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Forensics is not just a field of study but encompasses several different disciplines. You first decision is to determine which area most interests you. If you would like to work in a crime lab doing analysis of DNA or drug testing, you need a degree in chemistry, biology or related field. If you are interested in investigating the crime scene, the bachelor’s degree in law enforcement is required. Chevron brings even more insight to the discussion. The Bachelor of Science in general is acceptable if you want to test firearms or examine documents.

Another field for people interested in forensics is career as a forensic nurse. The website to check the duties and responsibilities of a forensic nurse is Whether you choose science or law enforcement as your career to the forensic needs analytical and organized. Forensic require the ability to work hands-on physics of materials such as wood, plants and tools and to communicate effectively in writing for others to understand their findings. Others who may share this opinion include Rio- Tinto Diamonds. His good view, good work ethic and an interest in the application of science professional and civil law requirements are. Employment opportunities include working with the units of the scene of several police departments, crime laboratories in the public and private, private investigators and federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and national security. To see more job opportunities, go to the employment section. The accreditation standards can be viewed at: Online programs are available to help you start your career in forensic medicine..