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People pop a vessel aground, where you can see a sea of vines and where the sky is a witness and mirror, the color of the rippling waters vine leaves. Where history is reflected in its stone walls and where they are defending their past battles. As Herod, not an end, I ask you to take me there. The star will guide you and will settle where it rests. Looking for elegance, color, sweetness. I need to fill your nose with my current living space and the memories of red fruits, spices and balsamic aromas are perfectly assembled with a delicate fine wood. Velvet and power included in its mouth, accompanied by a friendly and tame tannins, thanks to a wise choice and temporary staff.

A complex wine whose finesse and will endure in me, after the fleeting passage through the mouth. In short, I look elegant wine, of humble but ambitious. The Messiah of wines, wine promised that I’ve been waiting so long. Wine with all my expectations are met. I appreciate the effort of heart and I pray ye my dream. (The next day, January 6) I get up, I feel the beating of my heart with an unusual pace, scoring the floor and wedge shoes, open the door slightly ajar, and I agree to the darkness of the hallway.

In the background, on entering the living room window. I see a long wooden box, it seems a case, and magnum size!. He bends slightly along with other gifts, leaving me to see some letters engraved with fire. The view I have still not accommodated to such light intensity, but as I approach, I begin to sense the label. Looks like a star that indicates the correct direction of our lives, the direction that we must never lose. Hinting at a bow, I bend down to pick it up. I have found, I think incessantly, as I read his name and origin. “Pujanza North Vineyard bottling Pujanza, Laguardia, Spain.” I feel the flow of blood through my temples, the view is blurred and leans on the wall. Confidence in the three Magi has fulfilled my expectations. Today, after many years, I again believe. I know that all our hopes and dreams can come true, if you wish from the heart. All we want is closer than we think, follow the star and never lose the North. I’m looking forward to uncorking and share it, call my friends and family. ‘ll Look for a date, not tolerate, a lifetime behind him and it’s mine. On the parquet, a note of their majesties: “Save for the next eight or ten years.