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In the mioclonia cases, it can have muscular construction of one or some muscles, provoking a similar humming to one ‘ ‘ clique’ ‘ , synchronous with the phase to relax it of the mioclonia and with the closing of tuba auditory. Hummings generated by the neurosensorial auditory system Generally related with the hiperatividade of the ciliadas cells or nervous staple fibres, activated for a chemical disequilibrium in the cellular membranes or for disarrangement of the estereoclios of the ciliadas cells. In 1970, Kiang considered the existence of a religion of transistion between the normal ciliadas cells and abnormal the ciliadas cells. In another study, Von Bkesy speculates that the lack of inhibition of abnormal the ciliadas cells on the normal ciliadas cells would result in the increase of the tax of spontaneous detonation of the normal ciliadas cells. Moller, in 1984, suggested that adjacent nervous staple fibres could be damaged in such way that they would form sinapses artificial between them.

Of this fact a transmission between staple fibres would elapse that would be perceived as buzzed. Still in 1984, Eggermont suggested that the hipersensibilidade could be one of the causes of neurosensorial humming. This hipersensibilidade would be provoked in such a way by loss of the mechanism of inhibition as for the abnormal displacement of the bacillary membrane in direction the timpnica scale. Spoendlin (1987) tells that the humming can elapse of the presence of damaged external ciliadas cells and normal internal ciliadas cells. Soon after, Tonndorf I suggested analogous that the chronic humming would be caused by deaferentao of nervous staple fibres, what it would occur with the mechanism of pain. Work recent emphasizes the possibility of alterations of the influx of sodium and calcium to cause buzzed, as demonstrated one detailed biological experiment carried through by Jastreboff (1990). The prevalence and the gravity of the humming costumam to increase with the age.

As the number of aged is in frank ancestry, each time more patient carriers of humming could be identified. You glue (1987) suggest that this increase of the aged prevalence of humming in either independent of the exposition of the same ones to the noise. Axelsson & Ringdahl (1987) had noticed that, in the aged ones, the humming starts to be bothering. Recent works as of BLESSED, FUKUDA, ALBERNAZ show which are the therapies, more effective for the control of the humming. Some options for the treatment of the humming exist that can provide relief: Used Therapy of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Germany in deafness cases.

They mobilize the entire community, representing an event that modifies the social configuration, modifies the relations and creates new citizens. The childbirth and the birth have everything this. The initiation rites require a preparation, as it shows the experience of the Xavantes well. This time can be long, delaying years, or months, as in the case of the pregnancy and childbirth. Mainly, the rite alone will fulfill its function if the woman will be conscientious of what she is happening, assuming the confident and firm pregnancy and directing themselves, although the fears and difficulties that always can observe route its outcome: parto.CONSIDERAES FINAISPara better understanding on some forms of the childbirth and birth, if made necessary to make a differentiation between rite and myth, being approached the ritual as ‘ ‘ way for which the things are ditas’ ‘.

Ahead of these information we perceive that the myths and rites, they influence in the process of childbirth and birth, and that they differ each culture for involving physical aspects in accordance with, emotional and economic. that although the universality of the presence of the myth it is not in universal itself, therefore what it is fact for ones, can not be for others. Referncias1. Bux MJR. Woollen anthropology to mujer: cognition, lengua and cultural ideology, Barcelona (ESP): Anthropos: 19882. Adriana T.N. of a hisses Meat if the childbirth of low risk seen for the optics of the Dissertao women makes verb presented to the Board of examiners of the Pontifical University Catholic of So Paulo.