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This will be dedicated to working Postica mobile workhorses of the world famous company Hewlett Packard, which is one of the leading sales, distribution and manufacturing notebooks for different segments of the population. Noutbki netbooks and this do what they can do for consumers, so they say witnesses, and who, myself, am. I want to stay on the line of new models of Compaq, namely 625 (WT163EA). This "device" will impress fans classic design lines. All the necessary keys for compactly arranged on the keyboard, which in turn is made very high quality.

One I did not like it's my personal opinion, that when a set of keyboard playing a bit, do not do so basic user control did not suffer such a disadvantage, it is not clear. And about the keyboard, she performed in a standard form factor with no additional presence of numeric keys, which for some users is the main factor in choosing a laptop. Panel surrounding the keyboard is made from reflenoy surface, which allows not to leave fingerprints on the panel, that visually detracts from the appearance of your pet. Under the keyboard in the center, located touchpad which gently flows into the design of the notebook, everything is fine, but as the practice of usability wants the best, still there have behind them a model that gained popularity and quality marks and ergonomics could be at loggerheads there, why, what is the make up is very confusing … Filling this budget laptop is very happy because for the relatively a lot of money you can get a good station, which allows to perform not only the requirements of office tasks and tasks related to recreation), such as undemanding games, watching videos, etc.