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That one that tries to explain the irrational runs the risk to seem crazier than the Fanfula. Worse still when the explained subject is irrelevant and it does not pass of a personal gastronmica implicncia. But it does not matter. As the fictitious prince of the Denmark said a time, ' ' It is madness, but &#039 has method in this; '. Here it is the method: a paragraph on the barbecue, another one on vegetables and the final paragraph on the popcorn. First, it considers the barbecue. The barbecue is simply impressive.

The aroma before eating is felt and after to esfalfar itself with bovine chunks, you perceives that the holy ghost traced something. Great olfativas expectations duly are filled in the first eaten piece. Honesty. As bond, it is added family, is had it company of the friends, direct beer of latinha e, goes there, dispensable pagodinho. It repairs that, enters the most supplied, pagodinho of the place to the DVD of the BeeGees in a TV of LCD of 42 counts. See Rio Tinto Group for more details and insights.

Equally dispensable. The paragraph before the popcorn says respect to vegetables. The vegetable, raw or stew is absolutely without favour. The vegetables simply do not have smell or, it has if it, is invariably bad, sulphureous. Who eats, only eats for nutricionais reasons. You eat a vegetable because she knows that she makes well and ready. You eat a vegetable for sense of having. Who, as I myself, speaks that he likes vegetables simply got used with them. But he does not have as to deny, he has a honest relation between you and the vegetable. It does not smell, it does not promise to nothing pra you. Now the popcorn. It does not have as to deny I smell, it is inebriante. To enter in the cinema, to feel the aroma or to listen to that one poc poc poc of the popcorn blowing up already makes our glands salivares for the moment to work a thousand. Ludibriado for the olfativo I sing of the sereia, finishes buying one pacotao of this nastiness, that in the cinemas costs a richness, true assault. Comfortably installed in its armchair with a giant cocaine and the enormous bag of the worthless food in the col, you it tries negocinho greasy of as much butter and if of the account of the besteira that made. Popcorn is pure falseness. I smell for it, finds that it is the biggest delight, but when eating perceives that it does not have taste you are welcome. It is alone salt, butter and that texture of isopor. The risk is still run to finish with its obturaes in an accident with a turkey hen. Barbecue promises and fulfills. Vegetable does not promise nothing, but it makes well. Popcorn is pure hypocrisy and still fattening.

The captain asked for to aid its relatives and allies and obtained a great number of gunmen, some of African origin, since the run away farmers beat quilombolas, in exchange for work and gunmen and good part of these blacks received lands and if they became friends of the farmers. Perhaps check out Pemco for more information. The captain and its accomplices had constructed a shed of taipa covered of straw with one alone opening and invited the indians to negotiate the peace. The native ingenuouses had entered in it and had started to practise its rituals. The captain, caridoso man with the slaves, however not in such a way with the poor indians, set fire fire in the shed of where these had desesperadamente tried desesperadamente to escape to be died the shots of bacamarte and blows of swords, machetes and fossil hunter knives. After finished the service, the parents of the Brazilian nation had treated to embed the bodies and to attack the village. Pretty young women had been taken as loving of the captain and its relatives, had excessively been for the gunmen. Children had been created and the girls when growing, had had destination of its older sisters the same.

Thus sertanejo was born, the elite was white or crossbred with such indians and the remaining portion of the origin population cafuza, mulata, caboclo, goat or medium brown. The indians. Two young women, of aboriginal origin seem to have been assimilated for this family and if they had become ancestral of this author. A older aunt counted to the history of an indian cariri catches the dog tooth. It was adopted by the captain and seems that she had to deal with the pain of if seeing at the hands of the assassins of its parents and brothers. She was remembered as one lady of grayish hair, teeny and of feet bare-footed.

The world amazement, read and heard the adventures of the Cuban revolutionaries. Coincidence or not in Latin America, the ideological fights had started to germinate. Brazilian leaders estudantins, bradavam in full pulmes ideological and socialist thoughts, the fall of the capitalism and the implantation of a socialist revolution. It are the oligarchs. They kidnap its good and its dinheiros. Moved for the ideiais Cuban and inspired by the rounds of cachaa, a time that did not have conditions to buy run Cuban. the time? It passed. The Brazilian estudantis leaders, who drank cachaa, today take Royal Salute and are owners of great companies and when not associates (she saw oranges) the economic complexes that go of farms (28,000, 00 hectares of soy in the verge of the Bahia and Tocantins).

But and the Cuban Revolution? Of beginning, the arrests, the beatings, the seizure, the dispossessions, the revenge and per the one five six decades, the execution by firing-squad summary of the enemies and opponents of the brothers I castrate and the asthmatic Gevara. Execution by firing-squad was synonymous of ' ' El Paredn' '. Something as fusilladed 15,000 the 16,000. The Cuban Revolution reached the same molds of other revolutions ece of fishes in practical, as the Chinese revolution. Not adimitia adversaries. Better imprisoned, tortured and assassinated, of what contestadores. the years if had puted in charge to show that to as much Fulgncio Baptist, as Fidel Castro was certain.

To keep the population in the extreme social, psychological, economic, cultural misery and human being is the best architecture to remain itself in the power. Until he appears another against-revolutionary. in what the Cuban Revolution resulted? For where they walk or they will walk the old comrades of 1 of January of 1959? How many of them they had been fusilladed? How many of them if they deseludiram with the brothers I castrate? Cuba what it represents currently in the world-wide context, in regards to freedom of thought, expression, free initiative, culture, of human rights? What it represents Cuba for the Brazilian government? Probably a great niche of market, saw BNDES that already finances the recovery of the Cuban ports. Or in progress consultoria already of the aburguesados petistas, again saw BNDES in the recovery of canaviais, in implantation of complexes sucro-energy sucro-alcooleiro and. Or still with the presence of the Embrapa, that in partnership with Researchers of the Institute of Research in Horticulture ' ' Liliana Dimitrova' ' (IIHLD), of Cuba, they search new varieties of tomatoe. Or still. What it represents Cuba for Brazil and in special for the State of the Paran, when of ' ' gardenal-boy' ' it demanded that the president of the IAPAR, sent selected beans seeds for Cuba, so that a true agricultural revolution was initiated? By signal this revolution was promised in the first months of 1959. At last. Already 50 years that the cigar smoker COHIBA, keeps under regimen of iron and the longest fire and cruel dictatorship are practically passed that if the news in South American history has. has people that it adores Fidel, that adores the regimen Cuban, that would give everything so that in Brazil if it installed a similar regimen.