Polished Yields For Riester Fund Retirement

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

communicated to their brokers: also our unit-linked Riester pensions receive an annual surplus of 0.65 of the existing fund balance now. The projected performance increases thus almost 10 per cent.” Strictly speaking, it is a form of kick-backs allowed otherwise in the investment industry. The insurance specialist Heidenreich explains nothing happening here that the investment fund management company writes to the costs for management services in the form of refunds the insurance company, so that they can burnish their possible returns”, LV doctor. A particular difficulty is reflected in the assessment of Riester fund pensions: while the cost of the actual insurance mantle yet to expel, partly because this also is required by law, hide many insurers the cost of management fees in the investment fund investment and can generate kick-back payments this way. This actually has one for potential buyers “Riester pension fund a decisive disadvantage: after the insurer can schedule most likely pseudo returns in the insurance contract”, if they engage in mutual funds, which have high management fees. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Diamonds. G etreu the motto, the higher management fees, the higher the kick-back, so the market is perverted “-so the opinion of LV doctor.” The customer has here looking up: more than 60-page insurance conditions permit him typically no way to see what actual cost structure has its insurance product. And so Schmitt concluded also significant and even more honest, that basically the customers has no chance, because if he ever sees the money, is completely open so Schmitt “.” Also Jochen Russ, Managing Director at the Institute for finance and actual science, knows these and other tricks, as Handelsblatt. You were always more frequent.

Russ requires such other also meaningful model calculations, the consider this addressed costs. So far the insurance industry still heavily against it has can deny himself completely to the detriment of the customers who still do not know how to actually participate. And for the LV doctor boss Jens Heidenreich is clear that insured would pick a perspective only if there are similar requirements for the insurance industry for banks. Then must all significant costs on bank loans are specified and taken into account and lead to the so-called effective annual rate of interest. An effective cost rate under clear instructions and especially taking into account the insurance-related such as the Fund-related costs would force the insurance industry, at least for Fund policies to finally the fullest possible transparency and to prevent that are the worse provider due to tricks like the better “, explains Heidenreich. More information under: