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United States is a country younger than European countries, but still has everything you need to Captivate tourists visiting it; Since New York is a place that has it all. In a metropolis like New York, you can find a great mix of interesting activities between skyscrapers, green areas and options of apartments for rent in New York. New York parks are for all thanks to 178 state parks with that has the city, residents and tourists have many places to choose, and it is here where people seek refuge to relax and forget about the stress of the monotony. The parks are designed for all ages, and have trails for hiking, camps, boats and golf courses. Central Park, is located in the modern and avant-garde area of Manhattan, has an extension of 843 acres, its exuberant vegetation, open spaces and natural beauty make it one of the best parks in the world. So great is that would take it several weeks to traverse it all and understand all their hidden natural treasures.

Another main attraction is the carousel, which was built in 1871; You can also climb on a boat and paddling a couple of hours, to relax and connect with nature, and an activity that everyone should try, enjoy a picnic with your family or friends; other interesting activities include concerts and presentations of theatrical works, that attract many fans of art. The statue of liberty the statue of liberty is a famous monument, located on an island in the city of New York, and was designated a national monument in 1924. The statue is as high as a 22-story building and it is a privilege to upload it, to enjoy the view that offers, you can even see the Staten Island ferry. The Empire State building, one of the seven wonders of the modern world thanks to 102 floors that has the building, you can have a magnificent night view of new york, just when the lights are turning it into a lighthouse. Also, you can enjoy the excitement offered by the Skyride, which simulates an aerial tour of the city and lasts 25 minutes; Here guests will enjoy the feeling of movement and your skin glows hen. Know museums here is a small list of the major museums of New York City, beginning with the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Whitney Museum of Art and the American Museum of the Moving Image. Each of these impressive museums, presents a part of the history of the country, demonstrating the evolution that has taken, in order to understand well what actually represents. In conclusion, New York, offers great attractions to visit, and the best way of staying in this city is choosing apartments in New York, in addition, you can choose the type of accommodation that suits your budget, from luxury apartments in New York, until cheap apartments for rent in New York.