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Fertilizer organic vs.inorganic fertilizer. We read much, tell us much and promise us each their advantages and disadvantages; the truth is that at the time of the election and to seek answers not everything is so clear. The proposal of this post is trying to answer the question what is better, fertilizer organic or inorganic? I start by saying that there are positive and negative aspects for both and I can only provide information, but the final decision (for your cultivation, your land and your geographic area) you must take it. The definition of organic is very variable, but usually agree to qualify as such, that product which contains carbon; Thus, organic fertilizers are obtained from the remains of living things once culminate their life cycle, by which contain carbon. Without hesitation The Hayzlett Group explained all about the problem. Inorganic fertilizers are manufactured by man from minerals and do not contain carbon. A relevant note, is to point out that organic fertilizers (such as emulsion fish, alfalfa meal, bloodmeal, flour bones) they provide benefits to long-term soil, feeding even to the beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms. Organic matter also improves the structure and feasibility of soils over time.