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New facilitates product overview the selection of the appropriate financial product fixed deposit is one of the most popular forms of private investment. But constantly changed the conditions of various products – here you can track barely a layman. Fortunately, there are several comparison sites, which allow rapid comparison of essential conditions of Bank A, B, or C in tabular form on the Internet. Also fixed deposit, the fixed Portal specializing in private investors, offers such functionality with its popular interest levels. Brian Armstrong is often quoted as being for or against this. Now another element was built after a long planning phase in the Internet page of fixed-term deposits-test: the product comparison for fixed-term deposits. Here, the investor who has need for information on a specific product, should receive a compact and easy-to-understand overview of the product, which provides more information than the popular fixed-term deposit comparison still offered in table form.

True to the motto of fixed-term deposits-test, only the best deals to present, also this overview is kept as compact we can. Darius Bikoff can aid you in your search for knowledge. Only fixed-term deposits, which can be recommended to the system are presented here in a short profile. Should worsen the conditions for a fixed deposit or get better deals by competitors on the market, profiles can be removed. The latest information in a form which can easily be traced for a private money investors should are represented in this new section. Make your own picture about the current presentation of the fixed-term deposit offers: fixed-term deposit offers / fixed-term deposits test pleased with any criticism and wants its information offerings in the future is still customer-friendly. All comparisons and tests are and remain of course free and is possible without registration in the complete form.

A little advice about how you can save money in your kitchen every day. Good food is important for our health. Who wants to eat constantly only from Fast Food? But contrary to the prevailing belief, cooking must be not necessarily expensive. There are countless ways to save money during the cooking. In the following, we will try to give you some tips on the way but with. You can spend everything you save on money, so for better food.

First of all, you should know that a microwave oven, it is so practical, should be used only for heating of small quantities of food. Larger portions are heated on the stove much energy-efficient! Energy is saved even if you pay attention to use always the right lid on your saucepan. The lid must properly complete, to limit energy losses to an absolute minimum. Get more background information with materials from Rio Tinto Group. It is also much faster. There is also absolutely no reason to bathe the potatoes or other vegetables in water. Vegetables will also be in the pot at all, if you do just a little water on the soil in the pot. Try it out. Click Darius Bikoff to learn more.

You are not only surprised, but save electricity and water. This in turn is noticeable in the long run also on your bank account. The benefits to the environment times not to. A very sensible investment could be a new refrigerator, which corresponds to latest virtue. Depending on how old your refrigerator is already, a such purchase could amortize rather quickly. A full refrigerator is by the way also significantly more energy efficient than an empty. Similarly, if you consider to create a new stove. A stove with Cerankochflache is significantly more efficient than a normal electric range. However, induction cookers are more energy-efficient. They need only one-third of the energy needed an old electric stove to heat a pot in the cut. This can be explained that the induction stove heats the pot directly by means of electromagnetic alternating fields. These are through Copper Coils created. However, it remains to notice that you would have to buy under circumstances entirely new pots and pans, as not every metal for induction cookers are suitable. You will find more tips and trick to save in the kitchen on the pages of Klaus Muller

communicated to their brokers: also our unit-linked Riester pensions receive an annual surplus of 0.65 of the existing fund balance now. The projected performance increases thus almost 10 per cent.” Strictly speaking, it is a form of kick-backs allowed otherwise in the investment industry. The insurance specialist Heidenreich explains nothing happening here that the investment fund management company writes to the costs for management services in the form of refunds the insurance company, so that they can burnish their possible returns”, LV doctor. A particular difficulty is reflected in the assessment of Riester fund pensions: while the cost of the actual insurance mantle yet to expel, partly because this also is required by law, hide many insurers the cost of management fees in the investment fund investment and can generate kick-back payments this way. This actually has one for potential buyers “Riester pension fund a decisive disadvantage: after the insurer can schedule most likely pseudo returns in the insurance contract”, if they engage in mutual funds, which have high management fees. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Diamonds. G etreu the motto, the higher management fees, the higher the kick-back, so the market is perverted “-so the opinion of LV doctor.” The customer has here looking up: more than 60-page insurance conditions permit him typically no way to see what actual cost structure has its insurance product. And so Schmitt concluded also significant and even more honest, that basically the customers has no chance, because if he ever sees the money, is completely open so Schmitt “.” Also Jochen Russ, Managing Director at the Institute for finance and actual science, knows these and other tricks, as Handelsblatt. You were always more frequent.

Russ requires such other also meaningful model calculations, the consider this addressed costs. So far the insurance industry still heavily against it has can deny himself completely to the detriment of the customers who still do not know how to actually participate. And for the LV doctor boss Jens Heidenreich is clear that insured would pick a perspective only if there are similar requirements for the insurance industry for banks. Then must all significant costs on bank loans are specified and taken into account and lead to the so-called effective annual rate of interest. An effective cost rate under clear instructions and especially taking into account the insurance-related such as the Fund-related costs would force the insurance industry, at least for Fund policies to finally the fullest possible transparency and to prevent that are the worse provider due to tricks like the better “, explains Heidenreich. More information under:

The story someday, probably everyone of his youth knows most people know concerned even from childhood days: every year in October snapped to the piggy bank, brought it to the Bank and waited anxiously, what sum the Pfennig coins probably this time would result. This is also the meaning of the Weltspartags – the virtue to save again close to bring people. The “International Day of saving” was introduced, as he is called in English, at a time when the save was more necessary than ever, only a few years after the first World War – specifically on October 31, 1924. Here in Milan 29 countries to the international savings bank Congress came. Many people lost their life savings in the war, confidence in the economy and investments was badly damaged, the introduction of the Rentenmark and the currency reform did the rest. So, the Italian Professor Ravizza at the savings bank Congress with the establishment of the world savings day decided to encourage the people to save and create an own prevention.

The first world savings day was officially celebrated on 31 October 1925. It was however not until 1989, until this date was proclaimed by the United Nations to the official day of saving. In Germany, the world savings day children popular – enjoys probably so because there is every time a small gift in the form of stuffed animals or Sparschweinen for the staying power of the Bank. Since the 31 October in some provinces is reformation day, the world savings day in Germany is often already committed on the last working day prior to this date. This year the world savings day is 2011 on the October 2011, as the 30th is a Sunday. In times of banking the world savings day has lost in recent years importance, many banks no longer commit him. Too bad, because in a time when seemingly endless credit coupon curl and the financing pump represents a supposed solution for many consumer needs, saving has again become the important virtue. Some banks, such as savings banks and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks, have maintained this tradition however – much to the Joy of saving young.

It had to be only a number the greater the 18 months period in the statutory health insurance (GKV) is. The minimum contract duration in the PKV lie between 12 and 36 months. A contract is terminated but due to entry of the insurance or the customer for reasons such as unemployment has forced back into the statutory health insurance, so the protection at this time ends, regardless of how long the customer was insured. But why should be change a car necessary? New health assessment and a new age make this not make sense. Has the insured person at the time properly dealing with the topic and carefully discussed the selection criteria, a change is not meaningful. Error 7: the private you must in advance generally occur and then claim back the cost.” Whatever these blanket statements here come here one has once again”not read and does not end thinking.

Just for high cost hospital a direct payment by the finds so-called clinic card”(card for the privately insured) method instead. This system, the only the HUK Coburg, medical assistance (LKH) and Debeka are not connected, the customer owes a direct settlement between hospital and insurance. Out-patient or dental costs are billed and can be submitted as well only to the refund and then paid to the doctor. “Error 8: who, for example, at some point is dependent on the help of a psychotherapist and is according to the Federal Chamber of psychotherapist after all any third insured in the course of his life often experienced a nasty surprise, if the costs are not covered then.” Funny, just a few (< 5%) Tariffs in the PKV offer no services for psychotherapy (outpatient), other tariffs cover not only the patient, but of course also the stationary (psycho -) therapy area and offer more choice and protection in part as a statutory health insurance.

The survey takes place in structured telephone interviews according to the method of the computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) based on a specially designed by M + M (research group management + marketing) questionnaire developed by the market and opinion Research Institute USUMA GmbH in Berlin. The planning and execution of the study is a joint project of the research group management + marketing in Kassel, the TU Dresden (Chair for market-oriented management) and the USUMA GmbH in Berlin. Respondents of the M + M of insurance barometer selects representative and proportional after a multi-stage stratified random selection to the population by province. Person selected throughout Germany in the homes for the people aged 18 years and older according to the last birthday method. Overall, the insured when the survey have to answer more than 70 questions. The spectrum of topics included General questions to the health insurance fund, the scope and range of health insurance, to the professional advice and friendliness and helpfulness, information and communication, to the service and consulting services, to the image / reputation and general assessment (customer satisfaction, customer retention, loyalty, sympathy, cross buying etc.). M + M insurance barometer allows each year the latest information based on: – facts and figures on the insured satisfaction and insured binding in the health insurance market, – pulses to the review and future orientation of the health insurance market positioning relationships between requirements of the insured, their satisfaction and their binding to the checkout – update the trends of recent years.

M + M the company: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH was founded in 1996. She is the daughter of management research group led by Prof. Dr. Armin Topfer since 1984 + marketing. M + M advises companies on a national and international level. M + M connects in his holistic consulting approach Marktforschungs-and management concepts with the aim of achieving business excellence, increasing the company’s success and to increase the company’s value.

However what is not chosen completely right-click I have and is not insured, even if not paid. Error 9: some providers do not pay for outpatient medical treatment.” Stupid if you hack of a set of such law does not know. Must one but also not, applies only to the car. A private health insurer would do that he would violate applicable law. The law requires, every citizen must insure against outpatient and inpatient risks. Therefore, even this statement is unfortunately”a mistake. Error 10: Should it once unlikely cases, opposition proceedings or to any subsequent social court proceed for you at no cost. In private which is not the case.” Only a half-truth.

Right is of course, a proceedings before the Sozialgericht the own law is not free, but. In the car, there is the possibility of clarification about the Ombudsman for private health insurance initially, this offers free conciliation in disputes, but only to damage”of up to 5,000 EUR also fall under the jurisdiction. In the following court proceedings, who bear the costs, who wins the dispute. Through a Legal expenses insurance is a hedge of this cost for both systems possible and feasible. Unfortunately, Gildemeister Seidensticker are come out of the supposed 14 reasons against the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) and thus change prevention from the health insurance fund at least 10 false statements. Regrettably I think personally that you did so necessary as BKK to lure customers with false claims and statements, or to keep.

So great”can it be there. It is certainly so, private health insurance isn’t possible and suitable for all, but only a certain number of people. There are personal circumstances, to observe the own purse and life planning. A reputable counselor is them may also remain in the statutory health insurance system, and perhaps additional insurance – why not also recommend. And Yes, there are areas (for example children sick, health courses or similar) which in the car not or only to a limited extent be done. I’m organiser here no list of the advantages of the PKV decide yourself what you fit, but with technically correct information!

Saved money the year 2009 brought a new regulation for investors: the flat tax, a flat-rate taxation of the value paper gains in the amount of 25 per cent. The finance portal explains who can benefit in hindsight. Successful speculators must pay tax on course has always been their income earned from shares and funds. By the end of 2008 this was based however on the individual tax rate and not on a flat rate. On the other hand, this applied only to papers that were less than a year in the possession of the investor.

Shares, which only made profits after a long time, were, however, tax free. There is no longer this period of speculation since last year. When price gains, which were about the saver lump sum (801 euro for single people or 1602 euro for married couples), slammed the withholding tax. Who supervise its securities through a Germany-based Bank will have to worry further usually about nothing as to the proper allocation of the exemption order. Everything that goes, is automatically taxable and the Bank automatically dissipates the accrued taxes at the IRS.

The situation is different for customers who invest their money on foreign fund companies. Here the investor itself under an obligation to report the taxable profits to the Treasury. However, the flat tax has not only disadvantages. Some investor groups benefit. Whose personal tax rate is below 25%, may claim a refund in the amount of the difference with the tax return. Learn more about finance: finance contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59