William Saroyan

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What right does anyone to steal life to another? War is death not only because people kill each other, but because they do not allow you to dispose of your own life. The war is the same thing that die because they do not allow you to enjoy life, even before having gone to the front. They don’t allow you to live. If we think about it a moment, that also happens when there are no wars, is not subject to leave unattended. The deep optimism of Saroyan spreads through the pages of this novel.

The goodness, the love, friendship and hope permeate the story without removing the prominence that it is up to the evil and misfortune, always present in life. A young soldier of nineteen that who does not have write, sends a letter to the Catechist who gave religious instruction in the parish of his neighborhood when he was a child. It is the beginning of this story. This solitary being recounts his career since he enlisted in the army. Think of countless adventures, chained masterfully through the appearance of successive characters who become solid links that support to the structure of the novel perfectly. There is no doubt that William Saroyan is an extraordinary Narrator, another proof of this is the capacity that demonstrates to make credible some of the scenes that appear throughout the book, that being a masterful originality leave us a printed message that makes them fully credible.

Narrated with a tone plain, sometimes giving the feeling of simple and plain language, the author manages to reach a staggering depth in many moments. Saroyan weaves a novel round, fun, exciting and tender. A therapy to help us to believe in the person you see walking on the sidewalk or in which stops the car when the traffic light is red: in humans. United States Army commissioned William Saroyan novel which lifted the mood of the troops during the various campaigns of World War II. It is clear that the relevant body was unaware the firm pacifism of the writer. The novel was rejected. Is no wonder if therein appear dialogues like this: / human beings not Some will kill others. Now the uniform you’re wearing makes you a man that any day can point to another man with a loaded rifle and pull the trigger. Human beings cannot do that. Human beings do not ask other humans to do that. Some do not require others to do that. Human beings do not frighten is some others constantly, shitting of fear; Yes shitting, shit, because everything is shit.