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Posted, of course, it is better to simply say doorways or in residential areas. On Statistics on 100 ad, call 3 people who actually own the premises (audited). It is also better to get for such cases a separate SIM card for which you will call on the ad. This will save you from the night and bizarre calls in the future, well, in finding an apartment, of course, you give your primary phone owner, that he in turn tried to call you directly. Another way is of course newspaper. Of course, the newspaper is free of charge. At the moment there is a special edition which are engaged in real estate without real estate, so they ring up potential customers in order to identify agents or realtors. In this If there version of this, gain mass newspapers and sit in the evening to ring and ring up.

Your first question callers should be like this "You are a broker or landlord? "When the mediator, I usually without even saying good-bye box up, clean internally. Another one of the effective ways is of course my grandmother, who in the evening gossiping on the bench. It requires a special approach. We can directly do not hesitate to approach and communicate with them. That they really about their district oh how much they know. Even as many polling stations did not know what they are). Sometimes even that old women relatives rent or sell an apartment or they are the masters of the room. Another option is the internet.

The truth Currently he is so saturated and full, it is very difficult to find the owners of apartments or rooms of such a large amount of information. There are dozens of sites where you can still find the owners who post their ads. I I will not write them, as it will be advertising and PR for those resources. I can still offer that option as urban or regional forums, where people are mostly the guests are always offline. I usually just look through those Forums and throw your ad there, just look through other people's ads. source of real estate forum

Our country is already old formed the preconditions under which an ordinary Russian citizen can not purchase a property for their own investments. Uttering of ordinary citizens need to understand not the middle class, which is is well known, there is no full, and people living below the middle class, and we have to state the vast majority. Way out of this situation three: remove the living space, living with his parents in a small apartment otherwise take it into the mortgage. I will not consider living in a joint with similar housing, as it was originally incorrect and, indeed, unacceptable. Chevron U.S.A. Inc insists that this is the case. Rent property can be, but what about the mortgage? First advantage of the mortgage is to purchase real estate is practically in his apartment. Practically, because the property acquired under the mortgage bude belong to the bank until such time as long as you totally will not cover before the bank issued you credit. Property in private ownership is a good thing.

You can begin to equip it to your liking, make the necessary correction, to buy furniture that suits you. In fact, settle in their an apartment that you think is worthy, not recognizing anybody permission to something that is otherwise desire. The second positive point is that you invest in personal finance personal property, so to speak. There is no need each time with resentment in his heart at the beginning of a new billing period to give the accumulation of landlord and shaking hands with resentment in his heart to pay them. Third, you can dispose of the flat on their minds. That is you can give her time, the contents thus covering mortgage payment, if so will be quite difficult. The main advantage of buying the same living space on the mortgage you can think of a good investment of money.

In our country, not so much built housing area. Most of the savings invested in commercial real estate. The housing area will always be relevant, because every citizen to seek his personal "corner", which he arrange on your own. And this is usual demand multiplied by the market deficit, which in the end at any time leads to higher prices in a long time.

Good day! Today we will talk about how to rent an apartment Moscow and not to run into lzherieltorov. In our city there are many large companies, private brokerage, and news agencies, which provide services for hire housing. If you're in town for the first time, I want to warn that an apartment in the heart of the city will never be cheap, if you were offered a one-room apartment at 12-15 000 rubles per month, recommend refuse. Remember: Free cheese is only in a mousetrap! In this case, you may miss out on an apartment and money. In Moscow, for the same amount, can only rent the room, but as an option you consider renting an apartment in near Moscow, where the value handed over apartments range from 15,000 rubles and higher.

Usually, this is ideal. In Moscow, there are agencies (private brokers) who are working on a standard scheme, ie: on the phone to you several options of apartments (according to your wishes and financial possibilities), appoint views on convenient for you and the owner of the apartment, and time. Assume that you are staying at a certain version? That Next? For example, the apartment you have chosen is 20 000 rubles, at the time of the contract, you should have three amounts, in our case is 60 000: 1-sum payment is one month in advance, the 2nd is mortgaging amount sum (the sum of return, at the end of their stay, you are refunded, unless the period of employment, you can not bear to harm); third-sum payment for real estate services, the service and pay a one-time real estate agent in the actual occupancy, in our If it is equal to the monthly cost of a rented apartment; Yes, most agencies charge 100% for their services. If for you it's expensive, you can use the services of news agencies, it is certainly cheaper, but risky. Once upon a time, I myself rented an apartment to rent, through an information agency, I have provided for a small amount several addresses handed over apartments, plus a package of documents for the contract.

I independently, without the personal estate, went to see the options provided. In the first apartment I did not hit, owner of the apartment did not come to the show. From the second I got much more successful, review place, but the apartment owner (as he called himself), was unable to show me the documents establishing that he is the owner of the apartment. In the fifth embodiment of everything I got, I signed a contract and in On the same day were settled in an apartment. Plus there was only one that services the information agency, are inexpensive. My friend (on my advice), also decided to use the services of this agency, but she was not lucky, after several days of ordeal, she turned to the usual agency paid for the service and found a decent apartment. It does not matter whether you're shooting an apartment through an agency or yourself, you must: 1. Verify documents of title, whether or not this person is the owner of this apartment, if he is a member, you must provide authorization from the owner, notarized 2. Enter into a contract of employment, it will protect you from all sorts of "surprises" from the owner 3. Create an inventory of the property and check for proper operation; 4. Payment for Real Estate Services, occurs only when actual occupancy (except for news agencies), I wish you good luck!

I would have called him a "visionary." There was always this type, but has recently become more expressive and gaining strength. Who are these "Visionary"? This type of buyer that is in significant fluctuations in the Ukrainian real estate market is no longer at risk to invest their capital in a designated segment in Ukraine and more drew attention to the foreign real estate. Property in Spain: How to buy a dream? I think any man in the street has already drawn attention to the on big boards and other advertising media slogans like: "Access to real estate Mediterranean coast of Spain. " Really and truly available? Contact one of the modern metropolis of companies offering professional help in buying property in Spain and figure out a number of interesting facts. It turns out that buying property in Spain today is interesting rather broad stratum of people metropolis. First of all, these are people who love to relax on the Spanish coast and do not want to worry about every time choosing a hotel or villa accommodation. This type of buyer is usually interested in a house in Spain, where the primary market.

Secondly, property in Spain is interesting to buyers who have free monetary resources, but do not want to invest in an unstable Ukrainian real estate market. After assurances that a couple of months purchased today the Ukrainian real estate again falls in value, does not exist. Literate investor does not want to risk investing money in buying a home in the Ukraine.