The Development

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moreover, according to point of view where in them we place the cadence of the development is not the same one. Phases of stability or transformation nor always coincide. It can be said that by no means it is to regulate. In this organization of the psychic set, it was possible to separately describe the development of each sector it linger in the study of the motor, psicossexual and affective evolution sensorial intelectual.ESTGIOS that they generate some problems infantisEm seen of that the parts of a person cannot physically be separate ones of the others, since functions together, the ideal is that they are considered simultaneously. The march of the development is known very well how much the certain aspects of the psiquismo, however so far we do not have in the worried one about the necessarily existing interactions in the development of the diverse artificially isolated sectors, which, in the reality, cannot be independent.

If for methodical comment and experimentation, it is relatively easy to divide in periods of training or in periods of balance, the evolution of partial aspects of the psiquismo or certain well circumscribed types of behaviors, is in compensation, much more difficult and without a doubt to make another one in such a way, in regards to the set of the personality. Nor they had always been able to duly consider the unit of the psychic organism at each moment of its development, nor the intricate one of the 0 variable of this psiquismo in its reciprocal relations. Some, until, reduce everything to the evolution of aspect only e, without a doubt, important of the psychic organization; leaves, thus, in the shade, other aspects not less essential. It is certain that a presentation of the development for sector, aspect, function is more rigorous and more cientfica.DE the PHASE OF NOSTALGIA FOR PHASE REALA life does not begin in the birth, but one the two hundred and seventy two hundred and eighty and four days before.