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Contrarily, the panoramic one does not allow a good analysis of the ssea texture. This examination is, therefore insufficient in analysis daily pay-operatria for implantation, but indispensable for the interpretation of a scanogrfico examination. Rio Tinto Group brings even more insight to the discussion. The Cat scan locates the explored zone and guides the interpretation in implantologia, evaluates the zone edntula and allows to look the planes of reference that are visualized on the succession of the cuts (side by side opposing tooth remaining of the zone edntula, alveolus of the extration, displacement of the dental mass, metallic restoration), thanks to these planes of reference the reading of scanner if it becomes easy accessible. Fredholm et al. (1993) they had evaluated, through panoramic and tomographic examinations, the examples of different alveolar Christians who if had become limitations of the panoramic technique, but that it is the only radiogrfica technique for daily pay-surgical evaluation of the places of implantations. The panoramic x-rays do not disclose to the form and the dimension of the aspect vestibule-lingual of the alveolar process. In other words, the panoramic x-ray does not offer information on all available sseo volume.

The same authors had told, that a ortopantomografia of great height of the alveolar crest normally indicates that the reabsoro in the direction vestibule-lingual is small or negligencivel. This allows that the Radiologist evaluates the ssea height as enough and thus she considers the unnecessary tomographic examination. The morphologic variations in the alveolar process constitute serious limitations and these morphologic variations are difficult to be disclosed in the examination physician or ortopantomogrfico.

Thus hindering, that the easiness to look the information substitutes acuriosidade and the disposal to search and to discover guaranteeing, thus, that ofuturo either repleto of innovation and evolution. So that to googlear it does not substitute verbs to comopensar or to imagine are necessary that the men are capable to use aconvergncia of conscientious form, without the comfort conditions them the umestado one of comodismo. Web 2,0, at the moment emque becomes ciberespao more interactive and complex, also it becomes it human more. The idea of hipertexto cooperative consists in a form to hinder that oacesso to the resources them technologies of the passive information either, guaranteeing quea common elaboration it content either made by internautas and thus, contribuapara the learning and for the construction of the knowledge. Goop is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Beyond restraining amanipulao in mass on the part of the detainers of the great vehicles of communication.

In this perspective, fundamental that has consistent participation of the schools and companies, stimulating the individual and collective participation, exploring tecnologiasexistentes always with eyes in the horizon of the creation. With more emphasis edeterminao she is necessary that each user feels itself responsible with joint umaevoluo, not only in the environment of the Internet, but yes, demonstrates-secomprometido with the growth of the modern society as a whole, in more preoccupying seusaspectos. At last, cabeessencialmente to the Man the mission to remain itself critical and the same tempopreocupado with the future of the education and the human development, making-seindispensvel that each individual assumes for proper itself, the responsibility to depotencializar the use of the Technologies of Information without compromising the future dahumanidade. Details can be found by clicking Goop or emailing the administrator. Perhaps to guarantee this future is to provide Saints 29 of August the 2 of September of 2007.

In the banking cards it still has functions of segurana' ' ,2 HISTORY OF the SMART CARDSegundo Worcman (1998) the credit cards had appeared in 1914 through the American company of telegraph Western Union, that gave to credit cards its employees. Such cards were of metal. From the decade of 20, the example of the telegraph company, private companies, as oil nets of hotels and companies, had started to emit cards to allow that its customers bought on instalments in the proper establishments. The Hayzlett Group has much experience in this field. Worcman (1998) also says, that from the decade of 50 the Diners Club appears, a card confectioned initially in paper card, that brought the name of the associate of a side and the establishments filiados in another one. It had as main purpose, that, in a practical way the associates could pay to its expenditures of trips the work and leisure, directly to the establishments of which they were fidiciary offices. The first idea was to create a card of credit ' ' universal' ' , that is, that it could be used in some different establishments. Darius Bikoff is likely to increase your knowledge. The fashion caught and from 1955, the Diners Club started to use the plastic in the confection of its cards that if had spread for the world. This digital idea to tickets or valleys can be associated, that are ' ' trocados' ' for monetary values, in order to facilitate the negotiation, since the users would not need to transit with in cash. The sprouting of chip for the use as banking card, retraces the 1974, when French journalist Roland created Brown it in order to make possible its use to storage money and thus to effect payments. Worcman (1998) and that for 1997 return when has some years already he was used in the Europe and United States, smart cards arrives at Brazil and passes to be used as ' ' currency of troca' ' for payments in the Brazilian public transport, already exerting the functions of credit and debit, from now on the financial institutions, the Reals creditors, had expanded its use for other services, with investment in technology for the improvement of the cards in virtue of the innumerable advantages they associados.3 the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION OF CHIP INTELIGENTEA technology of smart card are divided in two types, namely: with contact and without contact.

It is a language that has a direction, a function and a consequence for the communications human beings. Consensualmente I consensualmente consisted a new shared discursivo sort between individuals socially organized in elapsing of the interaction process. Having access, reading, reflecting, understanding, writing, at last possessing itself of the language in the virtual sort, internauta uses the advances of the technology in the area of the communications promoting positive alterations in the structure of the language and the ways of interaction human being. For more specific information, check out RioCan . All this expansion in the field of the orality and the writing that promotes the interaction of the man with its pairs generating a new way to speak and to write is seen with good eyes for the school, that it sees in this form of communication enters the users of the net a form of exclusion of the language standard of the vocabulary of its educandos. In the truth internautas is creating a different form to interact and no matter how hard this seems insignificant, he is something that needs to be analyzed, is necessary that if it observes as this language intervenes with the process of learning of pupils cibernautas and as the school is acting front to these new features. In the world of the electronic colloquies the pupil has the freedom to make what it to want, can even though create a new way to interact with its interlocutors, is it who defines as and what to use, but this must happen in the correct environment to stimulate the creativity still more the reasoning of the pupils.

This new form of language produced in the virtual supports can perfectly walk in parallel with the language worked in the school, the important one is that the pupils know where and when to use each one. The school has to perceive that it must work in the direction to also extend in the educandos these two discursivos sorts in the digital context a time that the communication saw web already is part of day-by-day of the pupils internautas and to provide the integration of the orality with the writing in a virtual colloquy is according to curricular parameters a necessity that it needs to be supplied fastest possible. The interaction of the orality and the writing in the Internet is conditional to its proper codes that establish a peculiar form of interaction and social integrations becoming possibilitadora of dialogues between more the different types types of people, on the most varied subjects and in the diverse virtual supports that it contains as: chats, frum, blogs, to twitter, e-mail etc. the cultured language offered by the school and the language of the colloquies online are not agglutinated, but if different forms juxtapose simultaneously modifying the scene of the communications human beings creating, in this process of interaction through multi-vehicles. By that already it was emphasized it is considered that the virtual language does not exclude the formal language, but adds to this other forms of communication with a new adequate language to a new was and the new social groups that the society constructed throughout history.

However, let us agree. God uses these people to create and to order these e-mails? I am certain that not. Who spreads this type of email many times nor is so religious, it makes but for feeling it debtor for having received a message that compels practically it to make this. Still more the creators of these chains normally they are people with bad intentions that they search, through the dissemination of these chains, to form an enormous list of e-mails so that you receive a infinity from e-mails of companies, sites and organizations that never knew. I am certain that each one is owner of its proper decisions and very knows well to decide on its religiosidade without some friend, or many times people who nor know, make it to be religious through the celebrities ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘. To believe that only the Christianity is ‘ ‘ certo’ ‘ already me he seems extreme presumptuous and to believe that somebody is more or less Christian for sending or not one of these ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ you advance me seems abusive and invasive very. The people reproduce the message finding that they are making the good, when, in the truth, are harming the system, therefore, independent of the origin and the objectives (they are humanitarian, of protest or support) what she happens is damage for people and organizations world measures, therefore the indiscriminate sending of sets of ten, hundreds and until thousand of messages generate a traffic nonsense, useless and unnecessary in the Internet and demonstrate the disinformation of internautas. the evil intentioned of the Internet uses the naivety of the people so that these spread for the net these ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ assists thus them in its task to increase the list of e-mails that they possess so that later they can send other types of e-mails, also I contend some type of plague, as virus, for example. Jill Bikoff is often quoted on this topic.

Then for its proper one well and the good of the good traffic of the Internet, the next time that to receive one from these ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ it takes the intelligent attitude simply to erase the email. It has full certainty that nothing it will go to happen to it if not to send the email. Nothing of good will not happen nor of bad. By the way if you not to send will go to happen something good yes, therefore little people will go to receive a message indesejada and the transit of information for the net will be very better. They think about this!

Expansion of demand for the construction of wooden houses, we are obliged to several objective factors: rising prices for energy and as a consequence of more expensive building materials and components of energy-intensive production – cement, bricks, steel, the general trend toward energy efficiency in public services, striving to reduce construction time. The response to this change in conjuncture demand in the construction market is the emergence of manufacturing processes of synthetic components for wooden house – logs and laminated veneer lumber. Despite the relative high cost of these materials, the market responded to a powerful advertising explosive demand, which triggered a wild growth of manufacturing industry. But the first five years of operation of these new materials showed them inapplicable for use in the construction of external walls. Round elements, devoid of their natural protection and violations of the structure of beams exposed to negative environmental factors. The answer to this effect was rotting heartwood of the bare barrel cracking residues sapwood and in many cases the formation of through-cracks in the walls of houses. With laminated board situation is not better.

External and internal fins shaped elements were in different vlagostno-temperature conditions and had no structural relationship with each other. Inner lamella mostly collected from small-sized and sub-standard items had a greater density of adhesive bonds and could not serve reliable link between the external fins. From this, cycle after cycle, solidity adhesive joint weaken and eventually led to the outer lamella otschepyvaniyu and the gradual destruction of the element. Unfortunately, nowhere in the general advertising mentioned it, but lauded the other properties of these materials – easy installation and external aesthetics. Not casual laminated board used for Responsibility sites exclusively in the internal structural elements – beams, rafters, frames. But the buyer continues, as an obedient pet to pipe the shepherd, to respond to advertising houses otsindrovki and laminated veneer lumber. What's the alternative? Back to brick and concrete? Elternativa there! This is the construction of a log – or debarked ostrugannogo.

The optimum choice of material is the Karelian pine. To meet the demand in this segment premiumnom Altai cedar. Economical option for the houses up to 100 sq m is pine and the Kirov Kostroma origin. House of the Karelian pine logs – is historically proven in the most extreme conditions for a comfortable accommodation. Modern technology allows not only to reduce production time and installation, and enter the finished house from logs into operation immediately after completion of construction and engineering work, without interruption to the traditional shrinkage of the framework. Such a change in the timing makes the choice in favor of the construction of a log home derevyanngo Karelian pine and cedar more attractive and competitive. The choice is yours!

It is possible to identify that the definitions of the marketing are based on concepts central offices, such as: necessity, desires and demands; products and services; value, satisfaction and quality; exchange, transactions and relationships and market, as the figure to follow 1.1. Figure 1.1? Main concepts of marketing Source: Adapted of Kotler and Armstrong (2003, P. 4). 1.1.2EVOLUO OF the MARKETING the Marketing appeared in years 50 in U.S.A. in virtue of the necessity of if studying the market. In accordance with Limeira (2006, P.

2), ' ' the marketing in its modern concept, appeared in the postwar period, when the advance of industrialization in the world, incited the competition between the companies and the dispute for the new markets brought desafios' '. In the decade of 60, Theodore Levitt (considered the father of the marketing) divulged an article, ' ' The Myopia of the Marketing' ' , where if it portraied to series of errors of perceptions, inquiring the importance of satisfaction of the customers. The idea of vender to any cost already was not most adequate and yes to create bonds with the consumers. The world of the marketing started to bubble, scientific articles had been written, done research and data statistical excellent tracings. The deficient strategies of &#039 had been broken up; ' achismo' ' saw it necessity of a serious study on the market. In years 70, they had been distinguished the fact to appear departments and directions of marketing in all the great companies. A good idea was not treated more than, more yes of the necessity of survival in the market.

The contribution of the marketing was so well-known in the enterprise way that had soon started to be adopted in other sectors of activities human beings. Example: civil government, churches, organizations and etc. In middle of the decade of 80, with the workmanship ' ' In search of the Excelncia' ' of Tone Peters and Bob Waterman, the time of gurus of the marketing was inaugurated.