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145 LC RF). In particular, the agenda may be amended Offers to the corrected version of the Charter, which may introduce additional measures to control the HOA's governing bodies, to initiate an audit or an audit. At RioCan you will find additional information. In cases where any of the above decisions taken at a general meeting for any reason doubt the owners of the right to build a new extraordinary meeting by putting on the agenda, including the change of the decision in relation to possible abuses by the executive and supervisory boards of HOAs. In the discussion of issues related to the activities of the HOA at a general meeting, the owners may be faced with some difficulties, partly objective, partly subjective in nature, are not included in the legislation. According pp 1, 3 tbsp. 48 LCD Russia the right to vote at a general meeting of owners of premises in an apartment building on issues raised at vote, have the owners of premises in the house.

Number of votes possessed by each owner in the voting in proportion to its share of common ownership to common property in the house. So , the most transparent are those homeowners associations in which the number of owners is less. It was at this meeting it will be easier to achieve a quorum, to discuss and consider the interests of all owners, each owner has significant voice to defend its position, the team owners will be able to block a decision that does not suit them. In such cases, the role of the general meeting is significant, and control over decisions made easier. In the HOA, which combine a large number of owners, the opinion of each individual owner is virtually invisible when no discussion or the vote, and, consequently, each owners do not have significant power in the decision, it becomes possible to manipulate the voting results.

So our advice to you – do not be fooled by low prices of services offered. Turning to the news agency, lose money and vremeni.Kak accurately furnished apartment for rent Sochi apartment can be "first hand" that is, from private individuals. Get more background information with materials from Terry Nielsen. In this case, the first thing you need to check with the owner of the title documents that prove his ownership. Such documents may include: certificate of ownership, the contract of inheritance, gift agreement, contract of sale, barter, power of attorney from the owner the right to dispose of housing. But most importantly – check the owner's passport – because it is the only document proving his identity.

The second thing to check, how many owners has dealt to an apartment. And if the documents prove that some owners of housing, be sure to get the written consent of each of them. This way you will protect yourself from future trouble. The third important point of renting an apartment, it's knowing your neighbors. Let the owner presents you with your future neighbors. So you be able to personally verify the sincerity of the owners and the authenticity of documents. Then, it is important to discuss with the owner of all the details and to register them in the contract.

Even the seemingly frivolous little things can become a subject of controversy and litigation. It should be very careful, because no one is immune from fraud. But if you are not legally savvy and do not want to become the next victim of fraud, contact the real estate agency. Since rental housing – it is not easy, it's always a risk. In contrast to news agencies, real estate is always working with real clients, their base is continuously updated proposals. As a professional agency real estate client will offer a qualified estate agent, personal agent, whose responsibility it is to help you find an apartment.