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So. Radius furniture made to order – is often a group of cabinets or cupboards, made in a very unusual manner … They are semi-circular, concave, curved, diagonal, curved and simply round. It is hard to imagine concave cabinet, right? A round? But, nevertheless, this furniture may very well be the ideal solution for decorating both large and small spaces. Radius furniture removes traditional limitations of rectangular forms and pushing the limits of perception of reality. This round furniture, along with radius (concave or arched doors) doors can be installed in the entrance hall, living room or bedroom. The effect will be the same. This unusual cabinet transforms the space, making even the most classic interior unexpected and interesting perspective.

Well, so you no longer weary, let’s see what a Radius wardrobe, well, or just a cupboard. Now on principle differences. Like any fundamental innovations in the market, but can not innovate, but, you see, furniture Radius is not so common and we do not quite familiar, the radius of furniture has a number of fundamental differences. 1.Vo First, Radius-made furniture has virtually no restrictions on the form. Most of these cabinets made to order, which means that custom-made furniture you can get absolutely any. May repeat rounded lines of sex (if you do not have a standard floor), or overlap with the lines Suspended Ceilings – anything you want. As they say, every whim for your money. 2.Schitaetsya that the angular radial closets more functional.