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Emergency on safe. With Northtronics, reliably and instantaneously alert protect system. Runs every day Mrs Hansen (name changed) the floor up and down. Getting a hand on the handle that goes on the wall of the long corridor along. It runs day after day, hour after hour.

The 81-year-old in the nursing home Dahrenhof in Drage lives for 2 years. It passes between roommates and room doors. She no longer finds her own room. Quite desperately that she is constantly in fear of not knowing where she will spend the night. Nationals does not recognize them. She hardly talks. She forgot her name.

Asked her age, she miscalculated by more than 60 years. But how many demented people shows a pronounced urge to move Mrs Hansen. The supposed”after changing the environment is usually very large. Dementia are people looking for familiar surroundings. You want to return to the parental home, the spouse, to work or to their own children. Again and again it happens unnoticed leaving the establishment here, in the they live. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this. So there happen, that employees get regularly looking after a resident. Often, nursing facilities must ask the police to support or are dependent on the help of neighbours in the search. The danger is great that residents are not sufficiently warm and cold are found especially in the winter. Some residents moved in a closed institution with a court decision was therefore inevitable. Latest GPS technology from us now allows that residents can live safely and with a maximum freedom of movement in the environment familiar to them and remain.

your ear; We do together something wonderful from this”as the motto of the charity action. Many otolaryngologists, visited the international event at the Mannheim Congress Centre Rosengarten followed the invitation of the company cochlear to photograph your own ears at the booth of the company. A large, animated by the computer collage in the style of pop art arose from all photos in the three Congress days before the eyes of the international visitors. Without hesitation Jeffrey Hayzlett explained all about the problem. It is connected to the original photo-action with a good purpose. For each scanned participants ear, cochlear initiator donates three euros for the Mannheim Hermann Gutzmann school. A total 1,700 euro came together.

With the money, the school for the hearing impaired and speech impaired children will finance a much-needed Soundfield system. During the lessons, it enhances the teacher’s voice so that students better understand and can get even better. The unusual action was very well by many Congress visitors. I find it”glad that such an event will also be used to support a school for hearing impaired children, for example, campaign participants of Dr. Heino David, practising ENT physician from Ludenscheid said. Colleague Dr.

Christine Ruhle perch gravel from Backnang endorsed him: I think the action here super. And the CI technology is a great thing.” “Satisfaction also on pages of the initiators: many visitors have supported our photo promotion so that 1,700 Euro gathered donations for the Hermann Gutzmann Schulze”, as Thomas Topp. The Hayzlett Group has much to offer in this field. Moreover, our presence in Mannheim provided ample opportunity to exchange with visitors about the great opportunities of new implantable hearing solutions. When it comes to inform patients, at an early stage on these opportunities a quite crucial to the ENT doctors. In trustful cooperation with them, we want to widely inform and enlighten. A hearing impairment must be today no fate; “even if this damage is so strong, that hearing aids are no longer sufficient.” Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss. The company was founded in 1982, to the research of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, to continue and to market worldwide. More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries by cochlear hearing solutions bear today. The company employs currently over 2,000 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover. For more information see. Press contact: Cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG, Durdane Erseker, Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 542 77 225, E-Mail: PR Office Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 65 01 77 60, E-Mail: