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On the other hand, extends up to on December 31, 2011 the period to transform temporary contracts entered into before the entry into force of the Royal Decree on others for encouraging indefinite hiring; with respect to those who subscribe afterwards, and always its duration not to exceed six months, the deadline is extended until December 31, 2012. The contract for the training and apprenticeship training contract has focused much of the explanations of Valeriano Gomez: has called it the most important measure taken this Friday within the decree-law. The Minister has assured that the part-time contract is working very well even during the crisis and that grows 8%. This new contract, for which the Government has fixed in initiatives carried out in Germany, as the model of dual training, will operate through the alternation between training and employment and will have a normal compensation: Minister trash has detached completely from the contracts. Filed under: Brian Armstrong. The contract is for young between 16 and 25 years old and, Transiently, also for young people between 25 and 30 years. The length will be between one and two years and may be extended by one year depending on the duration of the training process in which the person is inserted.

The workday will be 75% of the usual workday in the company. The rest of the time will be devoted to training activities in a training centre. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeffrey Hayzlett is the place to go. Social protection, according to the Minister, will be the same as for other contracts, including protection by unemployment, and the FOGASA; on the other hand, there will be incentives for companies that implement it: where it involves employment growth, the company will have a reduction of 100% of the contributions to Social security during the duration of the contract if it hires unemployed persons. The reduction shall be 75% for companies of more than 250 workers. Thus, to facilitate its conversion into permanent contracts, companies shall be entitled to a reduction of the social price of 1,500 euros per year for three years (1,800 euros per year in case of hiring women), when at its completion the contract for training and learning is transformed into a permanent contract and assume fixed in-house job creation. . Checking article sources yields Jill Bikoff as a relevant resource throughout.

The police admits that there are still four or five missing people. The attacks were against the Norwegian Government buildings in Oslo and against a camp of the Labor Party. A 32-year-old Christian fundamentalist and ultra right, Norwegian arrested as the alleged perpetrator of both killings. He bought chemical fertilizer alleging that it was for your farm and with manufactured the explosives placed in a car bomb. Others including Rio- Tinto Group, offer their opinions as well. The first Norwegian Minister and the Kings visit victims of Utoya. The police does not believe that there is an accomplice, but neither dismisses it.

The double bombing in Oslo and the neighbouring island of Utoya has become a national tragedy, with at least 92 dead, while investigating the motives of the alleged murderer, a Norwegian of 32 years of ultra-right trends, identified as Christian fundamentalist and islamofobo. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit The Hayzlett Group. The island of Utoya, 40 kilometers from the Norwegian capital, became the leading exponent of what the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, described as a worst tragedy since the second World War II for the country. It there erupted armed on Friday about the 15.30 GMT the alleged aggressor, to which the Norwegian media have identified as Anders Behring Breivik, and only on the island caused a massacre with 85 fatalities, according to the latest data. However, the police does not rule out that the figure can upload, since four or five people remain unaccounted. Told us loudly that everyone would die, he was seen very safe, quiet and under control, he knew what he was doing, he told Adrian Pracon, one of the witnesses of the bombing. Prepared killing the police part of the hypothesis of Breivik acted alone, although he does not rule out that he had accomplices, and that he was also responsible for the explosion of a car bomb that occurred two hours earlier in the center of Oslo, which caused seven deaths.

German Chancellor says that new short-term initiatives would make the countries in crisis to stop doing homework. For Merkel, a union of debt would affect the credit credibility of the euro area countries and a worse assessment of the qualification. Merkel and Papandreou held a key meeting for European rescue umbrella. Obama: The situation in Europe is scaring the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, rejected Tuesday the development of new short-term programmes in the European Union (EU) as an instrument to deal with the debt crisis and the stability of the euro. We are not prepared for new initiatives in that regard, said Merkel in a speech to business dome in the presence of Greek Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreu and German on the day of the German industry. The German Chancellor reiterated his rejection of a collectivisation of debt, since that would make that they stop doing the duties those who are mired in the crisis budget and would not lead to a union of stability, which described as a priority objective. A union of the debt would affect the credit credibility of the euro area countries and a worse assessment of the qualification, with the risk of start in AAA and finish at CCC, said the Chancellor, has also time and again repeated its rejection to the issuance of Eurobonds.

German Chancellor lamented that not enough regulation of the banking sector and the markets is reached and expressly cited to Spain when it comes to celebrate the success of the germano-gala initiative to include the new borrowing limit in the Constitution of the EU countries. After expressing the full support of Germany to efforts by Athens to deal with the crisis, Merkel stressed that the most important thing now is Greece to win confidence. That the markets see that Greece is on the right track. Enlargement of the euro bailout Fund and overlooking the vote this Thursday in the Bundestag of the enlargement of the umbrella for the rescue of the euro, Chancellor returned to make a single currency dnsa to emphasize the benefits that brings to Germany, which exports 60% of its products to the countries of the zone euro precisely.

According to the calculations of the NGO controls Club. He has presented the campaign alcohol can wait. A program to prevent the first consumption of alcohol. 33% Of young people had his first contact with alcohol in areas of bottle. The Club controls NGO has warned of that during summer vacation probably one in every three young fourteen-year-old will be exposed to their first consumption of alcohol, which represents some 150,000 young people from across Spain. The controls Club President Vicente Pizcueta, has facilitated these data during a press conference in Valencia that has presented the campaign alcohol can wait, a program to raise awareness and prevent the first alcohol consumption by young people of about fourteen years. The middle ages to which young people have their first touchdown with the consumption of alcohol has been delayed with respect to the middle of 2010, and the national average stood at age 14.

The Minister of health, Luis Rosado, also present at the press conference, announced that the campaign – which will be extended for one year will count with performances through social networks and prevention messages in media of communication, as well as actions of direct awareness in recreational areas and commercial and educational centers starting from the next school year. Pink has ensured that this campaign is going to have a very important cto in fourteen year olds and has considered that the campaigns that fourteen years carries out Club controls NGOs are serving to improve the perception of risks arising from the consumption of alcohol. Controlling Club President has asserted that this is the first dedicated specifically to the first awareness campaign consumption of alcohol and probably also the first of its kind carried out at national level. Although the delay in the age of first alcohol consumption is good news, not to trust because the changes occur each year, and could vary in the following, he has warned Pizcueta. He has also lamented that most worrying is the accessibility that have minors to alcohol, and added that 33% of young people has their first contact with alcohol in areas of bottle, 24.7% in private houses and 23.5% in entertainment venues. Pizcueta has also appreciated the increase in the perception of the risks of alcohol consumption, which is especially reflected in the girls, and that has resulted the consolidation of the non-drinker driver as a figure becoming increasingly common among young people aged between twenty and twenty-five years. He has indicated that another of the most significant results of the sociological survey – which has been 5.745 youths aged between 13 and 30 years – is that the roles of boys and girls are equal, and both consume alcohol at the same time. This assumes that the girls that normally go in groups where the kids are a little older are initiated in the habitual consumption of alcohol before the men, explained. Source of the news: some 150,000 young people of 14 years will begin this summer in alcohol consumption

Perhaps a good birthday present, smiles the Swiss Roger Federer after winning 7-6, 6-3, 3-6 and 7-6 to Serbian Novak Djokovic, the invincible tennis, owner of 43 consecutive victories, 41 in 2011, on the day that Rafael Nadal celebrates his 25 years. In Federer began and ended everything. He was the last in lying to Serbian in 2010. The first to achieve that you lean in 2011. His victory, brilliant by stage, the opponent and the ways, classifies him for his first big final since the open of Australia 2010; It is left to Serbian no match the best start of course of history (42 victories followed by John McEnroe in 1984); closes a streak of three consecutive defeats against Nole; and it vindicates the validity of his tennis, activated by the challenge, a spur in his pride of champion of legend. Source of the news:: Federer changes history.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, pervaded with his camera, hugs her whole body, muscles tense and concentrated, seems to want to sneak by the objective; or lying forward while wheel a scene in an inner courtyard from the top: down the naked body of a young woman’s olive complexion (Franco Merli, the protagonist) and two women covered in black; or perched on a wobbly ladder, with filming machine resting on his shoulder, while employees endure it is. They are some of the images captured by photographer Roberto Villa during the filming of the thousand and one nights, final chapter of the trilogy of life, Pasolini conducted in 1974, after the Decameron (1971) and the tales of Canterbury (1972). A film where you are going and I am the actor. The poet, writer, Italian film director (1922-1975) thus defined the work of Villa, which is exposed through October 7 at the Cinematheque of Bologna, city of the North of Italy where the intellectual was born and studied. Source of the news:: charmed and East to Pasolini

The signing of Maya Hansen will be present at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Twenty Russian designers will present their proposals on the occasion of the dual year Spain-Russia. The Madrid event with fashion will advance their dates in future editions to avoid coincide with London fashion week. The Spaniard Javier Larrainzar, a classic of the madrilenian fashion, Alma Aguilar and Nicolas Vaudelet appointment will be notably absent from the next edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week which will be held from 16 to 20 September next, in the (Institucion Ferial de Madrid IFEMA). Against these absences, the 54 Edition will include the incorporation into the programme of the consecrated members of the young Maya Hansen, who in previous edition s has paraded in El Ego. In a short career that has enjoyed numerous successes, Maya Hansen firm was founded in 2004 and was conceived in its beginnings as a brand of Gothic clothing, which evolved to specialize as a corsetiere in 2006. From then, Maya Hansen focuses all of its collections on corset as the main piece of clothing.

His inspiration part of corsets in early 20th century, and its preparation only uses high quality fabrics. Another novelty of the next edition of Cibeles will be the presence of Russian designers, an initiative with which Ifema has joined the celebration of the dual year Spain-Russia. In total twenty Russian creators will be announced his proposals, offering a global vision of the creative moment that lives this country in regards to fashion. The parade, conducted with the support of the Embassy of Russia and the Russian Center of culture and science, will be held on September 19. In addition, during the five days of the contest, Cibelespacio will have a booth where participants in this parade will promote and sell your designs. New dates for Cibeles in response to a repeated desire of designers, future editions Madrid appointment with fashion will advance their dates for prevent match the London catwalk.

The Fed will not touch interest rates. They will remain exceptionally low for an extended period. Unemployment will remain high. The Federal Reserve (Fed) downgraded Wednesday the U.S. growth forecast for 2011 to between 2.7% and 2.9%, noting that the economy is growing at one slower than expected pace, said in a statement. Only two months ago, the forecast for this year was between 3.1% and 3.3%. The Fed also has revised downward the growth in 2012 to a strip of between 3.3% and 3.7%, when two months ago envisioned between 3.5% and 4.2%.

Low rates hours before its forecast of growth, the Fed had advanced some of its conclusions from the two days of the Fed’s open market Committee meeting. In them he expected that to boost economic recovery underway and ensure that inflation will be consistent with the mandate, the reserve will keep interest rates of rrencia, between 0% and 0.25%. Rates continue at these levels exceptionally low for an extended period of time, he returned to claim the lead agency of the United States monetary policy. Rise in inflation also noted that inflation has picked up something, although he reiterated that the long-term price expectations remain stable. Another of the concerns shown by the body chaired by Ben Bernanke is the weakness of the labor market since the unemployment rate, which closed may at 9.1%, remains high. Despite this revision downwards of the expectations, the Fed believes that this slowdown is due to temporary causes. Among these reasons, he cited the cto of high prices of food and energy in consumer purchasing power, as well as alterations in the supply chain associated with the tragic events in Japan, in rrencia to the earthquake and tsunami of last March. The end of the monetary stimulus that is why the Fed He stressed that he expects that the pace of recovery increase the next few months and the unemployment rate to resume its gradual decline, and confirmed at the end of the month will conclude the released monetary stimulus a year ago for an amount of $ 600 billion in addition, affirmed that it will monitor the Economic Outlook and financial developments and will act as it is due to foster maximum employment and price stability. Source of the news: the Federal Reserve lowers its forecasts of growth of EE UU