTE coverage, it is still far away, but from 2010 to accelerate expansion.

Just by the low load times, also offering voice services (VoIP) and video telephony is no more obstacle. The now given opportunity of online gaming is also very interesting. This is very happy especially young customers. Online games with the “UMTS” previously on technology surely still no pleasure, especially depending on the customer tariff and traffic usage, data transfer, downgraded EDGE base was. LTE offers customers low load times, but the probably more important aspect, the reasonable prices. To the speeds both the up – and download you would like to but still not generally commit himself, but in field trials, up to 60 Mbits/second data transfer speeds were reached.

If this speed even with mass can be achieved, this remains to be seen. At least, the LTE technology promises significant improvement already customers. Only remains to be seen how the pricing ultimately really affects the customer. One thing is certain however already. The LTE coverage is established, a new price and customer competition is already pre-programmed by the mobile operator. Customers can now look forward, especially if the provider also LTE prepaid tariffs in the range. These tariffs require normally no contract.