The Agency

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Political reasons the good pleasure of the last remaining conservative asset class dissolves so currently. Bonds are represented in almost all investment portfolios and in the last 10 years they were even among the most successful asset class at all. Equity investments could leave them far behind. Get more background information with materials from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Higher profits were achieved only with raw materials. But only if investors were willing to take the extreme price fluctuations in purchase. Also the Stuttgarter smart-invest strongly indicates that past consideration of bonds not is can coincide with the future, strongly deteriorated chances of this asset class. Smart-invest considered historically unique phase the currently low interest rates.

The level of interest rates don’t compensate for the risk associated with the purchase. Tighten interest rates pass the acute risk of losses. Cheap money of the central banks still hold the failure rates low. But should burst first bonds sinking the creditworthiness of issuers and the prices fall. The credit rating of the United States has become the Dagong global credit rating agency accepted. After US domestic credit rating agencies have indeed spoken alerts, of patriotism among the highest score AAA left the rating of the United States but so far, the Chinese Agency’s intervention has forced.

The country, with a downgrade to A + refused the top grade. The Agency criticized missing solutions in the United States for the growing debt problems. All of the key factors for the ability to pay of the Americans were negative. Sophisticated risk management in the future among pension fund? Who in the future borrows money States even if it involves large industrialized nations need to make investment decisions with the appropriate care and appropriate risk management. After decades of careless-by buy & hold investing strategy is likely many pension funds this change relatively difficult. So far is at classic Pension fund known little about security measures in the event of a crisis.