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UNION HOMOAFETIVA the STF recognized the union enters two people of sex the same as capable to generate a family, demonstrating that Brazil, despite lost in it I am careless of its classroom politics, desires the happiness of all. Although this last assertive one seems conceptual, it is better to believe what it is good and just. E, passed this moments of satisfaction with citizenship full, offered compliments to those and to that, during years, they had fought so that this if became Real, only remains in them to desire that the community, however benefited, does not come to forget the times lead until then lived, and the demonstration of this constant memory will be the good use of this right. Thus, that the possibility to have a family, is not faced only as victory, but the real chance to join people for love. The laws do not demand love for the formation of the family, speaking only in steady, decurrent union of the legal marriage of man and woman, the drawn out convivncia, etc. At the moment where if it recognized the union homoafetiva, for its proper name, the love started to have the importance that always must have had, therefore a family without love is only one group of people who have affinities of name and interests. That the families generated for these unions come to demonstrate how much the decision of the Supreme one was joust. That they are glad (gays), solidary and decent, and not they leave to contaminate for the mistakes gifts in the families until today existing and considered legal, only for representing the union of people of different sexos. That its houses are homes, where a escancarada so inhabits happiness, that it can transform history, curing the resultant wounds of the anonymity times and solitude.