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My first constatao was of that it is usually not said in one? method of the author? but yes, in the majority of the cases, one? politics of the authors. I set to search it on the politics of the authors and the result of my research is concentrated in this work. The trunk of my research the author in the cinema of Jean-Claude Bernardet, published for the Brasiliense Publishing company was extracted of the book. Politics of the authors. The politics of the authors is a critical theoretical movement of the cinematographic one launched in the French magazine Cahiers du Cinema in 1955 for then the young critic Franois Truffaut.

It consists, very resumidamente, in attributing to the cinema director the status of author of the film. A fast sailed in the Internet in them brings the following definitions for the word ‘ ‘ autor’ ‘: ‘ ‘ That one that invents or is first cause of one coisa’ ‘ (Priberam), ‘ ‘ That one of that somebody or some thing is born or procede’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Writer of a literary composition, scientific or artstica’ ‘ (Michaelis), ‘ ‘ he is that one to who if obra’ must one; ‘ (Wikipdia Brazil)? For the common spectator of nowadays, the association of these definitions with the figure of the cinema director seems natural thing very. However nor always it was thus. Let us see why. To mine to see, two things went against the authorial attribution to the director. In first place the direct inheritance that if had of the theater, where the dramaturgia had one weight almost totalizante in relation to the value of the workmanship. It is said much less of the directors who had staged parts as Hamlet and Fausto of what of the authors of the texts.

State school Clotilde Ayello Profa Rock the herbrio of the Participant Garden of the Clotilde School: Pupils of Ensino of the Sixth Series of Basic Ensino Orienting Teacher: Priscila Days of Oak Project of scientific initiation Introduction the Clotilde School if locates in the neighborhoods of the Agricultural Zone of the city of Guaratinguet, presenting one privileged place for the study in Sciences, therefore it presents biological and animal diversity. In this place always o' ' cemiterio' ' of what it was Atlantic Mata that in elapsing of the year will be our deepened study more. Objective To know the plants of the Agricultural Zone of Guratinguet Justification Survey of the plants of the garden of the Clotilde School. It is that in elapsing of the years it will make the survey of the Plants of the Agricultural Zone of Guaratinguet. It is important to know the plants of this city, the ones that exist in Atlantic Mata and the exotic the ones that do not belong to this region. For knowledge of the people, excellent for the pupils and the people of the community.

for study of the reality of the Bioma, the little that sobrou of the exuberant one tropical vegetation of the colonial Age. The maintenance and magnifying of the herbrios constitute an increasing concern face to the dramatical increase of vegetal species threatened the world-wide level. Constituting valuable databases, the herbrios are primordial not only in taxonmicos studies, but also in molecular inquiry, studies of biodiversity and conservation. The metodolgico way Collection of the pressed plants, is very important shelters great amount of information. The construction must carefully be pressured in periodical folded and later glue in sulfite leaf, with information of the date, the place that had been collections, name of the collector. It must write down in the hour the series placed in distant bags not to confuse later.

the atletismo of state of the glo-balidade, paraphrasing Sloterdijk, not yet was enrolled. what it is more serious, does not have preparativeses for the same. It has if, it says them us Sloterdijk, it only has them then in the form of wild and self-taught training. buys at auction: ' ' Here consciences are demanded that if establish firmly in the abyss of the paradox on species. Profession: politician. Main residence: opacity. Program: to belong itself with those with which it is difficult to belong itself.

Moral: small works of challenges. Passion: to have a relation with the relation absence. Evolution: auto-conscription from conhecimen them to you, that it is changedded into iniciativa' '. Here it is, therefore, in perfect summary, the description of as we can live well in a hell. The city Greek died, is truth. It left us, however, the desperate gesture, together with its embalmed body, as last last pedagogical episode of the city Greek who the historical research rescued and the memory fixed forever, as knowledge, the participation of certain Dige-nes, — of that in Jose Amrico Motta Pessanha speaks to them — of century II d.C., that it perpetuated in the wall of its city, Enoanda, in the Capadcia (Central Turkey) a philosophical message consisting by basic teses of the ethics of Epicuro, Greek philosopher who lived about five hundred years before (century III B.C.), evidencing, thus, which age the true paper and the proper one felt of the city Greek. was thus, moved for the Love to the men, who Digenes, this citizen of Enoanda and professor in You twirl, looked for indiscriminately to partilhar the teachings of the master with any one that passed ahead of the wall of Enoanda. was the teachings there sleeping through the centuries, in Enoanda, those rocks contends curious registrations, until they had been discovered, in the end of century XIX, for French archaeologists. Only that in the wall of Enoanda, it clarifies us Motta Pessanha, the basic teses of Epicuro appear in the registrations under form d