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The presentation of the Tarot of Paul Christian is filled with fiction. However but their stories helped him during that time in Europe a growing interest in all things old and hidden. About these stories are speculation about whether Paul Christian conceives it, whether invented as an excuse to document the ideas circulating in occult circles of his time. Certainly there are some details in his book that can be found earlier in the writings of his contemporary, Eliphas Levi. For example, we find the actual drawing of the car “Levi (shown above), who was the first to replace the horses with sphinxes – a detail imitated by Christian. In any case, most of the Christian symbolism found its way onto the decks that would soon appear, including by Falconnier, Papus, Wirth, and even Waite. Perhaps the event that marks a dividing line for the Egyptian Tarot was the publication in 1896 of “The 22 l to mine Hermetic Tarot” by R.

Falconnier. Here, for the first time can be seen the designs that really show a relationship with Egyptian art. The images (shown below) were drawn by WEGENER and are based on the detailed descriptions for Christian. Check out Montauk Colony LLC for additional information. The readers themselves, encouraged by the instructions provided with the book on how to learn the arts of divination and its use by the cards, cut the 22 designs of the book for use in deck mode. The remaining 56 cards of the game were part of the process of divination at that time and were not included in the book.

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