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' Joo answered, saying to it: Master, we saw one that in your name banished demons, which does not follow in them; we forbid it to it, because not in segue.' ' Mc 9; 38 Joo, one of ' ' children of trovo' ' the way was radicalizing; or it comes with us, or he is been silent. Mr., dissuaded such attitude. ' ' Jesus, however, said: You do not forbid it to it; because nobody has that it makes miracle in my name and it can soon speak badly of mim.' ' V 39 the difficulty with the diversity always was visible in the human being that tends to universalizar its idiosyncrasies, its perceptions. Or it acts as we, or, are silenced. God does not have problems with this, a time that created and loves the diversity. But, when warranting this ministry ' ' alternativo' ' Salvador would not have if contradicted? After all, it seems that It legitimized to all the ones that make miracles in Its name.

In the register of Mateus, It warned: ' ' Nor all it says what me: Gentleman, Gentleman! he will enter in the kingdom of skies, but that one that makes the will of my Father, who is in cus.' ' Mat 7; 21 These that will not enter, as taught, augured, made way miracles, that seem that the text contradicts to the first one. In the truth Salvador did not say that the ones that made miracles in Its name would be safe, before, that these could not speak badly Of it, exactly to avessas would be one ' ' marketing' ' of its workmanship in way that would have the disciples to leave them and to make its part. Pablo made something similar how much to some you penetrate that they nailed to reach it, not to the souls; ' ' But that he matters? Contanto that Christ is announced of all the way, or with fingimento or in truth, this me rejoicing, and I will rejoice ainda.' ' F 1; 18 In part some the word teaches that the false ones make the Will of God, but, teaches the tolerance; to leave to grow the joio and the wheat, exactly enters the ones that do not nail, so that, opportunely, it makes you the separation.

The word of Jesus is my food and my sword the words food and sword bring in its bulge strong and important meanings that it inside has a proper aiming of the ministry of each Christian in following propagating good the new. The message if becomes food when we understand really it; I say this a time that the majority of the people does not understand it in its essence. It is the food that fortifies in them so that let us can improve to each day, as following of the alive God and that in it will give to force at the moments of adversity and doubt to them that will be many. The world in the flame to choose the easy ways widest and. Many confuse the Christian being in the complete one with chaste belonging to a special one of people who must be treated as superior excessively a time that is of Church x or y and for having a position in these churches of command. This does not want to say that the Church does not need leaders; for an organization question it is even necessary to have a position that since the primrdios existed. Now the problem will be in finding a person who it is in the front and it more does not follow the message of Jesus being worried I obtain proper.

Jesus who was the Master of all, never adopted an absolute in power position of command and the example of the wash-feet (Joo 13,4-11) is the accurate test of this. It will be also my sword to understand that I am small necessary of it to my side a time that I will need to defend itself of the temptations that will be in all part and the same example of the wash-feet can also exemplificar this question inside of the theological optics Agostiniana. Augustin suggests that with the baptism we become total pure; but our feet will be touching continuously this world and the passions human beings are the ground dirty who we are constantly to step on and therefore, need to look at and to watch day and night so that in let us not move away from the way Mr. to them. We need to understand that the love is alone that God shares with us that he will make in them to lie down as says the salmista in verdejantes grass; it is our shepherd; it will lead in them for calm waters beyond the valley of the death. Favour and Peace