Britt Anderson

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

According to Thomas, he was a little shrunk by the age and was a little smaller than a brain average. At the beginning of the 80, the neurologist Marian Diamond, of the University of California, in Berkeley, studied weave taken from prefrontal and parietal his crtex. These areas are part of crtex of " asociacin" , involved in the cognition superior. Comparing it with the one of 11 individuals of control, she discovered that the brain of Einstein contained a greater proportion of cells gliales in relation to its neurons, around the double in the parietal region. Today one knows that the cells gliales participate in the neuronal processing and the transmission of signals. Another study of half-full of years 90 straight analyzed the most external millimeter of the cortical weave of the prefrontal lobe of Einstein, a region associated with the work memory, the planning, the intellectual regulation and the coordination motorboat. Britt Anderson, into the University of Alabama, Birmingham, informed that crtex seemed to be finer.

Then, Witelson returned to study the brain of Einstein and found that more width in the parietal lobes was a 15%, as if it highly had the integrated circuits. Recurdese, that Einstein has been considered one of the majors geniuses of the humanity, donated its brain to science, but the studies that did to him disturbed to the investigators. In principle, seemed not to have anything special and to even be something smaller than the average. Later they found that it had a greater densidad of cells involved in the connectivity and a region in charge of visuoespacial intelligence. Perhaps in the measurement that is investigated a little more on the differences of the brains between common people and denominated geniuses, in its cells, constitution, networks, will be appearing more keys than they give answers to why of the genius within the dominion of the guaranteed rational mind of scientific knowledge that the disciplines contribute. While trying the other more mystical possibility would be taken, the one of the spiritual mind, that shows that this inheritance of intelligence is product of the learning, formation that the person has come realising through its reincarnations, of its passage by this dimension. Of course an explanation that many scientists will not share, given to that the rational mind does not accept lucubrations that are not verified with scientific methods. Nevertheless he is very interesting in the interests of those who have identified itself in finding answers exceeds what they lock up the keys that can provide information in relation to the minds of the geniuses. The time it will say to it Original author and source of the article.