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(AYERBE, 2002, p.231) In 1984 principles, the Latin American and Caribbean countries had been congregated and signed the Declaration of Quito, having proclaimed the necessity to co-ordinate national efforts and politics front to the economic crisis. Entered the decade of 1980, with the ghost of the Vietnam already being part of the past, the measures taken for the government republican conservative had had as objective the retaken one of the world-wide hegemony on the part of the United States. The main fear was the call ' ' effect domin' ' in Latin America. Where according to Ayerbe: For the government Reagan, the main fear in this region is the call ' ' effect domin' ' that, from the changes in Nicaragua and Granada and the increasing instability in El Salvador and Guatemala, it could favor revolutionary a wave capable to drag Mexico and to penetrate in the proper United States, for the great black and Hispanic communities. (AYERBE, 2002, P. 205) the concerns for the increase of the scaling of violence in the continent were come back, mainly, toward Central America. The financial support to the cons, somozistas and mercenary former-guards that acted in Nicaragua, from the border with Honduras, convulsionou all still more the region.

The participation North American in Nicaragua was through aid and military assistance to the forces against revolutionaries. Eleven years after the fall of the dictatorship of Somoza, the elect government in 1990 was confrotted with a critical economic inheritance, product of the North American blockade and the aggression of ' ' contras' ' in the border with Honduras. In El Salvador, the military had dominated the scene politics since the years of 1930, directly or indirectly. They had appealed to the fraud in the presidential elections of 1972, to hinder the arrival to the power of a coalition of opposition lead for the democrat-Christian Napolen Duarte.

Many times the land proprietors were banks or company, which ordered representatives to negotiate the properties, imposing its conditions, as if the companies had proper life. The representatives justified its action explaining to the leaseholders who the lands were poor, droughts and that they did not give more nothing. The half ones only assented, already it was late excessively to take some step. … Jeffrey Hayzlett shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. E, seated in its cars, this to the leaseholders explained everything saying: vocs knows, these lands is poor, does not give more nothing; vocs had dug already them sufficiently and now does not give more nothing, God knows of this? the sharecroppers acocorados in the soil meneavam with the head in consent signal and agreed … At Darius Bikoff you will find additional information.

Yes Sir they knew. The lands do not give more nothing … (STEINBECK, 2009, P. 40). The representatives of the great companies explained the sharecroppers who a person could be in the land while its situation if kept to regulate, paying taxes, producing, having what to eat, until one day the harvests fail and if it had that to appeal to the loans to the banks. The bank or a company lives of this, of profits and interests. The leaseholders tried to negotiate, with some hope of that if they could be plus a time in lands, however the representatives were well clear who could not negotiate, therefore the bank had to receive the money soon, the interests would not go to stop to go up.

The companies cite as if they were great monsters that if feed of profits and interests. Not, we cannot weaving in them in this. The bank, this monster, has that to receive its money soon. It cannot wait more; seno, dies, Not, the interests does not stop to go up. When the monster stops to grow, dies. I show it cannot be always of the same so great (they ibidem, P.

In June 1929, Otto arrived in Languedoc. Fluent in the local dialect, he settled in the village Lavlane, and within five months explores the ruins of Montsegur Castle, near which, in the 18 th century, was located a small parish of Rennes-le-Chateau. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. From local residents, the historian learns that in 1890, the abbot of this parish, was a young priest – Beranger Sauniere, who is very interested in the history of their native land. Being a highly spiritual person, the priest decides to restore the village church, built in the 8 th century, but already existed in that distant time, an ancient basement, the era of the Visigoths. During the restoration, Beranger has decided to move the altar, which stood on two marble columns. In their interchange, the priest discovered that one of them is hollow. Inside were four hidden wooden tube, each of whom was on parchment scrolls. Three of the manuscript, containing the full pedigrees of the local nobility, from 1240 to 1695, which belonged to the Knights 'Knights Templar'.

And here is the fourth document, on the one has been used up by passages from the New Testament in Latin, on the other – Latin words that were written in some strange order. In unreadable sentences, lines are constantly broken off, and over the letters were located, all sorts of signs and symbols. Such a conglomeration of parts – making decryption is virtually impossible. More on this subject, the locals tell nothing could. But Otto Run on it, did not stop.

Who could believe that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the two people who have lived not only side by side, and a closer – 300 years and formed a common history and culture. may become so hostile to each other! "Strange people: – Russian. But what about us Little Russia? The word is what came up! Humiliating, degrading. Little Russians. Little Russia.

No we're not Little Russia, and Ukraine and Little Russians, and Ukrainians. You can be proud of their nationality, and more anyone. Perhaps check out RioCan for more information. Because you most – the most. " What is it? Russia, Ukraine, Moscow Russia, Russia, Great Russia, Little Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, in modern practice, and in XVII-XIX centuries, including Gogol. The process of forming modern East Slavic culture is seen in close connection with the process of formation of Russian statehood: the union of the Great, mostly Ukrainian and Belarusian lands just around Moscow and the Moscow States in the second half of XVII-XVIII centuries determined the nature of the further development of "high" culture. Who forcibly drove Ukraine v1654 year to reunite with the Moscow government, with klyatymi Moscovites? And maybe that's something else. While witted minds disagree on how to write – "Ukraine" or "in Ukraine, have over the very word" Ukraine "consider. And it smacks too much margin.

Let there be no Ukraine and Tsentraina. Or – by analogy with The Great White and Little Russia – to establish the Great, White and Little Ukraine. Great – this is actually Ukraine, Bila Ukraine – a former Belarus, and of Ukraine – a former Russia.

Passed two years of the end of the war the Soviet native land still he bleed and its children who had suffered too much now would go to have that to work arduously to reerguer the nation. The hunger, the illnesses, the precarious habitations, the infrastructure lack, everything was too much obstacles, for a nation that fights not to be verwhelmed by the nazistas. The government of the Kremilim extended the control of the State on the individuals as a form to contain the rebellions and revolts. The oppression and the slavery had been also extended to the busy peripheral countries for the Ussr, as a form to generate the wealth that the nation needed. Ahead as many obstacles the Ussr still needed to invest fabulosas additions to develop its nuclear program.

Aggravating still more its economic situation. In the words of Stalin, the bomb was essential to guarantee the survival of the native land against the threat of capitalism 7. Years later, when the Ussr developed its proper bomb, it initiated with U.S.A., a new race, of this time to conquer the space. Thus, when the Cold War was initiated, in 1945, U.S.A. did not face no concrete threat to its sovereignty, and the second bigger power of the world, the Ussr was devastada and would take years to reerguer itself.

As much that was very difficult it American government to obtain to soon recriar the image of a threatening Soviet Union in 1945, something that took some years to happen. After all, during all the war the governments allies had divulged for the world the image of an union of nations that together, including the frightful Communists, would fight the tyranny of the oppressing countries, thus freeing all the planet of a malignant threat. Joined and unfastened of any stingy and imperialista ambition the knights of the hope they would also fight to guarantee the world-wide peace of the postwar period.

Some times still the proper parents took off the children of the schools not to pass for so great nonsenses, they took off for not having to who to complain, law did not exist to punish the educators, and if they had nor would know therefore back in the confines of a land that little had if become part of Brazil, on account of the war with Paraguay, information did not arrive. at that time that it was rare that boys and girls studied in the same school and when they studied still was in separate rooms, but in this school for to be small boys and girls studied in the same room, a room? departure? to the way, with boys of a side and girls of another one. The used wallets in that one and others many schools were double with two chairs for two children to study in the same table. a teacher with? vision? with authorization of the director in one day any decided that it was hour to move, placing in the same wallet a boy and a girl. But pra that? All the girls had cried while all the boys if they laugh and in the end of the accounts it did not obtain to give lessons. still, in the other day, parents had come with threats to take off the children of the school, therefore they were against that one? little shame. That is, the arm for twisted was given and again they had divided the classroom.

The project of the first Russian space station foresaw the existence of cannons in the same one. Some of its space stations the Salyut had dedicated private military missions to it (Almaz Project), in the decade of 1970 (WALNUT, 2005) and in 1986 they had tested the rank in orbit of a space station really endowed with weapons. The North Americans, in turn, had considered the idea to blow up one atomic bomb in the Moon to show power (WHITE, 2003) and later had developed its Project War in the Stars, whose main purpose age to attack, of the space, enemy missiles that if directed to the United States (SPACEFACTS, 2010a). as many United States how much Soviet Union had considered the idea to develop rockets, at a first moment, does not stop leading load and human beings to the space, but to launch weapons in enemy nations (WHITE, 2003). In this particular one a similarity with the Chinese space program exists, therefore the first plan of Qian Xuesen, the father of the space program of China, was the construction of a ballistic missile (ASTRONAUTIX, 2010a). The number of Chinese chosen men to form the first team of taikonautas also is similar to the first team of Soviet cosmonauts: 14 men. as well as in the case of the Soviets, this first team does not count on the presence of no woman until the moment (SPACEFACTS, 2010b).

But the similarities go beyond. As Soviets, the Chinese keep its encircled space program of secrets, badly emitting information on its activities and the life of its taikonautas for the press. Until the age of some of taikonautas he is unknown same for the Chinese public (SPACEFACTS, 2010b and 2010d). Since the first flight of a Shenzhou ship to the space it was also evident that this vehicle is an almost identical copy of the Russian ship the Soyuz.