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By very long that is the storm, the sun always returns to shine through the clouds k. Gibran can pass people, but his legacy when they expressed on the basis of attention of responsibility in the inquiry that produces the inner journey in search of the truth, never may be forgotten, especially by those passers-by who are and know to make the essence of legacy messages, as it was that left us Osho. In this brief letter that has been elaborated for those spirits who know value which represents the opportunity to live, have selected some subtleties of many that osho we presented. We trust that the reader will stop to reflect its scope and according to their level of growth, will draw the necessary advantage. We have selected some of the many contributions that osho us provide life and been textually respected its contents.-nature has delegated all the essential functions of your body in the instinct and has delegated all the things that give meaning to your life because there is simply survive simply has no no sense. To give meaning to your life the existence has given intuition to your heart. Fruit of your intuition arises the possibility of art, aesthetics, love and friendship; all creativity is intuitive. However, society does not need your intuition.

It does not deal with love, your sensitivity; It deals with very tangible and worldly things. That is why, your intellect – that is the most superficial part works. Intellect is to the worldly life in society together with others, in the world, to make you able to function. It is pure mathematics, it is geography, story, is chemical; all science and technology have been created by your intellect. Your logic and your geometry are useful but the intellect is blind. Do more than create things but you don’t know if they are being used to destroy or create.

Any difficult situation that arises only you do drop something, leave it in the hands of the universe, only life, the father, he knows your OS resignation to wanting to have control of the situation, remember that life is exactly as it should be and not as you want it to be. You need what life gives you, but what you need is not always exactly what you want, engage in giving the best of you and relies on results and what life has prepared for you, it will always be perfect and appropriate according to your experience but at the moment you do not understand. THINGS AND PEOPLE ARE NOT WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU FIGHT FOR THEM, BUT BECAUSE TEA CORRESPOND. It doesn’t matter if the situation is large or small is no longer thinking about the difficulty. Well, although in reality neither small nor ugly or good situations no great difficulties, everything happens therefore has a neutral feature and our minds according to their limitations or trauma plays it its accommodation. There anything good nor bad and the problems are only situations seen from our limitation.

Do not think about the difficulty… However justify our concern by saying: do I fix a problem if I’m not in the? The answer is very simple never think in the problem, only thinks in solutions, for example: instead of thinking about the debts commit you to think how you are going to get the money, else leave it in the hands of the universe. Continually monitors thinking cautiously observes what you think and decides to not allow thoughts that may disturb the perfect peace of your being, keep only thoughts that leave harmony, happiness, satisfaction, and excitement. In no way complaining you do that things are better. Remember that everything you thought has a tendency to become real, there is nothing created on the face of the Earth that was not beyond first thought, that you are no doubts about the power of your mind.

As these employee exposed to the decisions and your boss unexpectedly and affect you in such a way that you can lose what you have. If you crashes you you will charge your insurance, which is not enough to live. If you get fired your incomes are equal to zero. If you retire say you congratulations, thank you very much for your 45 years of work, goodbye. Conclusion: never be rich working for others. Two of every 100 employees are able to accumulate riches. You kill you working and have no results and end up as your boss. You have money but you are a slave to your business.

You have no time to rest. You have to love to work but sacrifice your health to make money and the money only be used to gain some health. You have to understand is that you have the ability to choose your life style. The question to do with your life, your income, your time and your person is exclusively yours. Style of life that is?. Lifestyle is to choose the House and the neighborhood where you live, your children’s school, wear the clothes that you like most, have surplus money and to travel.

Having a lifestyle is having time to enjoy life.Have health to enjoy life. Have the money to enjoy life. Lifestyle is that you, and not others, your pattern or the Bank directed your own life.What happened to the dreams you had. Economic reality often crushed your dreams, forcing you to adjust it to your income. You have left two options in this situation: you desinflas your dreams or increase your income. 1 – Increase your income, you motive to keep dreaming with a plan that works. 2-.If you desinflas your dreams end up being an unhappy. What do you want? That is why we are in a Network Marketing business, because we have a PLAN.