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A decline or parking in the population growth in the cities has been observed that had initiated the occupation of the region. Losses of agricultural population had been registered in all the federal units of the region in the period of 1996 the 2000. The cities that present greaters losses of agricultural population are located in Par, Maranho and Tocantins. Although some of them they accused increase with urban population, searchs of better chances. The process of territorial emancipation, with the creation of new cities between 1991 and 200, also contributed for population reduction in that they had yielded territory. (P.

79). The only State that still keeps an agricultural population above of the urban one. The great process of occupation of the Amaznia is very complex and comes since beginning of the settling of it. However at each moment it had something in common that it is the endogenous interest on the place. As, for example, in the Formation of the Territory that left of the interests to protect the region of the foreigners. As well as also in the regional Planning that always was come back in this line, but although they to be done of exterior wills to the region had contributed the development of the region, therefore with them, that for times exactly slow, the Amaznia to be developed and gained status important. From the decade of 1960 the government incentive the migration for Amaznia what it favored the population growth in the cities cut for the highways as the Belm? Brasilia. A consequence of this development was the known region as ' ' Arc of desmatamento' ' that it concentrates the biggest incidence of heat in the region for forest fires had the increasing activity forest in the region, however as it affirms Becker this region is today a region of consolidated povoamento, therefore would not be more correct to affirm that this region is only one area of deforestation.