Sozialgericht Insurance

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

However what is not chosen completely right-click I have and is not insured, even if not paid. Error 9: some providers do not pay for outpatient medical treatment.” Stupid if you hack of a set of such law does not know. Must one but also not, applies only to the car. A private health insurer would do that he would violate applicable law. The law requires, every citizen must insure against outpatient and inpatient risks. Therefore, even this statement is unfortunately”a mistake. Error 10: Should it once unlikely cases, opposition proceedings or to any subsequent social court proceed for you at no cost. In private which is not the case.” Only a half-truth.

Right is of course, a proceedings before the Sozialgericht the own law is not free, but. In the car, there is the possibility of clarification about the Ombudsman for private health insurance initially, this offers free conciliation in disputes, but only to damage”of up to 5,000 EUR also fall under the jurisdiction. In the following court proceedings, who bear the costs, who wins the dispute. Through a Legal expenses insurance is a hedge of this cost for both systems possible and feasible. Unfortunately, Gildemeister Seidensticker are come out of the supposed 14 reasons against the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) and thus change prevention from the health insurance fund at least 10 false statements. Regrettably I think personally that you did so necessary as BKK to lure customers with false claims and statements, or to keep.

So great”can it be there. It is certainly so, private health insurance isn’t possible and suitable for all, but only a certain number of people. There are personal circumstances, to observe the own purse and life planning. A reputable counselor is them may also remain in the statutory health insurance system, and perhaps additional insurance – why not also recommend. And Yes, there are areas (for example children sick, health courses or similar) which in the car not or only to a limited extent be done. I’m organiser here no list of the advantages of the PKV decide yourself what you fit, but with technically correct information!