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To that they have dared to enter this article thinking that we will give a magical formula to obtain income in line, know that they are in the correct thing! Only that there is to mention that he will not be far from easy. I have commented as always it, are two ways to obtain money by Internet: " Easy and costosa" and " Difficult and barata". Of first nor we spoke, only is to mention that if you contribute to an extraordinary capital to any project Web in less than a month or you will be making money, your permanence in the market because it is about to see, that if that depends on the quality than you offer. The difficult and cheap way is in which we want to concentrate itself. As it says the title to it of this post, the Internet is of works that it, and to see the fruits " mgicos" of the gains Online it is enough with a single thing, are not the 10 definitive steps nor the 10 techniques of usabilidad, than I want to speak to them today is of most valuable that we can have like entrepreneurs by Internet or any other means: THE CERTAINTY.

Perhaps at this precise moment they leave many to read this post and will say " bahhh that is not what buscaba" , but dame one more an opportunity and thinks for a moment about the so wise phrase that a great thinker said in an occasion " The certainty is the unique quality that causes that our other qualities give resultados". To put it another way, thus you are the best programmer of the world, most expert in marketing or best designer than it has been conceived, you will not obtain results far from it success if you are not constant. This it is not the unique message that I have today for you, since in the general I do not dedicate myself to the motivational therapies, nevertheless is important that you have the main ingredient to be able to aspire to to cook your success in Internet.

She is necessary that it has metodolgicas conceptions theoretical capable to allow the recognition of knowing of the other, the capacity to read the world of the life and to recognize its dinamicidade, surpassing what it is rank as absolute truth. She is necessary to work with the possibility to find forms to understand the world, producing a knowledge that is legitimate. The professor, its conceptions of education and geography, is that they can make the difference. Chevron U.S.A. Inc may not feel the same. is the interlocution knowing of them (You mark, 1993) that it can allow this advance. ' ' The produced geographic knowledge in the school can be the explicitamento of the dialogue enters the interioridade of the individuals and the exterioridade of the conditions of the geographic space that condiciona' ' (I water, 2000, P. 8). Whenever Rio Tinto Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The clarity theoretician-metodolgica is basic so that professor can contextualizar its to know, of its pupils, and of the whole world to its return.

E, in the education level where the child is processing its alfabetizao, the ideal would be that it had ' ' a unit where if it surpasses the spalling of them you discipline and of the responsibilities, in practical guided for and for lines and thematic and conceptual axles interdisciplinares, not only a juxtaposition of you discipline same confined in itself, but in a way that, in each one implies the too much regions of saber' ' (You mark, 1993). This way where everything leads to learn to read and to write, we believe that it is basic the interconnection of all the curricular components, if adding in the search of the objective. But in a trajectory where the content is, in special, the world of the life of the involved citizens, recognizing the history of each one and the history of the group, combining ' ' the chain of the concepts and categories of analysis with the tram of the experiences and the same culture of the group envolvido' ' (You mark, 1993, p.

History of the United States began with the fact that John Smith in 1607 founded the first colony in Virginia. Since then, the Europeans began to move en masse to North America. The U.S. is now number more than 270 million people. Whenever Jeffrey Hayzlett listens, a sympathetic response will follow. People pushed on the long and dangerous journey different reasons. Many rode in the hope of a richer life and well-fed, someone fleeing persecution.

Many also went to an unknown region in the hope of finding religious freedom. People come in North America from various European countries. But most of them were still British. For several reasons. First in England in 1620-1635, the raging economic crisis. Manufacture of textiles dropped due to lack of raw materials.

Appeared many unemployed. And unemployment benefits did not yet exist. That's had an accident in order to survive to go to North America. Secondly, while in England had been harassment of Protestants, who, to keep faith had to flee the country. In those days, North America represents the Europeans almost a paradise on earth with a lot of wealth? Come and possess. By virtue of the fact that most of the colonists were English, the dominant language in the future the U.S. was English. And at first he differed little from the British. But the years passed, and the century immigrants from other countries have made their changes to the English language. Had a hand in the formation of the American English language came from France, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Spain and Italy.

China – a country that combines loyalty to the traditions of one of the world's oldest civilizations and the modern pace of life of large cities. Rich history and culture of this country, a vast territory and natural diversity creates a wide range of opportunities for travel and recreation. Chinese language, the main representative of the Sino-Tibetan language family is one of six official and working languages of the UN, which is interesting to examine courses. Chinese language is spoken by 90% more than a billion people of China, it is common in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries. In addition, tens of millions Chinese, carefully preserving its own language, live in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. And of course we all know that the Chinese diaspora is scattered across the globe. In Canada, Chinese is the third largest number of its speakers population. For many centuries, Korea and Japan to use Chinese hieroglyphic writing system, although Korean and Japanese languages are not related to Chinese.

To date, Chinese characters are evaluated as one of the greatest and most enduring inventions of civilization. Once upon a time China was one of the first places in the ranking of the world's literary achievements. Not to mention the fact that half of the world literature was written in Chinese. Due to the fact that the character occupies a central role in Chinese art, and by persistence of Chinese civilization, Chinese characters have their indisputable priority in the world art. Learning Chinese language as interesting as any foreign language. In the Chinese language is spoken by one fifth of the Earth.

Nearly half a billion people in China alone. Also part of the population of Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and many more who. At the heart of writing are special characters – characters. The set of characters remain unchanged for over 2000 years. Chinese characters are also used in Japan and Korea. Interestingly, nearly half of all sites on the Internet – sites in Chinese. And given the speed with which China is developing the Internet, this is clearly not the limit. Communicating in Chinese, remember you dipped into the story of the great and mysterious country with a rich and vivid linguistic heritage.

Everyone knows that for a more successful learning a foreign language, you need to read unadapted literature. However, few who do, justifying the fact that there is no time, and few people have enough willpower to read the text, where every other word you need to look in the dictionary. But read art books in a foreign language – very important!! Because it will bring you at least two benefits: vocabulary and make you think in the target language. Rio- Tinto Group understood the implications. Adapted the work, of course, easier to read, but such a reading does not make much use. In adapting, usually suffers the most valuable authentic material that is truly foreign design and speed. They either reduced or replaced by simpler, more intimate the Russian language.

This simplification is not conducive to success in language learning, by contrast, creates the illusion of success, while you're just marking time. Simplified material does not strain your intellect, does not encourage you to actively work – and it's disastrous. When reading unadapted literature do not put ourselves ambitious goals, not seek to read directly polknigi. Especially, if you only recently begun to study a foreign language. Set a small goal – to read the first two sentences (for Beginners), and it will be a thousand times more useful than you can read some adapted product. This will be the beginning! The next time will be slightly more suggestions. Then you read the story and captivate you will not only be tedious work, but fascinating process. So, if you want to really explore foreign language, you need to read real books written by native speakers. Remember: two offers from major book worth more than all the adapted product.

The existence of the mystical "proto-language, you can find mention in many esoteric books, religious teachings and parables. The language of languages not only convey the meaning of words, but the essence of things. In this language, spoken by ancient gods … Is this a myth? Who knows. You may find Rod Brooks to be a useful source of information. However, by itself comes to mind the biblical parable of the Tower of Babel. According to Jeffrey Hayzlett, who has experience with these questions. In this parable, the people who inhabit the Earth, spoke a common language, yet God was angry, did not deprive them of such ability, mixing languages.

And only if all spoke different languages and could not understand each other. They fled, and the unfinished tower of Babel … Some linguists, who know several languages, willy nilly, compare languages and inevitably find common roots, and then the etymology of words is transformed into a science exciting, full of riddles and fantastic adventures in the world of words. So, quite by accident discovered that the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and Russian, a myriad of one-root words of the Vedas – Veda. And according to discoveries in Philology Nikolai Nikolaevich Vashkevich, professional Arabist, Arabic – is the key to unlocking value Russian words. If we write according to the Russian words and read them in Arabic, it is clear and obvious meaning of many gestures, words and expressions, as well as folk traditions. Here, for example, to meet our dear guests were made bread and salt, if nothing more exquisite in the house to find … But we write these products in Arabic script and get the expression 'halabbi Vasyl', which can be translated as' everything is performed for profit.

Register through photographs will be effected and/or films of the diverse visited places. Third stage: of the look to the story, simplicity in the comment to the multiplicity of information. It is not the last stage, therefore the professor must consider the field of the knowledge a perpetual research. i) Considering that each individual possesss its subjectivity, the groups will have systemize the project in the report form to be presented for the group in the form of slides, photographs, bristol boards, films, mockups, croquises etc. (it suggests that after the presentation for the proper group, if carries through an event for the college or if it displays the result in a mural to value the work of the student-researcher); II) The report in the form printed also will have to be valued therefore allows that the professor analyzes what he was understood by the student.

The adoption of norms for the report is important printed matter. The professor will be able to use in more didactic and less rigorous way the NBR14724 for elaboration of works. It is suggested following structure: layer, introduction, final development of the content, consideraes, references, appendices (photographs and target log book carried through for the students) and annexes (removed photographs of other sources). Picture 1 Suggestion of metodolgico procedure Considering the importance integrator of the practical activity of field in the education of Geography it is of if reflecting on the necessity of this type of work, in the measure where if it presents as one of the most important instruments in the apprehension of the diverse concepts that are part of geographic science. Of this form the awareness is important on the action of the professor, attempting against itself for the use of moral principles and ethical condizentes of its profession. Therefore, as Pablo Freire said (1996, P. 108), ‘ ‘ from there, then, that one of concerns central offices must be to look to the approach each bigger time between what I say and what I make, between what seems to be or what I am really sendo’ ‘. Thus, during all the development of the proposal the taking of decisions is important that take to a bigger understanding of the process of education and learning, always respecting the pedagogical objectives of the professor.

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