Foundation Friedrich Ebert

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This work searchs to present the results of the research effected by these laboratories, in Latin America, having the Media and the Democracy as main focus, and as plain of deep the paper of the Media as the room to be able in America Latina.2. METHODOLOGY Having this study the objective to clarify referring questions to the relations between the proper identity and the functioning of the democracy with media canals, this research if places as exploratria. In such a way, one is about a research that it aims at, through the collection of information on determined subject, to develop, to modify and to clarify ideas and concepts that serve of subsidies for posterior studies, through hypotheses searched (SELLTIZ et al, 1967). Of this form this work will be presented through descriptive method, evidencing the analysis of the data collected of research effected in the years of 2005 up to 2008: – 2005 Article Media and democracy: a profile of the astroroofs of ways in Latin America, on the Media as the room to be able and the Democracy in Latin America, where six countries with its respective astroroofs had been considered: Astroroof of the Press, National Agency of the Rights of Infncia (ANDI), Monitor of Media and Brazilian Astroroof of Media, all in Brazil; Veedura Ciudadana de Social Comunicacin and Astroroof of Medium, both in Peru; Fucatel astroroof, in Chile, Global Astroroof of Medium, in Venezuela; Astroroof of Medium of the woollen Universidad Sabana, in Colombia, and Astroroof of Medium UTPA, Argentina; – 2006 – book If in rompi el love – Elecciones y average of comunicacin, Latin America 2006, of the Foundation Friedrich Ebert (FAITHS), with headquarters in Bogota, Colombia. – 2007 – for the research effected by the Corporacin Latinobarmetro 2007, a Chilean ONG with headquarters in Santiago. – 2007/2008 – for the PNUD research /ONU, 2007-2008? Latin America you are gobernada by average economic groups y.