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One of the brightest and the most important events in the life of a Russian man and his family is marriage. The wedding is changing marital and social status, consumer lifestyle, which determines the fate of man. Today, with the awakening of interest in Orthodoxy, with the revival of Russian tradition, more and more young families is the wedding rites and revives the old rites. We will try and step by step to trace the Russian wedding ceremony. In the old days any marriage preceded by courtship. Matchmakers were either relatives of the groom, a professional matchmaker, who were doing it for a fee.

The dimensions of this award depended on the prosperity family, but the required attribute is the cashmere shawl. Professionalism and popularity determined matchmakers arrange a marriage of shawls. Courtship occurred with the blessing of the bridegroom’s father. For the success of the matchmaking observe certain precautions. So, for example, was started not suit the number thirteen, and on Wednesday and Friday. In order to avoid the evil eye matchmaker to send only after sunset, trying on the road with no one meet, let alone not to talk. If successful, courtship of the day agreed Smotrin, which were organized in the bride’s home, usually a week after the betrothal. Essence Smotrin was not only show the bride, but inspection of her dowry, all that will bring the bride into a new family. Part of the dowry, made the bride, the bride were hung on the walls.

And family relations: reaching 13 years of age, the couple should not lose their caring attitude to each other, and vice versa, further connect strings “family patterns”, worked out any one year. It was “a lacy relations have reached a husband and wife for 13 years of marriage. You can say all learned a lot of built (Meaning, not just a house, but the family), created around comfort. Therefore, their work can compare with the work of lace. Husband and wife wove his happy family life, and suddenly – 13-ty – a baker’s dozen! To protect the family from break, friends and families should find gifts related to Lace. Remember the days of our grandparents? Different lace napkins on the tables, lockers, even handmade tulle – lace.

And how tempting, romantic looked girls in starched lace collar! Or as a seductive bed, adorned with lace ruffles? Why not choose such things as a gift? Wedding night can be repeated at 13-years old marriage, especially when presented with snow-white bed with lace inserts. It is a symbol of pure family relationships! And if she still starched – amazing crunch of the rhythm of love To keep things “in unison,” girlfriend can give the Bride beautiful night lacy underwear, a real shirt. And moments of love “young” will turn into a fantastic moments of pleasure, wrapped in white lace threads. Friends may think about the interior: a magnificent decoration – pattern of old lace. Of course, this gift should look. Maybe we should open the prababushkinogo chest, which houses the “art of these women? If there is no ride through the villages or go to an antique shop.

After that, order a nice frame and put Grandma’s lace under glass. This will be a gift that the bride and groom will be able to transmit as a legacy from generation to generation, a symbol of love lacy date. Windows considered through the eyes of the house and guests are judged on hosts in the first place on the outside of their mind. Therefore, tulle hand-decorate them beautifully. And to make the evening a couple was going for a cup of tea, will not interfere with a beautiful tablecloth lace patterns, but to her, in workload, a Russian samovar. Under the cup – lace napkins, for example, with a picture of pigeons. Because doves – the symbol of strong love! You can even think about the appearance of all family members. Lacy collar workers – children, lace handkerchiefs – their parents. For the winter bride can give a lacy shawl-wool cobweb, and for her husband – a woolen blanket for rocking chairs. Lace wedding – it’s not age and does not even mean! Each year would give couples the joy of family relationships. And as long lace weave lace, trying with some difficulty, but do not stop – unless you can quit a job? – And in family relationships, going through some difficulties, do not stop there. Otherwise, all work will go nowhere. Lace is an art – a strong bond of marriage – a real gift! Lace wedding – even one star to win your family ship. It is with such a sense as a gift the newlyweds with the experience – a souvenir: a ship with stout masts and white sails, where there is a captain, and next – an assistant. And the inscription on the motto: “Always you a fair wind, wisdom – during the storm and confidence – in a storm!