Spanish Language Dictionary

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A law infallible for success and that premium in the Kingdom of God, and from the spirit world, exerts a powerful influence on the material world a What is repentance? to Security and to address the issue, one of the first questions that assails him is, what is it and how we can understand what is repentance? There are several ways to define and indeed, everything depends on the perspective of someone who will respond. If you go to the Spanish Language Dictionary, you will find an appraisal and if addressed to specialists in law and Laws, will show a very particular vision. a For this reason I invite you to go to the very roots of the term. In Hebrew (Najam) we find the word, poured into our language, means: a sentir despite (disgust) with something hechoa , a estar tristea , consolarsea a . The word (shub) translates as a retornara . In Greek the meaning is very similar (metanoe). Translate it into Spanish as a cambiar opinion, management , a sentir remordimientoa and a convertirsea . It is also important to consider the concept that comes from the word (metanoia) that as regards opinion a cambiar and a convertirsea . a Let's be more practical, shall we? Repentance is to identify an error, and after assessing the immediate and future consequences and the harm it brings to our lives and those around us, we have to change.