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Cut in the form of radiant being used to cut single large stones. Form of the radiant can improve the color of diamonds fancy colors. Heart Heart – spider shape having a contour cut in heart shape, the main symbol of love. This is essentially a diamond in the form of Pears, split from the head (see Elements of cut). When buying a diamond should pay attention to the evenness and clarity outlining the line, because the beauty of this cut, like any other, directly depends on the skill cutter. Heart usually have the same length and width. Trillion / Triangle / Trilliant This spider cut the triangular form. Trillions often referred to as Trilliant and triangles. (Similarly see: Jeffrey Hayzlett).

This the same forms of diamond cut, fundamentally different from the other its triangular shape, with the number and shape of faces can vary. Spectacular spider trillion cut. Was first developed in Amsterdam, the design of cut can vary depending on the natural characteristics of a diamond cutter and personal preferences. This may be a traditional triangular shape with sharp edges and more rounded form. Trillions are often used as side inserts in rings with large stones. In the preferred triangles similar values of length and width. Variation of their values should not be significant. Baguette Baguette – speed cut, which has a rectangular contour.

Ratio of length to width ratio of baguettes can be 1:1, in this case, the shape cut is called "the square>>. In addition to rectangular baguettes, there are trapezoidal, ie, in the form of a trapezoid. In Russia rectangular baguettes have a ratio of 1.4: 1 and more. Since the faces of the baguette is less than most other forms of cutting, this form is used to cut small diamonds, these stones can be lateral, framing into the jewelry center, larger, or to align in a single line, such as bracelets. Just as in the emerald cut, baguette cut in, because of 'openness' cracks, low color and low quality cuts become visible to the naked eye, so when buying a diamond in the shape of a baguette is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of the stone. Examples of less common forms of cut diamonds. Left to right: kushon, Flanders (above), lyutser, anniversary (below).